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The Best Electric Scooters – Listed & Reviewed

Every one of us came to the point when we realized that electric scooter is the best solutions for our transportation needs. It doesn’t matter if that only for cruising around, hanging with friends, commuting to work, or even taking kids to school. Here's you are going to find best electric scooters for every occasion.

This post contains affiliate links. We're an Amazon affiliate. That means that we get small commissions for some items you buy through links in this post. And you don't get higher expenses that way. Thanks for that, we really appreciate it!

We all know that when we are on the best electric scooter, we suddenly become immune to traffic jams. This is the most practical solution if you want to go from point A to B. You practically can not get stuck. That is something you can’t say about cars and buses, for sure.

However, there are too many options, and you wonder, can you make the wrong choice? There is no correct answer.

The best electric scooters you can find on the market


You will see that some scooters are less expensive, like razor models. Still, there is battery charging that is too long for some users. That kind of escooter is best for kids and some lighter adults. Also, in this post, you will find Qiewa scooter that is an extraordinary piece of engineering, and it will put a smile on your face.

However, you will found out that you can find and choose a more suitable escooter for you and your needs.

Further through the list, you can notice that there are a few off-road beasts that will provide you huge fun. On the other hand, there is a price which is necessary for you to invest if you want that serious machine.  But, if you do, your previous struggle on the rough terrain is solved. There won’t be anything that can stop you while you are playing off-road.

It seems to me that people are much more aware which benefits electric scooter gives. They also became more conscious that those machines can lift us out of our everyday boring commute lives.

Don’t wait that you came to the point that you hate bus or car. If you once use electric scooter after a while, that could be a life-changing moment. After we get used to an electric scooter, there is no going back.

If you are a man or woman of business and you choose one of lightweight and ultra-strong carbon fiber scooters, you will become one of the most elegant commuters in the city for sure. You won’t have any problems with carrying your scooter upstairs, and if you get your folded scooter into office, no one will mind.

This article might be great for those who made their mind and decided they want to have a lot of fun riding those and experience benefits that come with those extraordinary electric machines.

We gave our best to cover the best options. The list includes best electric scooters that are worth looking for. However, if you don’t find the best pick, I hope that you will learn something new and get some knowledge which you can use in further pursuit.

Razor E100 is an excellent choice for your child to enter the world of electric scooters. Of course, you can buy stronger one or faster one, but if you want to take it easy - this is the one. You have to encourage motor with kick start strong enough for 3 miles per hour. That shouldn’t be a problem because almost every kid can do that.

If you're planning to get best electric scooters that are cheap at the same time - getting razor e100 or e200 is the right decision.

Battery needs 12 hours to fully charged. If you notice the green light on before the end of charging time, be patient because it's not the time to go, you should wait 12 hours to charge it fully. After the full charging child can buzz around up to 30-40 minutes at full speed. Max speed is 10 mph and all that provides 24V sealed lead batteries.

The front wheel is 8 inches big, and it has an inner tube. You may have a puncture, but it’s better than the solid one because there is no suspension and the steel frame. Your ride is more comfortable, and it’s cornering friendly.

  • 10 mph
  • 30-40 minutes riding
  • 24V batteries
  • Folding mechanism
  • 12 hours for charging
  • 8 inches tires
  • steel frame
  • chain driven

Razor 100 has a folding handlebar mechanism, which can be very practical if you want to carry your electric friend in a car. It has a chain driven motor, and it's extremely quiet.

However, brakes are not so extreme. Of course, that scooter weight limit is around 120 pounds and a kid who has that weights can stop easily. But, the brake lever needs some force and for some kids that could be a small problem.

Advice for consistent brakes

The first thing you should have in mind is regularly changing braking pads, braking wire. Those braking wires inside braking cables you should also oil a bit. After a while, when 4 or so months passes by, your braking efficiency will drop down a bit. You can do that by yourself or your mechanic can do that for you.

That could help your child to brake more efficient with applying less force with their little hands. Twice a year should be enough. For that expenses are very low, ask your mechanic, but I presume it shouldn’t be expensive. You will surprise how that small investment can improve braking efficiency.

On the right side, where is drive chain, is a plastic cover. This plastic cover protects drive chain.

