Top 17 Razor Scooters On The Market In 2018 – Electric & Kick Versions

Just for you to get a clear picture. From 2000 to these days Razor became manufacturer which has on their disposal kick scooters, electric scooters, go-karts, motorcycles, mopeds, self-balancing scooters (hoverboards), skateboards, skates and trikes, junior rides.

What do you think, is it enough? We might be honest and say: YES, it is.

We can also make a statement that Razor has covered a person of every age. Everyone who wants in some way to move around in Razor program can find something just for them.


You are going to be introduced to Razor scooters. Best of the best. Electric and regular kick scooters. You will see 11 electric scooters and 6 regular kick scooters that are the best that Razor provides for all scooters enthusiast all over the world.

There are so much more. However, this list has been selected and chosen as a top of the assortment that Razor has at their disposal.

What will you learn reading this Razor post? 

Through the post you will come across answers to those questions:

  • Which one options are for beginner kids?
  • Which one options are for more experienced kids?
  • What is the best choice for lighter riders?
  • What is the must if I am a heavier rider?
  • Is there any chance for off-road with Razor?

What is the most important is the fact that Razor has everything for everyone and this is something you can't say for any other manufacturer. Keep that in mind.

So, let's see what's what.

There is no age description on that list for one reason. Ages can be important; however, it's not crucial. We are here to get through to the center of the matter.

hypothetical scenario #1

If you have a child who is very skilled in riding and by chance, it has a bit greater height, and weight than other kids in a class then pay attention.

In that case, you don't have to let your child ride (for him) small and slow Razor E100 just because it says on age description that this is for that and that age. Give it E200 or even E300.

hypothetical scenario #2

Maybe is the case that your child has 12. But it may be struggling to maintain a course and then we have a whole different situation.

If in age description says one thing, a real situation might be different. Evaluate everything and make a decision. That's the right way for everything else.

If your child is not so enthusiastic about driving a car after getting a driver license, it could be wrong decision to buy a Mustang right away. Some smaller, less powerful car might be a good idea for starters. Same here.

Top Razor Electric Scooters

We are here, to begin with, electric ones. Razor gives us an enormous choice when it comes to electric scooters, and an easy way to inform yourself more about Razor electric scooters is to go through the list.

Let's begin.

1. Razor Power Core E90

For beginners, Razor Power Core E90 is a superb choice. It can go up to 10 mph which is more than enough for your kid.

There is a need for kickstart. That means that you have to give it some solid leg push, achieve 3 mph and then push small green button to accelerate.

Safety first, although, in my opinion, there are some energy efficient reasons too. You want to ride as long as possible and believe me; this provides you that.

A little boy rides his Power Core Razor E90 with a smile on his face

Better version than Razor E 90 - This is the Power Core edition

It is quiet as an ant. Luckily it is not slow as one. That new hub motor provides you nearly double riding time. Besides that, smother and quieter ride are results as well.

A front brake is there for some emergency, and you should squeeze those tight.The manufacturer claims that you can ride this one up to 80 minutes. When you finish your ride - don't forget to switch it off.

Good News

  • check
    It's quiet
  • check
  • check
    Great look

Bad News

  • Pressure on the brake lever
  • Charging time

There is a kickstand when your kid wants to park favorite new machine. 12-volt batteries and 90 Watts electric motor is at your disposal.

It supports 120-pound rider, and a weight of the product is 22 pounds. It is recommended for 8-year kids or older.


2. Razor E90

The manufacturer claims that this is the best option when you want to get off your kid from kick scooter on an electric one. Sounds good. Because this is not some powerful machine. Max speed is about 9 Mph, and you need push start in order to start cruising around.

Razor E90 in blue color - Body picture, there is no handlebars

One of the best electric scooters for kids - Razor E90

Good News

  • check
    Most suitable for beginner kids
  • check
  • check
    Rubber grips

Bad News

  • Riding time
  • Charging time

A quick info

You have to charge it 12 hours after you assemble it. You can't get out immediately and ride it unless it is properly charged. Don’t wait for green light to appear, wait those 12 hours. Respect this; it is important to hold your horses before the first charge.

22 pounds in weight, and riding time is up to 40 minutes depending on riding style and temperatures and terrain as well. I really appreciate a quality you can feel when you squeeze those great rubber grips which are resistant to weather conditions and hits.

