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How To Be Safe On Electric Scooter? 6 Golden Rules

I suppose you are considering to ride an electric scooter. And now, you are concerned about the safety of your child or you are concerned about your safety. Maybe you're wondering how to be safe on electric scooter in these crazy times.

Some other scenario could be that you have already ridden your e-scooter through the years and there were some troubles and inconveniences.


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Lately there is an impression that all hell is breaking loose out there on the streets. Of course when it comes to electric scooters.

But what is the real story?

Well, as something relatively new on the streets it can be expected to be put under the fire. We have to be honest and admit that we (riders) play big role in all that mess as well.

What to expect from this post on Electric Scooter Safety?

This post is going to open your eyes. So, stay tuned if you want to know how to be safe on electric scooter.

We are going to help you understand how things are going. Here’re some things that can change your perception of traffic and commute. Not only when it comes to riding e-scooter, but in life in general.

This post is going to open you the most incredible doors you didn't know that exist when it comes to safer commuting on your electric scooter and in life in general.

You'll look at other traffic participants through totally different eyes and what is even more important you'll become a better rider and if you apply all pieces of advice you might develop sixth sense which can be really handy in everyday traffic.

As the matter of fact, after seeing all kinds of mess in everyday commuting, we can easily say that developing sixth sense can be a life-saving skill.

Wondering How to be Safe on electric scooter?

How to be safe on electric scooter in the city

Electric scooter safety tips

Well, I want you to become aware of the fact that there are three aspects of electric scooter safety.

Just three.

  • Rider
  • E-Scooter
  • Surroundings conditions

I hate to waste my time blaming other people... and my belief is that griping about riding conditions is childish. And it will only hold you back. So, weather, state of the road, temperatures and all that is given. Although it has a huge impact, it is something we can’t change.

However, we can change our behavior in those kinds of conditions. If we are not willing to adjust our riding style some problems might appear.

Bad Weather - How To Be Safe On Electric Scooter

For example, if the weather is bad, a road is wet, and our e-scooter is in poor condition as well. All that can cause a quite unpleasant experience. What the ultimate misfortune could be is following: After all this, we are not able to adjust our ride style and behavior to these circumstances.

Wet cobblestone road in black and white style

Sometimes riding conditions can be pretty challenging

If all three aspects are bad, recipe for disaster has been made. So, we can’t change everything, but we can change two things…

And guess what? That is more than enough.

We have to focus on first two aspects and that’s exactly what we are going to do in this post... 

...so, stay focus.

I hope that you are with me on that. Just go through following points and see what you can do about it.

Act and Learn How to be Safe on Electric Scooter

I’m sure that there are some things you can easily do and doing so you will improve your safety. And what is the best part, any of these points is not even close to being hard as complaining about the weather and things over which we don’t have control.

Over these things we have control, and what we have to do is take action!

So, be thorough and implement all things you have control over.

let's start.

1. Riding technique and general behavior - What to do & What to avoid

This man is wearing a helmet and knows how to be safe on electric scooter

Wear a helmet - Be safe on electric scooter

As you are aware, if you see thousands of people, you can conclude that there are thousands totally different personalities.

When we are talking about riding styles, it’s the same story. Literally. There are numerous examples of mistakes that everybody makes that is even a greater wonder that those people get away without damages, injuries or with something even worse.

What we are doing in traffic has an enormous impact on electric scooter safety in general.

Riding Style – How to be Safe on Electric Scooter

Here’re things you should be aware if you want to be better commuter, rider, participant and a person in general.

I have a theory about all this traffic stuff. How you behave in traffic toward other people that reflects what kind of person you are and how you behave in every other aspect of life.

So, what’s the real story?

I intend to write a list of few things you can begin to practice in order to be much safer on the road and stop wondering how to be safe on electric scooter. The only thing that is certain is that will improve your quality of riding and behaving in everyday traffic. And every other positive thing you expect as bonuses.