However, the bad news is that plastic cover is too big and if you want to turn right, you are going to hear scratching noise. That is something you should be prepared for.

What to say about razor e100, but that you aren’t going to worry too much. Max speed isn’t dangerous. On the other hand, it will provide your child enormous fun. This one is the best pick if you want for your child to take some time to learn controlling scooter at lower speeds.

Razor E200 is slightly better in every way than E100. It’s a bit faster, and it's for kids starting of 13 years. Top speed is 12 mph. That is not extreme as well, and it’s the main reason why it’s appropriate for kids.

It has 24V batteries, and it can last for 40 minutes constant riding depending on child weight. Weight limit is 160 pounds. Razor E200 weights around 35 pounds.

Don’t cross the weight limit if you want a decent range.

A frame and a fork are made of steel, very forgiving towards kids riding technique. Front wheel has an 8-inch pneumatic tire, and that’s what is enough for this kind of scooter.

E scooter E200 has a full-sized deck, and it is comfortable for kids. They just twist the throttle, a little push and start cruising. The rear brake is there for them when they want to stop the fun. That improvement provides better stopping power and smoothness in decelerating.

Consider before buying:

Some kids are bigger and stronger than others. Maybe they are more responsible than others and have higher skills. You have to estimate what is the case and choose the proper one. If your child already knows how to ride a bike, and it’s 12 years old, buying them razor E 200 is a better choice, maybe even E300.

Moral of the story, don’t judge by age limits specifics. You know that is not the case in everything else, also in electric scooters.

Improvements and stronger sides in regard to Razor E100

Bigger deck

Slightly faster

Better braking

Recharge time can be deal-breaker. It requires 12 hours of charging. But it has quiet chain driven motor, and it’s great for your kid who wants to learn to ride an e scooter. Learning to ride an electric scooter can be a problem for your child if you buy a stronger one.

This is a great value for money.  One thing you will love about it is the fact that it's not so hard to fix. Batteries changes easily, the frame is very strong, and that are some positive sides, we have to admit. This might be a good choice for your child for sure.

This scooter is primarily intended for kids, and there is no need for huge speed and lightness. They just want to have fun, and Razor E200 will make this happen, no doubt.

Lead-acid battery

  •   Less expensive
  •   More weight
  •   Require longer charging
  •   Lasts 40 minutes

If you're thinking about getting low-budget escooters, Razor is one of the best electric scooters out there.

It has a chain driven motor as well, it’s quiet, faster and it’s powerful enough. However, if you don’t put the pedal to the metal, you can say it has more durable battery than E100, E200. It has wider deck also and automatically its more comfortable with that deck and bigger wheels.

Max speed is 15 mph, riding time around 40 minutes. You can count on your E300 that it can ride up to 50 minutes if you are taking easy on the throttle and your weight is not so to the limit. Also, hills are bad news for battery life as well.

It has 10-inch pneumatic tires. Bigger tires, safer ride due to higher speeds, cornering and slippery roads. You also shouldn’t be concerned about smaller potholes or rocks. Your balance is not endangered, and you can be more relaxed. Retractable kickstand will give you an option to park it wherever you want.


  • Kickstand
  • Bigger wheels make it more stable
  • Bigger deck
  • Strong frame
  • Fast
  • Big wheels


  • Weight (46 pounds)
  • At full gas never lasts longer than 30 minutes
  • It’s for lighter adults
  • Due to the higher speed, the chain could be much louder

His weight is 46 pounds, and we can’t say that is a lightweight, so if you use all the time, full throttle battery can run out in short time, like Razor E100. Although Razor E300 doesn’t have a suspension, it doesn’t feel like that. Those bigger 10-inch pneumatic tires provide pretty high comfort.

Weight limit is 220 pounds which means that this is a scooter for adults too. But my personal opinion is that it's not. If you are 200 pounds, the battery will warn out quicker; speed is lower also. I just want to say that you can rely on E300 if you are a lighter rider, much lighter than 220 pounds.

At the end of the day if you want to commute to the work you need quicker one. Not because of speed, but because of ability that goes that fast. We all know that it doesn’t matter which machine we burden on the top numbers of possible it would quickly lose power.