Lead acid 12 volt batteries are enough for your kid to get to know with an electric scooter for the first time. It is powerful enough to carry 180-pound person, and if you want promised 40 minutes ride, respect 120-pounds limit.

A throttle is activated by a small green button. You have foot brake option in case that there is some emergency situation.

A kickstand is there as well. Great feature for your kid. I bet you will see how it stands rather than kick scooter lies around like it was thrown away from somewhere.

3. Razor E100

100 in the name means that it has 100 Watts motor. Razor E100 has 24-volt lead acid batteries and ability to provide you 40 minutes ride.  You can notice that there is some issue with that. E90 can provide you exactly that amount of riding time. So, what's the catch you think?

The answer is: There is no catch. You some win, some lose. 

You get twist throttle, which is more practical than pushing that button all the time.

A handbrake you get as well, and you have to admit those are pretty good features.

More about Razor E100 you can find here

Good News

  • check
    A twist throttle
  • check
  • check
    Stronger motor
  • check
    8 inch tires

Bad News

  • Riding time
  • Charging time

Electric Scooter Razor E-100 (Red One)

Electric Scooter For Kids Razor E-100

Front 8-inch tire is pneumatic and provides you a bit more comfort. That means that there is an inner tire. A kickstand is also there. The motor is chain driven, and a frame is made of steel.

Maybe little heavy, but endurance is not questioned at all. You can bet on that strength. A steel frame is an old school, you can hit the road, literally, and beside some scratches, there wouldn’t be problems.

There are some versions that are basically Razor E100 but improved. Or in some provides way more fun. Of course, don't be confused by models like 125, 150, 175. They are all the same.

If you like to double check everything, as I do, be my guest. 

So, here are some slightly different versions of Razor E100

Razor E100 Glow

A boy stands on a illuminated standing deck of Razor E100 Glow

A standing deck is illuminated on this Razor E100 Glow

Razor E100 Power Core

Razor E100 Power Core in movement on the road.

Razor E100 Power Core equal longer riding time

Razor E-spark

Razor eSpark with an element on the back which provides you enourmous amount of sparks while you are riding

Sparks are included with this one 

4. Razor Power Core E100

This is a better-looking version of Razor E100. However, improvements don’t stop there. Ride time is increased to 60 minutes of use, which is great. That could be a real deal because be honest; every kid wants to stay on these as long as possible. No one wants to wait for charging.

Speed is limited to 11 mph, it has high-torque hub motor which has better response, and at the same time, it is quieter than the regular one. A throttle is controlled by twisting, and on the left, there is handbrake which operating front wheel.

Good News

  • check
    Riding time
  • check
  • check
    It's quiet
  • check
    Twist throttle
  • check
  • check
    Great look

Bad News

  • Instant acceleration
  • Some parts are made of cheap plastic

Razor E100 Power Core in movement on the road.

Razor E100 Power Core equal longer riding time

Take a close look: there is an option with push button as well. Make sure you contact the supplier and make sure that you get what you want. They will probably give you an answer in no time.

This is regular braking system with braking pads. It is recommended for kids from 8 years to up, and it can support a 120-pound rider. All in all, this is a great deal. Not so much more money for all these features. It is more efficient, better looking, faster and more durable. It seems to me that dreams come true for kids right away.

5. Razor E200

That 200 means that this model of Razor has 200 Watts motor which is chain driven. The throttle is one of those who needs a slight twist. 

It has 24V lead acid batteries, and it provides you 12mph max speed easily.

Electric Scooter Razor E-200 in some color between blue-green

One of the basic models of electric scooters -  Electric Scooter Razor E-200

Rear brake you may apply by hand. That is different than it is the case by E100 which has front brake system. This is meant for 12-year old kids or more. 

Good News

  • check
  • check
    Speed - 12 mph
  • check
    Weight limit up to 140 pounds
  • check
    Seated option available

Bad News

  • It is slightly heavier
  • A bit louder

It can be tricky to choose just right for your kid

However, if you take a close look at dimensions, especially height of handlebars, and weight all make sense.

