How to ride electric scooter in rain

How to Ride Electric Scooter in Rain Without Problems

Today, you’re going to learn how to ride electric scooter in the rain. Yes, it is doable and possible. And now, you’re going to find out exactly how to do it.

Keep your focus on these facts, and you won’t need to worry about consequences and failures.


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Most people don’t know how to ride electric scooter in rain

Riding electric scooter in the rain.

Riding electric scooter while raining is challenging

Most people don’t. They end up ruining their ride experience, destroying their escooter, or get injured. So, please don’t be one of them. You’re at the right place if you want to learn more…

Manufacturers advise not to ride your electric scooter in the rain. On the other hand, you can see businesses like Bird and Lime are using these despite Armagedon rain…

And, of course, you might get confused… What on earth is going on…

Tips on how to ride electric scooter in rain

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There are so many unanswered questions:

  • Can electric scooters be used in rain?
  • Is electric scooter waterproof or not?
  • And what I need to believe in?

And even if you find answers – it turns out that it is a half-truth…

In this post, you’ll find out which electric scooters can be used in heavy rain. Which one can be used only in wet conditions. Also, you’ll learn how to take care of electric scooter components (battery, brakes…) if you get caught in the rain, and you’re on an electric scooter.

Once and for all, you will learn what the difference between water-resistant and waterproof electric scooter is. That way, you will stop being confused and start thinking about your needs and make a perfect choice accordingly.

Best solution for RAIN

IP65 waterproof IP ratings

E Scooter rental businesses know how to ride electric scooter in rain - or don't?

Electric scooter can be used in bad weather.

Learn how to use your electric scooter in rain

Before we start, I want to tell you one thing about renting an electric scooters in the rain. These businesses don’t care too much about how long these electric scooters will remain in good condition.

Let me explain.

You and I want to have our electric scooters in perfect condition for several years – even more. But businesses know that every electric scooter will pay off after a few months. And as everybody knows – the show must go on. A little rain can’t stop business rolling. Business won't stop – you get the bigger picture.

However, when ordinary people (like you and me) buy an electric scooter, we want to know how to behave to keep our ride in perfect condition. And not only year or two, but we want a smooth ride with minimal breakdowns several years down the road.

How to ride electric scooter in rain - Water resistant & waterproof e-scooters

Learn the difference, and when the time comes, you will know exactly what to choose without asking anybody. Or even you do ask, and you won’t need to make a decision based on someone else’s opinion.

You need to use your head and trust yourself. Don’t listen to everyone. Focus on facts that you know. Here’re facts about this topic that we want to share with you.

Water-resistant & Waterproof electric scooter Important info - IP ratings explained

IP ratings show you the level of resistance that your electric scooter has.

After IP, there come two numbers. The first one shows how resistant it is when it comes to solid objects (dust, foreign bodies..).

The second one shows how resistant escooter is when it comes to water (moisture, sprinkles).

FIRST number:

  • 4 - protected from solid objects over 1mm 
  • 5 - limited protection from dust 
  • 6 - totally protected from dust 

SECOND number:

  • 4 - protected from water splashes from all directions
  • 5 - protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction
  • 6 - protected from high-pressure water jets from any direction
  • 7 - protected from short period of immersion in water 
  • 8 - it can withstand long period of immersion in water 

Here’re the most common examples you can come across:

  • IP 66 – this one is totally protected from dust, high-pressure water jets from any direction
  • IP65 – this one is totally protected from dust, low-pressure water jets from any direction
  • IP 56 – limited protection from dust, protected from high-pressure water jets from any direction
  • IP 55 - limited protection from dust, protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction
  • IP 54 - limited protection from dust, protected from water splashes from all directions

Quick Tip: If your scooter has numbers 3 or 2… you can forget about riding it even in wet conditions.

Well-known water-resistant & waterproof e scooters

If you’re confused a bit with these numbers, hang on tight. It is really simple to ask people who want to sell you one. Or you can make some effort to look for these numbers on the box or in the manual.

When you spot these numbers, you’ll know exactly how to behave with your electric scooter in wet conditions. Even if your electric scooter is water-resistant, you will have to maintain it properly. Don’t worry; we will share with you simple tricks to prolong the life of your ride.

Here are some well-known electric scooters:

As you can conclude, price is not something you can rely on when it comes to determining if a certain electric scooter waterproof or not.

You may pay big money for only a resistant one. So, pay close attention when you’re choosing your next ride.

Most common fears after electric scooter got wet

Some people like to ride in the rain. Others might be caught in the middle of the road and didn’t make it get to the home.

Either way, here’re the 3 most common fears people have.

What if you get an electric shock?

I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Grips and standing deck are made of rubber, and you have shoes or whatever.

Even if an enormous amount of water gets into the battery case and your electric scooter is not waterproof, you won’t get shocked. It will only stop working in the worst-case scenario. That brings us to the next fear.

What if electric scooter dies while riding?