Everything is about watts per pounds. No matter what numbers promises, you should always leave a bit of room. What does that mean? If you want that your everyday commute to work be around 15 miles per hour you want an electric scooter that can go at least 20 mph. You don’t want one that has 15 mph max speed and twists full gas and then wondering why is overheated or dead after a while.

You know that every machine functions the best when is around 80 % of the full capacity.

BIBENE carbon fiber - Best electric scooters lightweight

Drawing of kids are having fun on best electric scooters


This electric scooter has only 20 pounds, which is great if your commute course has buses, metros or maybe some stairs included. Carbon fiber provides that lightness, but also stiffness and strength. You can fold and lift this scooter in no time and get into a bus or take stairs.


When is folded

39 x 14.5 x 6.2 inches

When is unfolded

39 x 36 x 14.5 inches

Hub motor is in the front; it had power but also smoothness, which is something that is a huge plus for some people who prefer comfort and smooth ride. That smoothness is also provided by the small shock absorber.

Hub motor has 250 Watts, which delivers a speed of 10 mph, maybe less maybe more depending on rider weight, weather conditions, and terrain. You should have on your mind that there are 3-speed levels.

This carbon fiber electric scooter has 24V Lithium battery that's GET FULLY CHARGED after 2-3 hours and after that provides up to 7 miles range. The lifespan of the battery is around 500 cycles. What’s interesting is that battery is located in front steering tube.

Lithium batteries are lighter than lead-acid batteries. This one requires shorter charging time, and it works longer. Another good advantage is that batteries allow this electric scooter to be lightweight as well.

Great solutions 

  • hub motor
  • shock absorber
  • when is folded very compact
  • carbon material (lightweight)
  • double brakes solution

Useful advice

  •   Never ride in the rain (it’s not waterproof)
  •   Use both brakes at the same time
  •   Don’t exceed weight limit
  •   It can be used as a kick scooter

On the handlebars is a display screen, which provides information about speed, time, battery life and covered distance. It is easy to read and provides you more than enough information.

A standing deck

A standing deck is just 0,3 inch thick. Or should we say thin? Either way, it's strong as hell, because of high-quality carbon and the weight limit is 240 pounds. It also has an anti-slip surface, and it is wide enough for adults.

This is a lightweight version of the well built electric scooter which also provides numerous advantages as well besides lightness. This is a good choice for commuters or kids if you let them play with that special carbon material.

The problem is if your children get used to this special material, they might later ask for bicycles and cars made of carbons, and that wouldn't be that cheap fun like this anymore.

Enjoybot Electric Scooter

It weighs just 15 pounds, it’s foldable, fast and quiet as a mouse.

The range is something we can complain but for that budget, there are some pretty cool stuff, and if we can organize our trip better or if our daily commute is shorter than 8 miles, this is the best deal we can do.

We also get a 1-year warranty.

Enjoybot Offers Next

  •   H3 250 Watts electric motor
  •   Carbon fiber frame
  •   3-speed modes
  •   Integrated headlight
  •   8 miles range
  •   Overcome 20-degree hills
  •   24V battery (just 2 hours for full charge)
  •   16 mpg max speed
  •   220 pounds weight limit
  •   Front electric brake, rear mechanic break
  •   Folded dimensions 39.4x16X9.3 inches
  •   Display

When the Enjoybot arrives, some assembly is required. It's not so complicated; you have to attach handlebar to the body and tighten controls on it. Also, you need to attach kickstand as well.

You can use it as a kick scooter, it’s light, and you will feel like you are riding a normal scooter. It is waterproof, and that could be very useful when you ride, and light rain catches you. However, avoid big puddles and heavy rain.

Display show us current speed, running time, battery life and SPEED LEVEL.

Some downsides

  • No suspension
  • Slightly problematic braking downhill on wet surface
  • 5 inches solid tires (bumpy ride)
  • range


There are 3 levels because of children safety

*you watch out that you don’t have set low speed in the settings

Those solid tires also provide us ride without stress about puncture or inflation.

The fact is that this is a lightweight and ultra strong electric scooter which has a decent price and spectacular value for money.