Razor E100

32.5 inch x 16 inch x 36 inches

25.3 pounds

Razor E200

37 x 16 x 42 inches

38.7 pounds

You have to pay attention to weight as well. This one can endure a 140-pound rider, and it is also a bit bigger.

Take a look at The Best Electric Scooters - 2018 if E200 is your product of choice and you want some more information.

Another thing that is marvelous is an option to sit. This seated version is the same as regular. However, Razor E200S has one and only difference. That's right, a seat.

Another great thing is that you can take it off and use it as regular stand electric scooter. So, when you don't need it, just unscrew platform and take a seat off.

6. Razor RX200

This version deserves some additional explanation. RX200 can provide you enormous fun off the road. Just look at it, and you will notice easily that there are some seriou stuff.

A boy rides off-road on his brand new Razor RX200

Razor's answer on off-road electric scooter segment

It has more strength, better torque, custom off-road tires and everything you think of you are going to need on gravel, dirt, and rocks.

Good News

  • check
    Huge fun
  • check
    New gear ratio for off-road
  • check
    Higher torque
  • check
    Rear disc brake
  • check
    Triple bolt clamp
  • check
    Off-road designed handlebars
  • check
    Great off-road tires

Bad News

  • Look of the front wheel alloy 
  • Some bigger weight

First things first. The basic model has normal torque for asphalt. However, this one has new gear ratio because it is important that motor can produce higher torque for demanding surfaces.

Max speed is the same as E200 has and that's fine. Next big thing that is a huge difference; rear disc brake. 

Strong alloy wheel can stand all rough surfaces as well. I have wished for some nicer alloys, but strength is in the first place, obviously. It is what it is…

The front wheel of the off-raos Razor scooter - RX200

The front wheel of the Razor RX200

One of the details that show us how much Razor RX200 is serious at off the road is triple bolt clamp. You can see it clearly in a photo. Handlebar tube has to endure lots of shaking, and that extra bolt will do the job. 

When we are on handlebars, you can notice that innovation too. Handlebars in that design provide better stability and allow a rider to have greater control and faster reaction.

Tires are off-road designed as well. It delivers enough grip for all sandy, muddy or gravel sections. This machine is designed for 13-year old kids and up.

7. Razor E300

This is the right choice if you are above 140 pounds and you love Razor models. You are all familiar with Razors. Steel frame, slightly heavier than you want to, maybe noisy too much when it comes to 15 Mph.

However, 250 Watts motor will make this true easily. It is fast, it has 10-inch tires, and it's bigger than all other Razors as well.

But some things we have to point out. Long hours to charge due to lead-acid technology battery and after all this charging not so fantastic performance.

Razor E300 - The strongest electric scooter that Razor produced

The strongest electric scooter from Razor is this one E-300

Good News

  • check
    Speed - 15mph
  • check
  • check
    10 inches tires
  • check
    250 Watts motor
  • check
    10 inches tires
  • check
    Braking power
  • check
    Seated option available

Bad News

  • Range
  • Battery
  • Riding time

You will ride just above 30 minutes. Come on; I want more. However, if you ride this one at normal speed, around 12 mph, and you are not heavier than 200 pounds than and only than you can hope for some greater range.

Stopping power is providing rear drum brake. Standard, common and strong enough. This scooter is not so far from perfect. What leaves us with the bad taste in a mouth are those lead-acid batteries.

Lead acid batteries on this heavy and fast scooter? That can only leave you with some decent range, nothing more than that…

Speed is there; strength is there, classic look is superb for a reasonable buck. When we take a look from that angle, it may seem that this is the score of the year. 

Some lighter rider who need just 40-minutes commute or has the option to recharge and wait, this could be really near perfect purchase.

There is also seated version but if you are near those limit of 220 pounds don't think about it. The last thing you need is extra weight. 

8. Razor Eco Smart Metro

At first glance, this is a bicycle. No, wait. It is a gas scooter, and when I run out of petrol, I will find those hidden pedals and move on. Yeah, that's must be the case. Wrong, again.

This is an electric scooter. Without pedals and powered by pure electric 500 Watts electric motor. It has 36 Volt battery system and variable throttle speed control.

There is a huge amount of great aspects that I don't know what to point out at the beginning. I’m really hyped for this one, especially when I discovered what a load of great features I get for that low buck.