It can totally brake down if the rain is massive, and you immerse your scooter several times into big puddles…

…and if your escooter doesn’t have IP ratings that can withstand wet conditions. You’ve learned all about IP ratings above, and now you know what to expect depending on which electric scooter you have.

What if the front tire slip?

Wheels are tiny, and if you don’t have treads on your tires (or if your tire is worn out) on a wet road, that might be an issue. However, we are all more careful when it comes to painting on the road and metal manhole cover on the streets when it is raining. 

And the truth is that you won’t fall momentarily when you try to corner with your escoot in the rain. Yes, you need to be more careful, but you’ll get the hang of it fast, and you will be able to ride without stress after a few minutes.

There is a little learning curve, and you won’t be as relaxed as you’re riding in perfect conditions. Those are the facts you need to understand whether you have best waterproof electric scooter or not. 

Scenario if you don't know how to ride electric scooter in rain

A smooth and dry surface is ideal if you want your escooter to last forever. Areas without moisture are also great.

Also, that is not always realistic. In some areas, it is impossible to avoid these scenarios.

Sooner or later:

  • you will hit that puddle
  • you will get caught in the rain, or
  • moisture will creep in your battery case

Here are some problems that you need to be prepared for.

Inside problems

These are the problems that are not visible at first sight. And because of that, you have to be careful.

Even if your electric scooter is water-resistant, remember, water, and moisture are not your friends, especially if you want to use your escoot for several years with minimal problems.

From time to time, you want to check on these things:

  • Corrosion on wires
  • Corrosion in the battery case
  • Corrosion on batteries

For this, you will need some tools and basic DIY electric scooter skills. Corrosion will drain the power out of your battery, and it will shorten battery life.

Often, you will hear people are talking about how electric scooter won't start after rain, but they miss these steps.

You want to be sure if there is any corrosion and if so, you will need to visit a workshop. And in extreme cases, you’ll need to change these parts if there is too much corrosion everywhere.

Outside problems with waterproof electric scooter

These are the problems that you can spot right away. As soon as you take a look at your or someone else’s electric scooter, you can notice these problems.

Now and then do a quick inspection:

  • Corrosion on frame
  • Corrosion on disc brakes
  • Is there moisture in lights

Not only can you find dampness in lights, but you can see even a little bit of water inside.

These issues you can easily spot and don’t neglect these signs. If you see some corrosion on these parts, it’s the matter of the time when your perfectly functioning electric scooter becomes a piece of trash.

4 Voltage Rider Reasons for avoiding the rain

We’re here to help you ride your electric scooter in the rain. The thing is that riding in the rain is possible. Sometimes it is even fun and, in some cases, is necessary.

However, sometimes it can be dangerous and utterly impractical. Because of that, we have this section for you.

Here’re some good reasons to avoid riding an electric scooter in rainy conditions.

Reason #1 - Dangerously poor driving visibility

I know that this will seem funny. But this is not directly your problem. Even if there is some rain, you’ll see where you’re going. Don’t forget; you’re not going 60mph. And those raindrops are not a big deal.

However, other participants in traffic have greater difficulty in observing the entire traffic. That is because they have watermarks on their windows. Don’t forget that often you can see car windows are fogging up in the rain. And that is something extremely dangerous. 

Riding electric scooter in traffic while raining is dangerous.

You need strong lights on your electric scooter if you want to be safe in conditions like this.

And one more thing. A lot of drivers are extremely anxious about driving in the rain. That’s just a fact.

The thing is that you will be less visible for other people in traffic. And don’t forget that all of them are protected in their boxes, and you’re not.

Reason #2 - Emergency situation response

You have to admit; there is something special in hitting your brakes as hard as you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing that in your car, bike or electric scooter. Especially if you do it for fun and not because you’re trying to avoid hitting some prick that tries “something smart” in front of you…

Now, when it comes to the sudden braking situation in the rain, you can say goodbye to that. If you don’t have ABS (anti breaking system) and you hit your brakes hard (like on dry surface), you will fall immediately.

You need to know that your stopping distance is significantly longer. And stability, while you’re trying to stop suddenly, is virtually possible, but in reality very hard to achieve.

Reason #3 - Making a mess

After your rainy ride, be sure to avoid coffee shops, markets, and stores. The main reason is that you will make a mess. Even if you take a few minutes to clean and dry your electric scooter, there will be few drops here and there.

The point is clear: You will be the main attraction if you carry your wet e scooter and make traces of water and dirt. And you don’t want to do that. Be thoughtful.

Reason #4 - It’s not for a clumsy person

Riding an electric scooter in an urban area is not a drama-free experience. After a few minutes of riding, you’ll notice that potential danger is everywhere. You need to be careful and expect everything.

Even if you’re careful and slow, someone can jump in front of you easily. In that case, you need to act fast, brake, and in some situations, you need to jump off your electric scooter.

Also, metal covers, potholes, and speedbumps can be pretty unpleasant. You need to have good reflexes and be alert all the time. Riding an electric scooter is for a skilled and neat-handed person who is ready to act in a split of the second.