Glion Dolly - Best electric scooters foldable

Drawing - people are riding best electric scooters


This is one of the most practical and one of the best escooters on the market.

Glion Dolly Foldable has 250 Watts brushless electric motor, which can deliver 600 Watts peak. It has no gears and chains, so that means there is no maintenance. It is more efficient than a chain driven motor. 

It doesn't matter if you're a teenager, business man or woman, this might be the best electric scooters for all. It's cheap, practical and nice-looking as well. What else we can ask for..

It weighs 28 lbs. Small weights and powerful motor provide a max range of 15 miles. If you are a bit heavier, for instance, 200 pounds, or having full throttle habit, then 15 miles are almost impossible to achieve. 13 miles is more likely. On the other hand, if you are lighter a bit, and you don’t have “heavy foot” 15 or even 16 miles is possible to achieve.

You need to let this scooter charge 3,5 hours for achieving 100% battery level, and about 2h for 70%. The battery has 1000 or more charging cycles and lifespan around 3-5 years if you use it in the right way.

Batteries are Sony Lithium Ion 36V and 6.6 Ah. Everything electric is covered and protected, so water splashes don’t bother this electric scooter. 

Important to remember

It’s water resistant, not waterproof.


  • 250 Watts motor
  • Sony Lithium Ion 36V 6.6 Ah
  • T6 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Max speed 15mph
  • Max range 15 miles

A quick tip:

Never trust battery level indicator on the handlebar, after a few miles it could show you that you have left just 25% battery, and after that announcement, you would probably keep rolling for another 8-9 miles for sure.

Folding mechanism

This is something practical and cool at the same time. You can fold this scooter and folded dimensions are 16 inches tall, 36 inches long and 8 inches wide. You can fold your scooter and enter the bus, metro or even a restaurant in no time.

It has one handle that provides you to carry it like luggage. It's elegant and practical solution. If you somewhere run out of battery, just fold it and use it as luggage. Resistance is higher if you push it to your home or work.

When you unfold electric scooter, you should hear a click, and that’s the noise that tells you: Ok, I am safe and ready for a ride. If you don’t hear that clicking noise, the scooter can fold back in movement.

This electric scooter is made of special aircraft aluminum which is powder coated. That leaves us with perfect, strong frame which is corrosion proof.

Wheels, actually the tires are something special. A dimension of 8 inches is not something new, but it’s just enough. What’s special is that tire is honeycomb technology. That means that flat tire is something that it never happened.

In theory that technology carries drawback as well. Higher rolling resistance and less comfortable ride, but that is not something that is so obvious in reality. However, what is more obvious, is that you will never have a puncture. Sounds good, right.

Also, tires are rounded so you can lean on in tight turns. There is nothing more annoying that tires that are not rounded and when you want to turn you feel like you are struggling.

This scooter has not regular breaking lever. It has twist brake which is the same as a throttle, just it is on the other side of the handlebar, on the left. The brake is electric and its rear.

Some complaint needs to be said. Brakes with that twist control are something you need time for using to. But something else is there too. Brakes are on or off; there is no feeling that you control braking force. On the other hand, braking is strong and reliable; there is no locking.

Some complaints

Some important features

Glion Dolly Foldable is one of the best escooters that can fold. It has numerous advantages, but crucial ones are huge practicality and elegance. This scooter is for business people as well as for students, bigger kids.

It is a compact personal electric vehicle and justifies every word in its name.


This Gotrax Glider has minimal weight possible for electric scooter, which is great because it provides benefits of escooters and at the same time it weights as like as ordinary kick scooter. It weighs just 18 pounds, 10 pounds less than Glion Dolly foldable.

Another great feature is a folding system, which can help you with doing everyday commuting through the busy city. It has one lever which has to be pulled down, and that’s it. Simple as that.

Also, this scooter needs to be assembled when arrived in the box. A procedure is simple, attaching handlebars and scooters body is the only job. When is folded Gotrax gliders dimensions are 39/14.4/6.2 inches.


  • 250 Watts electric motor (peak 450Watts)
  • 24V 5,2Ah battery (3h per charge)
  • Max speed 17 mph
  • Max range 9 miles
  • Max load 250 pounds


It has 2 gears!