First things first. Ok, you have heard what motor it has, now let's continue with other performances. 18 Mph is top speed, and if you are willing, you can ride it 40 minutes non-stop, according to the manufacturer.

If you are lighter rider top speed up to 20 Mph is piece of the cake.

A great Razor Eco Smart Metro - With a seat and luggage rack

One of the most comfortable Razor model - Razor Eco Smart Metro

Next, there is rear disc brake, and in the front wheel, there is no brake. So, just rear option and in my opinion that is great. 

I have heard too many times when people are braking with front brake and slide at the moment. Yes, front brakes are better if you are lean back and yes it has better-stopping power.

However, people, who ride these types of scooter they are looking for a calm and steady ride, not an extreme one. And when the time for savage brake comes, that rear one will do the job.

Good News

  • check
    500 Watts electric motor
  • check
    Variable throttle speed control
  • check
    18 Mph
  • check
    Rear disc brake
  • check
    Luggage rack
  • check
    16 inch tires

Bad News

  • There is no front brake
  • It's just for relaxing cruising

The biggest rule when it comes to looking for comfortable and fast seated electric scooter is a seat. I think this is the only electric seated scooter on which you don’t look silly. It has a proper seat and what is more important, a proper seating position.


Another great feature is big 16-inch tires. Comfort is guaranteed whit those. It can hold 220-pounds person, but if you are also on the limit and at the same time your rack is full, don't expect too much from a range.

Luggage rack

Metro has a luggage rack, and it is cool. I appreciate the fact that despite it is useful sometimes I want to take it off when I don't need it. After all, if you have, it attached all the time you will always be someone else carrier.

A thing to consider before buying is also built quality. You can notice that this frame is powder coated which is great because it means that it is resistant to corrosion. 

You also have 90-days warranty and all in all; this is one great, efficient and one of the most comfortable electric scooters out there for that price.

9. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

This might be a really good choice for your kid. It has been designed as a miniature version of Italian scooter. Italian classic scooters are known all around the world. And this is the one in a smaller package for 13-years girls and up.

It has a chain driven motor, so it's not quiet as a mouse. More important is that it is fast, reliable and I think girls will love that design as well. 12-inch pneumatic tires are great, and that would have been useful when the road gets a bit rough.

Performances are displayed in following points

  • 15 Mph
  • range 10 miles or 40 minutes    of continuous ride
  • battery charge time 12 hours
  • 12V sealed lead acid batteries
  • 170-pounds max    load
  • rear brake
  • twist throttle

Just looking over these we may conclude that this is a great choice, but we are not stopping yet. This electric scooter has 90-days warranty and rear suspension system.

I doubt your kid will be able to break it that easy with all these suspensions, big tires, and low weight. However, a warranty is always something that is more than welcome, right?


Good News

  • check
    10 miles range
  • check
    It can carry 170 pounds
  • check
    15 mph
  • check
  • check
    A storage under the seat

Bad News

  • A bit louder at higher speed

A little girl cornering her moped with a helmet on.

A great electric moped for kids - Razor PocketMod Miniature

Under a seat, there is storage that is great for you kid jacket or sweater. There is a plenty room.

Don't forget to charge it 18 hours for the first time and after that 12 hours will be enough. Be patient, and fun will come.

10. Razor Trikke E2

This is a definition of excitement on three wheels. It is a huge joy for kids. Maybe for parents could seem like it is a bit tricky to ride those, however, kids get used to this quickly.

To steer you have to lean in that direction you want to go. Simple as that. Yes, some practice is required, but it’s pretty simple once you catch the rhythm.

It is recommended for ages 8 and older, and it can carry 120 pounds rider.

Three-wheeled Razor electric scooter for kids

A huge fun on three wheels - Razor Trikke E2

Classic performances are at our disposal. 9 mph and 40 minutes of continuous use. Batteries are also a classic one. A 24-volt system is what we get. You see that two batteries are stored in separate boxes. You can see that in the picture.

Pay Attention

One thing that seems to be a bit tricky is that push start. After a while, that wouldn’t be a big fuss for your kid, but this is something you want your kid to pay attention.

Wheels are 6 inches big and made from urethane. Hard plastic to be honest. I suppose that could be a problem on wet grass. You are controlling a throttle by twisting with your right hand.

