We Help People Find Safe, 

Fast &  Durable Electric Scooters 

We Help People

Find Safe, 

Fast & Durable 


What's Our Main Goal?

Sustainable Mobility

Electric scooters are not 100% eco-friendly. But it's much better than a car! And We believe in moving around freely without worrying about traffic!

E-scooter Safety

Yes, we all know that riding e-scooter is not the safest thing you can do. Pick our tips, stay safe & enjoy your ride!

Buying Advice

We help you find best electric scooters on the market, save money with discounts & show you how to choose the best e-scooter for you!

How To Ride Electric Scooter In Rain Without Problems?

Today, you’re going to learn how to ride electric scooter in the rain. Yes, it is doable and possible.

Keep your focus on these facts, and you won’t need to worry about consequences and failures...

People don't hate electric scooters,

They hate bad riders!

Best Electric Scooters for Kids in 2022

This is a list of electric scooters for kids to help you choose one efficiently.

Here you need to consider different e-scooters depending on how old your child is.

I never hang up my e-scooter at the first sign of snowflakes.

Want to learn how to ride in winter?

How to Maintain Electric Scooter Like a Pro?

Have you noticed problems recently while riding your electric scooter?

If yes, you need these electric scooter maintenance tips.

Happy Riders

Slobodan Ninkov - Virtual Assistant

I bought my first e-scooter 3 years ago. I never sold it. I bought 2 more... And my girlfriend loves me even more!

A girl is sitting on electric moped

Magdalena Oshonela - Teacher

I fell in love after riding my friend's e-scooter for 2 minutes. I needed only 2 minutes to become a fan of these fantastic little machines!

Best off road escooter

Patrick Hansen - Web Dev

My friend told me that riding 2000W e-scooter was the craziest thing he did in his life. Even though it sounds sad, now I know what he meant!

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