Press power button twice to change it to second gear. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the first one with lower speed.

It has a hand controlled brake on the handlebars, just pull it down and it slows down, and it will get the job done. However, Gotrax Glider has another foot controlled slowing system. That would have been really useful when you have some emergency situation. Safety first.

There is one more proof that Gotrax Glider thinks about our safety. Big LED headlight is something special. Its bright enough for a night ride and it has that integrated look which is cool, too. You can turn it on by pushing the power button once. The same process is if you want to turn it off.


On the handlebar, there is a display screen. You should appreciate that feature considering there is a plenty more expensive electric scooter on the market which hasn’t an option for the rider to see which speed he is riding


That one is positioned in the lower price range, and it's nice to see that manufacturer gives us high-rang feature. The display also shows battery life, and it's precise as well.

Something that would make this perfect:

  • Suspension or softer tires
  • More power
  • Bigger wheels

Some another disadvantage is that Gotrax Glider doesn’t work well as a kick scooter. It feels a lot of resistance when you kick it off.

However, this is probably the best escooter you can buy for this money.

It’s safe, the simplest, the most practical, the most elegant, fast enough and has decent range. For sure, we couldn’t be speeding around on this scooter. However, this is great value for money.

Neon Green 1000 Watts

There is no misunderstanding. It has 1000 Watts 36V 3000 Rpm electric motor, and yes it's more than enough. 5-8 hours is more than enough for full charged batteries.

Top speed is 26 mph, and it will ride you up to 18 miles. Of course, if all conditions are right. Riding style, the intensity of accelerating, hills, rider weight are the mains variables. This electric scooter is chain driven.

Neon Green will provide everything that every powerful electric scooter enthusiast wants. There is no doubt in that. Neon Green is one of the best electric scooters if you have tight budget.

Its strong enough to carry a 250 pounds person. Wheels are 10 inches big, so you don’t need to worry about weight limits that much. When this escooter arrives, you will have to put it together. But don’t worry, you get a basic tool kit and manual. It's relatively easy.

Because of fat tires and discs, you don’t need to worry at all about stopping. Stopping power is remarkable as well as accelerating. Also, comfort is something that is another level on electric scooters planet.

A quick note

Don’t forget to check chain tension after assembling

Some Usefull Features

  • Led headlight
  • Small storage bag
  • All nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel

A LED headlight is a serious as well. This one isn’t one of those who has a function just for someone else to spot you. You can rely on that light at night and ride relaxed that you can see in front of you. You just need maybe some adjustment.

It doesn’t matter if you lose some power at that moment because it is important to see as well. You should ride a bit slower at night anyway and automatically save some battery for that extraordinary front headlight.

Some Serious Stuff

  • Front mono shock
  • Turbo/Econo mode
  • Fat tires
  • Rear dual shocks
  • Key ignition
  • Battery level indicator
  • Rear/front disc brakes 
  • Removable/adjustable seat

You can order hill climb kit (includes larger sprocket and chain)

You can fold this scooter, but the bad news is that scooter weights around 90 pounds. So you can't get in a bus undetected.

You can use it like stand electric scooter, or you can install a seat and use it like a seated electric scooter. It’s your choice. 

This scooter allows you to choose between TURBO and ECONO mode.

This could be easily misunderstood. You can think that speed around 26 mph is serious, and if you have TURBO mode…then what, that means that I can go even faster?

No. That turbo button gives the scooter more power boost, however, when top speed is reached nothing will happen. It just gives a better, more agile acceleration.

This might be a good choice for more extreme riders, speed enthusiast and for fans of this more robust look. It also has so-called 90 days bumper to bumper warranty and one year warranty on motor, but that one is an addition.

If we're talking about the best electric scooters we need to mention Qiewa!

Firstly, it’s clear that this is one mean machine. 800 Watts is not for everyone. This electric scooter is fast, powerful and strong just as a motorcycle.

Qiewa Q1 Hummer has an enormous stand deck, which is great because you can adjust your weight distribution while you ride in extreme conditions on gravel. Other exceptional features are remarkable shock absorbers which can help you even to jump over stairs or some hills or bumps.

