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The Fastest Electric Scooters In The World – 2019 Edition

Oh yes, this is going to be good. Speed and wheels go together like burger and fries, that’s clear as day. It doesn’t matter what you are driving, but there is something special in going as fast as you can. This post has examples which are much more powerful than 1000W electric scooter...

Some people claim that is the best feeling when they are cruising around by bike, scooter, car and that going fast is unnecessary, childish and in some extreme cases, they dare to claim that riding fast is stupid.

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A drawing of a girl on electric scooter. Instagram: thaisdamiao photo credit

Are Electric Scooters Safe for Children? Huge Eye-opener

Now is the time to stop looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. The truth is: Everything is dangerous and risky.

As soon as your child leaves your house it means that you don’t have total control. It doesn’t matter whether your child walks or rides a bike, skate, electric scooter…

Stay with us until the end of this post and you will find out the answer to the question - Are electric scooters safe for children - And, so much more...

Before you barricade your child in, do yourself a favor and hold on until you hear what is the second option...

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A girl is trying to fix something with wrenches

How to Repair Wheel on Electric Scooter? Fix a Puncture

The biggest rule when it comes to dealing with a puncture is to focus on the fact that changing a wheel(tire) on electric scooter ain't that hard...

You might think: It shouldn't be brain surgery...

...and you are right; it's not.

And you can solve that problem easily by yourself.

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Great designed Works Electric Hollyburn P5 in orange

How To Be Safe On Electric Scooter? 2019 Guide

I suppose you are considering to ride an electric scooter. And now, you are concerned about the safety of your child or you are concerned about your safety.

Some other scenario could be that you have already ridden your e-scooter through the years and there were some troubles and inconveniences.

Lately there is an impression that all hell is breaking loose out there on the streets. Of course when it comes to electric scooters.

But what is the real story?

Well, as something relatively new on the streets it can be expected to be put under the fire. We have to be honest and admit that we (riders) play big role in all that mess as well.

This post is going to open your eyes. So, stay tuned if you want to know how to be safe on electric scooter.

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electric scooter and electric bike debate- what to choose?

7 Reasons Why To Choose E Scooter Over E Bike

I believe that you’ve already come to realize that cruising in an electric way can be really practical and enjoyable as well. At the same time, you’re having fun and saving money.

So, now you have to decide what is number one solution for you. Do you keep asking yourself what is the smartest decision?

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