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6 best winter jackets for electric scooter riders

Best Winter Jackets for Electric Scooter Riders: Our Top 6 Picks

Looking for the best winter jackets for electric scooter that provides both the warmth and flexibility?

Have you noticed how tricky can be to find the right one? You don’t want it to be too heavy, while also providing adequate protection.


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That’s why we’ve compiled a list of six of the best winter jackets for electric scooter use, divided into those for women and men.

What to Look for?

First and foremost, you’re likely to wearing just one winter jacket each winter. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure it’s warm and suits your general winter needs.

Second, for the best electric scooter winter jackets, you’re going to want it to be windproof.

A lighter weight coat with protection from a hood or neck is also a nice feature.

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Best Women’s Winter Jackets for Electric Scooter

Here are three of the best options for women regarding the best winter jackets for electric scooter.

After careful research, we’ve found our picks for the best weatherproofed, best long, and best-heated winter jackets.

Best Waterproof/Windproof Women's Winter Jacket for Electric Scooter

The MOERDENG jacket can tackle any weather, including cold, rain, mist, or high winds, keeping you dry and warm. The specialty fabric used has a DWR polymer coating which waterproofs the jacket.

In addition, the 2400 needle cotton within the coat locks in heat with its plush yet light filling. Finally, the jacket’s design is made to be high-density in the right places to provide a strong windbreaker effect. 

Even with all the weatherproofing, the jacket remains breathable, which is great for scootering in the winter.

As it’s made for skiing and snowboarding, it can withstand anything an e-scooter rider can throw at it. 

To finish it off, the coat sports some strong zippers and a plush yet lightweight design. It also comes in a wide variety of colors.

Best Women's Winter Coat for Electric Scooter

The WenVen coat has a plush insulation layer with 4-layer lock technology ensuring maximum heat retention. 

Plus, the long design covers above the knee line, protecting the body’s entire core with an elegant look. The coat is made from polyester and synthetic insulation.

As you can expect, the weatherproofing is good, with a protective coating against light rain.

You’ve also got a beautiful, faux fur-lined, detachable hood you can use when you park your scooter and take helmet off. 

Thus, you can use the jacket in mild to freezing weather while riding your electric scooter and not get cold. 

Easy-to-use pockets can be buttoned up to secure any belongings. And honestly, one of the best features of the coat is its elegant, streamlined design.

Best Heated Women's Electric Scooter Winter Jacket

The ORORO jacket has three temperature levels from three heating zones built-in to the jacket. 

In addition, the 100% polyester design is made to be breathable, which is great for outdoor activities like riding an electric scooter in winter.

The jacket here is a soft-shell design with a fleece lining and doesn’t require the thickness and insular other winter jackets do.

You can also notice the detachable hood. It’s a nice touch, designed for a bit of extra protection when you park and take helmet off.

Funnily enough, the battery-heated design lasts up to 10 hours while also including a USB charging port in the jacket for charging your smartphone.

You can also machine wash the jacket. Ororo heats up quickly and is excellent for people who want that jacket warmth from the moment you put it on. 

The only concerns might be the length and waterproofing for those looking for a more protective overall design from all the elements.

Best Men's Winter Jackets for Electric Scooter

And then we have three of the best options for men when it comes to the best winter jackets for electric scooter.

After careful research, we’ve found our picks for the best weatherproofed, best long, and best-heated winter jackets.

Best Waterproof/Windproof Men's Winter Jacket for Electric Scooter

The Wantdo jacket is a lightweight yet fully weatherproof winter jacket made for sub-zero temperatures. 

Its advanced water and wind-proof coating hits 10,000mm in the waterproofing index, keeping you protected from most conditions.

Because the jacket is relatively thin, it’s also easy to move around in while using an electric scooter. In addition, the elastic cuffs with thumbhole features are a nice touch to keep your hands warm and dry while riding. Also, you can check out our best picks for e-scooter winter gloves.

Smartly, the designers also build a helmet-compatible detachable hood that allows room for a helmet underneath the fleece-lined, warm hood.

Finally, the built-in snow skirt provides further wind protection, as does the overall jacket.

Wantdo winter jacket is also machine washable with tailored zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe or hands warm.

Best Men's Winter Coat for Electric Scooter

The Pioneer Camp jacket is our pick for best long men’s coat. Made with a water-repellent polyester design that fits nicely, the jacket provides both solid wind and water protection all the way down to your thighs. 

With a total of seven pockets, the coat is a great utility-piece, useful for storing anything you might need when riding your electric scooter in the winter.

The hood features a drawstring design to protect your head from wind and cold air.

Finally, the four layer design is made to lock in heat, providing nice insulation for a lightweight winter jacket. 

This is a really great jacket in terms of warmth and weatherproofing for the price.

Best Heated Men's Electric Scooter Winter Jacket

The ORORO men's jacket complements the women’s jacket of the same brand with all the same outstanding features.

With three different heat settings, the three carbon fiber heating elements heat your chest in a well-distributed manner.

The breathable polyester fabric is lightweight yet durable, making for a perfect jacket for maneuvering your electric scooter.

It comes with a detachable hood that’s designed to keep your head warm during more chilly and windy days while walking. But when you ride e-scooter in winter, always keep your helmet on. 

Like the woman’s model, the jacket also comes with a USB charger for your smartphone using it’s up to 10-hour battery life.

On higher settings, the battery will last 3 hours. Finally, it is machine washable, which is a big plus.


What do electric scooter riders wear in the winter?

There are a few crucial items. Of course, a winter jacket is a must for any activity in winter, but also a helmet, bandana and winter gloves, depending on where you are. Often you’ll be riding in slushier and wetter weather, so decent water and windproof materials are a must.

Which types of winter jackets are best for riding electric scooter in winter?

A lightweight, breathable, and flexible jacket is often best. It’s also crucial that it has proper weatherproofing. On the other hand, you generally don’t want something too heavy because it will make moving around with the e-scooter.

What are best winter jackets for riding e-scooter in extreme cold?

The best electric scooter winter jackets will be at least a medium-weight jacket with lots of insulation for extreme cold conditions. You absolutely do not want to be stuck with a jacket that is not at least windproof and waterproof. A heated jacket can also be beneficial.

Final Thoughts

We’ve gone over six of the best winter jackets for electric scooter riding for both men and women.

Depending on your fashion sense, level of cold in your area, and other preferences, there are lots of options that are great for riding around in.

You can go heated or unheated, long or short, and we’ve got an option for you. Let me know in the comments which one works the best for you!

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