During that kind of ride its stable, agile, strong as a mountain and there is nothing you should worry about, except current skills. But don’t worry, after a while, you will become a master. This is one of the best electric scooters from Qiewa. And the most affordable...

  • 800 Watts brushless electric motor
  • 48V 5C lithium ion battery
  • 10-inch tires
  • Dual shock absorbers rear/front
  • It has 3 gear
  • Max speed 34mph
  • 62 miles range
  • Double disc brakes   
  • Max load 550 pounds
  • Electric scooter weight 55 pounds
  • Full charging time 12 hours

That motor might be scary for some riders. You get 3 gears for disposal and depending on how fast you want to go you choose a gear. Wearing a helmet is a must with this one.

It's so fast and off-road friendly. On the other hand, you can ride it on asphalt road and enjoy the speed and comfort.


  • Powerful motor
  • Big wheels, great tires
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Dual shock absorbers
  • Impressive brakes

Useful features:

  • Foldable
  • USB mobile phone charging option
  • Rear double breaking light
  • Front double light
  • Alarm antitheft system

Basic  tips on Electric scooter batteries 

Charge battery 12h, never forget to unplug (never charge over 18h)

Don’t let your battery drains out often

It can easily conquer 20% hills, but I suggest to help a bit using leg power

It has a folding mechanism which isn’t that simple, but it isn’t rocket science as well. Although if it isn’t easy to fold this escooter, like the rest foldable scooter, it's still desirable feature.

There are steps for folding:

STEP 1: You have to push release outwards on the handlebars

STEP 2: Folding your handlebars

STEP 3: Down there is a SAFETY RELEASE, pull it

STEP 4: Fold it down

On the market, there are awesome electric scooters which have an easier folding system, but even this one isn’t so bad at all.

Qiewa Q1 Hummer is an electric scooter for something more than just cruising, commuting and saving the planet.  Who said that saving the planet can't be fun?

You will surprise what kind of feature has this electric scooter. Of course, it also has some small weight, folding system, great speed and more than decent range. The throttle and the brakes are managed via buttons, stronger the push stronger is braking and accelerating.

Another great feature is that you can use this scooter as a kick scooter as well when you want.


  • 250 Watts (peak 500 Watts)
  • 33V 6.5 Ah Lithium Polymer 
  • Front/rear suspension
  • Weight of the scoot 24 pounds
  • 20 miles range
  • KERS
  • 18 mph max speed

Let's Get Dive Into Fine Details:

  • Brushed DC motor is inside front wheel (its quiet, and strong enough)
  • Lifespan of the battery is up to 1000 cycles and warranty is 6 months or 1800 miles
  • Suspension and tires get the comfort job done properly
  • Brake button activates electric front and rear brake (it also has mechanic rear brake)
  • KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System)

The energy that releases while we are breaking was a huge waste before KERS. KERS use all that energy and feeds a battery. Formula 1 used that system in one or two seasons. Breaking heat that had been released in the braking before the corner was used to feed battery and then on the straights that energy was used as a boost. Same story here. This scooter uses that system, and it has the ability to recover 10% of energy.

This scooter is some piece of engineering that could easily spoil us

  • Cruise control
  • Led display
  • Easy folding
  • Flat-free tires
  • Headlight
  • Breaking light
  • Adjustable height of the handlebars
  • Horn

Some DISadvantages that can lead to a break in the deal for some people

  • The standing deck is a bit higher (when you use it as a kick scooter you can torture yourself a bit)
  • Difficulties on a sunny day with reading display
  • Better battery would be a strawberry on a cream (36V 10Ah, better solution, same dimension, greater range)

Cruise control activation

You should just press the button on the right side of the handlebars for acceleration and keep the same speed around 5 seconds. Cruise control will activate, and now you can let button alone. Simple as that.

If you tried that and nothing happens, it's recommended to check your setup in the control unit.

This electric scooter has everything you need. It has even KERS, and it is great how new technologies are applied in real life. Although those 10% doesn’t sound like much, it’s still a great feature that shows us in which direction scooters will be going.

Best Electric Scooters - Problem Solvers

A drawing couple riding


Every slightly bigger city is facing growing problems caused by traffic. Traffic jams affect everyone. The consequences are accidents, congestions, pollution and overall frustration and stress.