Good News

  • check
    It's fun
  • check
    40 minutes of use
  • check
    6 inch tires

Bad News

  • It's a bit tricky to learn

To wrap it up I have to say that this is some interesting machine. Three wheels and leaning when you want to steer is some fun, and it can be tricky at the beginning.

That name can be a small warning, right? But isn’t it that way with all good things. Practice makes perfect, and it will provide your enormous kid fun.

11. Razor Jr. Mini Mod Electric Scooter

Your kids will be on wheels for all their lives. That is inevitable. On their bikes, skates, scooters and one day they will start to drive a car, truck or maybe an airplane, who knows.

You want that they get to know that feeling as soon as possible.

Your kids will be on wheels for all their lives. That is inevitable. On their bikes, skates, scooters and one day they will start to drive a car, truck or maybe an airplane, who knows.

You want that they get to know that feeling as soon as possible.

Something you can control and it can be within your reach.

On the other hand, it is great for toddlers as well. They will feel movement and excitement. Top speed is 2mph. That means that you have total control over everything. Sounds good, right?

Good News

  • check
    It's quiet
  • check
    It's not to fast
  • check
    Great look
  • check
    Developing coordination and skills
  • check
    A huge fun for toddlers

Bad News

  • Maybe to slow for some

An electric scooter for toddlers in pink color

Electric scooter for toddlers - Razor Jr Mini Mod

There is pedal where your kid supposed to rest their legs. When they step over it, the fun begins, when they release their foot from it they will stop. They will be used to this quickly, trust me.

Batteries are 6 volts, and a motor is placed in a wheel. It is hub electric motor, and you will hear a slight buzzing. That would have been a great choice if you want your kid to be prepared and used to everything that waits for them through life.

Developing coordination and skills through playing is the best way. And one thing is for sure. Razor Jr. Mini Mod Electric Scooter will provide it easily.

Top Razor Kick Scooters

Further reading of that list will be an easy way to figure out which scooter you need if you are not in the mood for electric ones.  From now on this is the list of top Razor Kick Scooters that are affordable, high-quality and great looking. 

Options for small kids, older kids and adults are all included. Let’s start with Kick Scooters right away.

12. Razor Black Label R-Tec

This is not a classic kick scooter which can help you to go from point A to point B. No, it's much more than that. It gives you a sense of cruising with style. 

Another great thing is that this one can support 220-pound rider. Although it is recommended for 6 years old and older, adults can enjoy the ride as well. 

Handlebar height is something you can adjust and don't worry so much if you are not too tall. If you are, some other kick scooters are waiting for you furthermore through the list.

This kick scooter has rubber grips, and wheels are made of urethane, and those are 60 mm big. Or small. But don't worry, you will be impressed with an endurance of those. 

Solid built, and width is letting you glide and corner without problems. Even on the wet surface. Black Label R-Tec has integrated fender brake that is great manufacturer choice.

For some people, this will take the smile off their faces

As I said earlier, Black Label R-Tec will give you smooth, fast ride, however, there are some downsides as well. 

When it arrives at your place you will have to assemble, it's not rocket science, and I am sure you will make it in no time.

What I wanted to say, when I started to talk about assembling, is that you will notice that there is no folding mechanism. For some that it's not so big deal, but it is sure something to point out.

Another thing is that rolling sound; it is a bit louder than expected. What we have to admit, those aren't exactly bad things, just some little things to be aware of.

This design is something special I have to say. That aerodynamic profile, single-sided steel fork, and futuristic design will give you special sensation and provide you an excellent ride.

Riding Razor Black Label R-Tec with style

Cruising with style with Razor Black Label R-Tec

Future has arrived, and it is pretty solid and good-looking as well.

13. Razor Pro PDS Dirt Scooter

As far away from pavement, it is better. Fun is guaranteed, and there is no fear of loose parts or bad tires.

Every part is strengthened, and pneumatic tires are 200 mm width and have an aggressive tread pattern.

A frame is made of heavy-duty aluminum, so there is no worry about that too. It weighs 11.5 pounds and can support 220-pounds rider in normal riding conditions.

Very useful comments

What is more important to say (than 220 pounds is max limit)  is the fact that manufacturer recommends, in extreme ride conditions, 120-pounds rider, not more than that. Yes, it is a strong scooter. However, even it has its limits. Respect that.