Tips on how to ride electric scooter in rain

Riding electric scooter while raining

Most common mistake - electric scooter left out in the rain

It doesn’t matter if you’re caught in the rain, or you choose to go outside when it is raining, if you want to ride electric scooter while raining - this is what you need to do.

Buy high-quality electric scooter

If you buy a cheap one and your electric scooter is left out in rain, you will see lots of rust in a short time. The best electric scooter for rain is the one that is expensive and waterproof. Not water-resistant, no. You need best waterproof electric scooter if you’re ready to ride your electric scooter in bad weather.

Are fenders a must?

If you want to ride your electric scooter while raining, you need fenders. Most manufacturers put these, but if you don’t have one - get one. You don’t want to end up dirty. If it’s raining outside, you will get wet, but if you don’t have fenders, all dirt from the road will end up on your legs and back.

Avoid freezing rain

Riding electric scooter in rain is okay if you have a proper machine and if you’re dressed accordingly. But if it is freezing outside and rain will make your fingers hurt, it’s time to give up. Also, that is not great for battery and components as well. However, you might be an extreme electric scooter rider and, in that case, visit our blog post that is fully dedicated to those who want to ride electric scooter in winter. 

Make yourself more visible

Obviously, you need a raincoat for riding an electric scooter. Besides that, you need one that is high-visible. Traffic in urban areas is a mess. Especially when it’s raining. So, you need to make yourself visible enough. That’s the only way to stay safe. Avoid buying dark (gray, black) raincoats and jackets.

Correct tire pressure

You know that correct high pressure is essential if you want a reasonable range. However, in this case (when it’s raining), you need to choose slightly lower tire pressure. Lower tire pressure on wet surfaces does help. When you decrease the tire pressure, you increase the contact area between tire and road. That way, you will get a better grip, and you will be safer when cornering. Also, the possibility of slipping will reduce.

Pro tip: When it stops raining, and the surface is not wet, don’t forget to increase tire pressure.

Use dielectric grease

That is silicon-based grease that repels moisture and protects electrical connections when it’s raining. It will prevent corrosion and dirt from coming in electrical connections.

It doesn't matter if you have best waterproof electric scooter or not, if you do not pay attention to this, you will reduce the life of your scooter.

The golden rule is not overdoing it when it comes to using dielectric grease.

Things to do after every ride

You need to clean and dry your electric scooter after every ride. If you’re armed with some technical questions, here’s the place where you can learn a lot – how to maintain an electric scooter.

Your electric scooter won't start after rain? Here's what you need to do. 

You need to get your e-scooter inside. Find a place that is dry and warm. Then try again.

There is nothing worse than an electric scooter left out in rain. If you do that, a few days after you’re going to notice corrosion, and maybe you won’t be able to start your little friend.

Equipment for riding electric scooter in rain - Xiaomi m365 rain gear

Accessories for electric scooters

Get ready for riding an electric scooter in rain

The right way to ride an e-scooter in rain is to protect yourself and your electric scooter.

Here’re some things you need to have if you’re planning to ride in rain:

These are the things that can make your ride more comfortable and less dangerous. And that is all you need if you’re in traffic in the middle of the rain.

You can also get e scooter rain cover.

Best Waterproof & Water-resistant electric scooters

If you failed to learn IP ratings from the beginning of this post, here is a shortcut for you. You’ve learned that electric scooters can be used in the rain. And here are the best options when it comes to waterproof and water-resistant e-scooters.

Best WATERPROOF electric scooters:

Best water-resistant electric scooters: 

You’ll notice that there is a significant price difference between waterproof and water-resistant ones. That is because the cost of production when it comes to waterproof e-scooters is higher.

These are premium electric scooters, and you can be confident that these are immune to water and dust. And if you want to ride without fear of rain, you need to pay a higher price.

Also, there is a less expensive alternative. And that is a water-resistant electric scooter that you can ride in wet conditions, but you need to avoid heavy rain and deep puddles.

FAQs about How to ride electric scooter in rain

Can you ride a scooter in the rain?

Of course you can, just need to pay attention on IP ratings. That show you the level of resistance that your electric scooter has.

Can you ride a Razor electric scooter in the rain?

We're suggesting not to ride these in rain. Razor electric scooters are not fully protected from the rain.

Are bird scooters waterproof?

No. These scooters are water-resistant. Not waterproof. Learn the difference in this post. Go through the entire post and you will learn the difference most people don't know that.

Can you ride a Segway Ninebot in the rain?

Eventough these are water-resistant electric scooters we're suggesting not to ride these in rain. That's because these are not waterproof.


There are only two options for you if you want to ride electric scooter in rain. To buy a cheap electric scooter and only ride in wet conditions, avoiding heavy rain and puddles. Or you can purchase expensive options and ride without overthinking.

One thing is sure. Manufacturers will continue making waterproof electric scooters in the future because people want to have an all-weather electric scooter. I don’t know about you, but I won’t stop riding in the sun, rain, and snow.

And I bet that is the case with some of you as well. That is why these will be less expensive in the future and affordable for most people.

Enjoy and be safe!

Riding electric scooter in rain

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