Some people claim that we need solutions as fast as possible. I agree that commuting has to become more efficient. Cleaner vehicles and better infrastructure are the key solutions. The road to these goals is and will be bumpy as hell, but we are headed there, which is good news.

There are organizations which are taking care of that, but as we all know, it’s a slow and exhausting process. We can sit and watch all this in our cars stuck in traffic jams and hope that someone else will save the day.

Or we can do something about it

An escooter is a ton of fun, but also environment-friendly and the best commuting choice. Especially if your place has infrastructure that will provide you safe and enjoyable ride.

I believe that all those organizations, that are taking care of the environment, in the future will recognize potential in electric scooter revolution and take steps for modifying infrastructure for us and our electric scooters. There is much more than just avoiding traffic jams and going from point A to point B.

Dreams are great, plans are great, however, fighting for dreams is the real deal. Until those dreams come true, we have to do some work. You can see that all electric scooters gives their best on that road to success. They come with shock absorbers, run flat tires, great electric motors, remarkable ranges…

How can we help in your pursuit for the best electric scooters?

We have to join the fight. One of the main reasons I am telling you all this is that you need the right one for this. If there are some features that don’t suit you it doesn’t matter how fast it is or how much it costs. You don’t want it and end of story. You have to choose one that is suitable for infrastructure around you and you as an individual.

I am sure that if you live in the city that has great infrastructure and you have no difficulties whatsoever during daily commute you don’t need suspension and the lightning speed. You just need elegance, practicality.  On the other hand, if you have a long way to the work and you know that you have on your course some curbs, few stairs or you want to ride on the rough shortcut - you will need some double suspension and more power.

Good To Know Before Buying

When you decide to buy a brand new electric scooter you have to prepare yourself for some unknown numbers, materials, features. That’s all normal, but you shouldn’t put your money on something just to finish you searching as fast as possible.

Some homework is required. You know your needs; now it’s time to get to know your future scooter. It's not easy to choose the best electric scooters out there..

First advice is that you should focus only the thing that really matters - at least at the beginning. That means you stop looking at colors and fenders first. Looks is important, but what is really important are parts that get you going. Motor and batteries. Simple as that.

If you are 250 pounds, it doesn’t matter if your favorite scooter has red stripes or flames all over it. You'll not buy a scooter with 250 Watts electric motor because it will be useless under your weight.

Batteries should be lithium, or you will end up spending much more time charging your machine than riding it. For kids it’s ok, it's just a toy for them. However, if you are commuting to your job every day, this is not a good idea. Unless you want to stay 12 hours on your job waiting for battery to charge.

Next thing - brakes. We all like security and multiple options for stopping that not includes jumping from a deck. You want to have brakes both back and front, or at least front, but then you have to avoid wet downhill sections. If it’s possible for our budget to choose both wheels breaks - that is always the best option.

Wheels, tires, and suspension are crucial for your comfort. If you ride around scooter-friendly infrastructure, you will enjoy your ride even with 5 inch solid tires and some small suspension system. However, if you sometimes like to get off the road, you need 8-10 inch tires and suspension as well.

Build quality is next. If you often carry your scooter around, up the stairs, carbon is always a good choice. That material is like from another world when it comes to weight and strength.

And now, we came to the physical look of scooter - color and design. Some people think that is crucial, however, you should always prefer performance and comfort.

Focus on your needs when choosing the best electric scooters for you & your family

During reading, you have to think about your needs. That’s the crucial one. Another thing you have to consider is the condition of the infrastructure in the environment you live.

What is interesting is that everybody has their winner. Remember what your needs are and keep them in mind.


This list has different types of scooters and provides significant information. You can use this information while you are in the process of deciding. I really hope, after all, you have enough information and knowledge about electric scooters and I also hope you will find your favorite one.

By the way, this isn't an easy decision and because of that, we are here to do some kind of teamwork. That teamwork implies providing information from our side and from your side there are riding style and environment you will ride in. We don't know the second one, however, all this we do know you can use.

Never forget that not every scooter is best for you and your needs. Choose wisely, wish you the best of luck in finding the best electric scooters out there on the market.