Recommended pressure is 60 psi and I suggest to check that before the first run.

Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter is intended for ten years old and older, as long as you respect that weight limit. 

Well, I have to say that at this point bad news is coming

  • Height is not something you can adjust
  • fold is not an option as well. 
  • It is also a bit heavy for legs when you are pushing, so it is crucial to check pressure before every ride. You don't want to throw away energy you can transfer into speed.

Deck dimensions are width 4,75 inches, length 20.75 inches. You can place your feet easily. Grip tape will prevent you to slide or fall off the deck that easy.

There is rear fender brake you can apply with a foot.

A bird view of standing deck of Razor Pro PDS Dirt Scooter

Off-road kick version - Razor Pro PDS Dirt Scooter

Bmx Steel fork can endure enormous impacts, and soft rubber grips will protect your hands and give you feedback on the gravel or dirt roads you ride. 

Handlebars have Riser Y-style, and those are fixed.

As a golden rule when it comes to pneumatic tire scooters is to buy a spare inner tire. You never know when you will need it and it is handy to have it right away and not waiting to arrive.

14. Razor A2 Kick Scooter

Razor has on their list A1, A2, A3 Kick Scooters. As you can conclude, there should be some slight differences, and in fact, those are very similar scooters. And that is the answer. 

For some A2 is the right choice if they want something moderate but effective. Wheels are smaller on all of these. However, A2 has wheelie bar and a small shock absorber. It is slightly better than A1, and there is everything you want in this level of scooters.


It is made of aircraft grade aluminum, and it has a folding system. Wheels are 98mm and made of urethane. It can support 140-pound rider, and that is the case for all three of those. Stopping solution is a classic one. Fender foot brake. Good enough.

It is recommended for 5 years old and older. But it is really for small kids if you want something that is more comfortable, with bigger wheels, bigger deck and something that can support 200 pounds or more Razor A5 Kick Scooter is for you.

Let's get back to A2.

If you make your mind up for this one, you get 6-months warranty as well. I really appreciate that this scooter has just above 6-pounds weight, folding option and handlebars adjustment.

Everything your kid needs and it is just for them. They can control everything all by themselves, and that is exactly what you want, right? Kids to learn how to be independent and decisive. That is something every parent want.

A folding system of Razor A2 Kick Scooter in the focus.

A folding system and quality - Main advantages of Razor A2 Kick Scooter

This small, compact and easy adjustable scooter will ensure that. By the way, A3 has 125 mm wheel, so in my opinion, A2 is a much better choice for starters.

On the other hand, if your kid is more experienced, A3 is also a great choice because of those bigger wheels.

15. Razor A5 Lux Scooter

This might be a good choice for those who want to raise the bar. Super-strong aircraft grade aluminum which can endure taller and heavier riders. T-tube and deck are so much stronger and more comfortable.

Wheels are also bigger, to be precise 200 mm big and made of urethane. It glides smoothly, and it is extremely efficient.

I am afraid that there is no bad news. Maybe it will sound funny, but that's the case here. If you don't believe me, listen further.

For 1-2 miles commuting it is a superb choice. Handlebars are height adjustable; a frame is easy to fold and carry. There would be no problems whatsoever. Grips are made of foam, and in those details, we can see how much Razor A5 LUX pay attention to details.

Razor A5 Lux Scooter with red wheels and in chrome color.

One of the best solutions for taller riders - Razor A5 Lux Scooter

If you purchase this scooter, it will come to your place in one piece. Just folded. When you unpack that it is ready to roll.

Another great feature is a retractable kickstand, but you have to be aware that is only an option for blue model.

I really appreciate that deck height. It is a huge relief when you notice how appropriate that height is. You do not need to struggle; common leg push will be enough. We all know those scooters which have ridiculously high stand deck and provide us difficulties when we need to push.

Solid built, smoothness, elegance and cool look are main advantages of this kick scooter.

16. Razor A6 Kick Scooter

Beside Razor A5 LUX kick scooter this is the second option if you want adult kick scooter. There are two main differences or should I say improvements. Yeah, that's the right word.

Bigger wheels and anti-rattle folding mechanism.

While you ride those two features will provide you smoother, comfortable and quieter ride. If those things are very important to you, don't waste your time, choose this one.

A body picture of Razor A6 Kick Scooter

Razor A6 Kick Scooter - the solution for bigger and taller riders

Deck has 2-inch clearance. That could be good and also bad. If you want to get off some curb, make a little jump. Otherwise, a scratched deck is inevitable. On the other hand, is good because you don't need to struggle too much to push yourself. Lower deck means easier push. I’m pretty sure you are aware of that.

Furthermore, this is for really tall riders, a height of the handlebars of 42 inches proves us that. A deck is 13.4 inches. Foot room is not a question. Wheels are 10 inches big and spoked. Those are ultra big urethane wheels.

Once you want to stop the party, just apply rear fender brake and problem is solved. When you realize how large those wheels are you end to wonder how it stops that good. We are stopping because of friction between fender brake and wheel. Bigger friction surface better stopping power.

Folding system is something I really appreciate. When you want to ride unfold a scooter than attach handlebars and secure a screw down there. And it's ready to go. Simple as that and practical as hell.

In the end, I need to point out some flaws. That doesn't mean that I want to be a party breaker.

Those are just some reality check details:

  1. The design is far from modern and fluid as you may expect in this design and technology era 
  2. Standing deck could be a bit bigger.

Before you pick this scooter to take all of this into account.

If you are into the modern style, you may be struggling while riding this scooter and watching your reflection in the shop window. You may not be satisfied.

On the other hand, if you want superb adult kick scooter, Razor A6 Kick Scooter is bull's eye.

17. Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter

This is kick scooter for kids, and it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It is stylish fast enough for you kid and something that easily can be one of the best kick scooters for kids. It is lightweight, it has foam grips, and it is well built.

However, there is no folding mechanism. Just handlebars can detach, a body doesn't. Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter is an excellent choice, and it can be said that this is one of the best on the market.

Maybe you will say it is too early to conclude that, especially when you have in mind the fact that there is no folding mechanism. Right? Not so fast. There is something even better.

For that small kick scooter folding option is not a high priority. What we have here is something far better, and it can save you money and time and help your kid at the same time. Sounds good. And I have to say it is good.

Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter with blue wheels and green body.

A great kick scooter for kids - Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter

Razor Kixi Mixi is ready to grow with your child. You have the option to convert this scooter from three wheels to two. 

It is shown how to make this scooter to be three-wheeled version

Converting this scooter into three-wheeled version

When your kid gain more experience and more confidence you can easily convert that into regular 2 wheels kick scooter. And that is included in that price. You have 2 scooters in one.

One thing you have to notice right away is that height of the handlebars is not adjustable. It is 27 inches far from the wheel and be aware of that too. 

This kick scooter is not heavy at all, just 6.8 pounds, but you can feel that quality. Another great thing is that your kid can't overturn handlebar. It is very safe.

The biggest rule when it comes to kick scooters for kids and things for kids, in general, is to focus on following questions:

  • How long will they use that?
  • How fast will they overgrow?
  • Is it safe?
  • Is it affordable for that short time period of using?

Those questions were on the manufacturer mind at the time of producing that kick scooter. 

Once you realize that Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter gives you all the right answers, you will easy made up your mind.

There is plenty of choices of electric and regular kick scooters on the market. We are all familiar with new carbon fiber, super light, fast options out there which are, by the way, way more expensive than we all used to.

And, yes, all that, including the ninja feeling, which is in our sense due to silently ride, we have to pay. And that's ok for some, for some not. So, when people hear that out, there are electric scooters that are double or triple cheaper than those they suddenly became all ears.

Therefore, we all have the freedom to choose, and we are here to make a point that old good Razor models are a great choice.  For the majority of people are just brilliant. No matter if we are talking about electric or regular ones. I hope you have been well informed through that list and learn much more about Razor, as one of the greatest manufacturers out there.

As a matter of fact, Razor doesn't sit with his fingers crossed and hope for the best. No, no... As you just witnessed, Razor is now more decisive than ever and gives us an enormous selection of scooters for all ages and needs. 

I hope you have learned something new, and get a big picture of how things are. If Razor is part of your family, let us know and share with us some experiences and stories that you had through the life. No matter which shape and size your Razor is, share with us memories or adventure which is ongoing. 

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