Here’s the list

  • 1
    Observe everything (not just road)
  • 2
    Careful when braking (use both brakes if you have)
  • 3
    Ride defensive

Now, don’t get me wrong.

This isn’t something you can do only on your electric scooter. Being able to apply this in every other way of transportation is the winning formula.

As long as you are concerned about safety... And if you care about other people. I'm sure you do.

Let's elaborate FIRST point on how to be safe on electric scooter

A surface on which you are moving can be tricky as hell. And there are potholes, maybe some rocks, a shattered glass or something similar. Use your imagination or memory and I am sure that you can think of what else you can find.  Because of that being able to focus and observe is crucial.

However, not only road or path need a careful eye. You have to look at other people as well. And especially on those who are trying to cut your route without realizing that. While you are looking ahead, observe few meters left and right at the same time.

In that way, by the time you are at that possible -crossing point, you will have enough time to adjust by braking or overtaking. Avoid fixing your eye on the road, because in that way lots of things can surprise you.

Let's elaborate SECOND point on how to be safe on electric scooter

Some of us have aggressive nature, some mild one. Either way, there are things you should apply. When it comes to braking, you have to be sturdy but gentle. Don’t just hit the brake and expect to stop immediately.

That won’t happen. Even in your car…Instead, what will happen is crash or just not stopping on time.

What you should do is a gentle squeeze and do that with both brakes. Another thing that might seem as wrong is use front brake slightly more and lean back. That one is actually recommended.

If you apply every piece of advice, you will experience a huge difference. Try it out. You can use that technique on your bike and motorbike as well.

Let's elaborate THIRD point on how to be safe on electric scooter

Thirdly, a defensive ride is a golden one.

In my opinion, being able to predict and feel someone’s mistake can be described as a superpower. On places where you can’t see everything (around some house corner), slow down and expect someone to appear. Maybe that someone will turn up fast and reckless. Or it will appear in a normal way. Either way, you will have enough time to react.

Watch others carefully and observe their actions. Those participants are moving in their own way, but they can easily cut you without looking. If you observe the situation in the right way, situations as sudden braking and crashes can be significantly reduced.

I can ensure you that after a while you will develop sixth sense and be one of the greatest participants in traffic.

You can predict, avoid and at the same time (by doing that) protect lots of people. 

Of course, nobody will see that and you won’t get any medal, but you shouldn’t care about that. 

You should be aware of the fact that that can be handy, really practical and it can save you from unpleasant situations and what's more: lots of time and money can be saved.

And all that is something that is good for you. Even though if you put this in that way may seem as something selfish, it isn’t. It is for a greater good.

Being able to ride in that way really made me feel special.

Because, at the end of the day, everybody can ride recklessly, but riding smart is though.

What to avoid doing – of course, you can do it

Here’s something you have to let go if you want to learn how to be safe on electric scooter. If the safety is number one thing for you this is the list for you.

And remember, with this list, there are no compromises.

The best part is that those habits are easy to erase because it doesn’t require some special training or skill. Letting go will be fine.

So let’s start with the list:

  • Riding without passengers
  • Without doing tricks
  • Without tailgating
  • Do not catch for other vehicles
  • Red light (never)
  • Don’t block pedestrian paths when you want to park

Well, this matter has been cleared up and there is nothing to be misunderstood. However, I want to say a few words about two points.

The first thing is this: Tricks. I don’t see anything bad in that of course, but if you are looking for safety in everyday traffic, there is no room for these kinds of things.

Secondly, tailgating is dangerous. In every shape and form. Avoid that, in your car, on your bike, on your electric scooter as well. Even when you are walking and texting, for example, you are all familiar with that how nasty can end up if you hit a person in front of you who you were tailgating.

We have all been there and it is our decision to let it go. All that letting go implies too on every other point of that list.

Being safe mainly depends on us. 

Remember that. Take your fate in your hands.

2. Basic Setup For The Beginning – Checking and securing everything

Parked escooter - how to be safe on electric scooter

Park your escooter properly - Be safe one electric scooter

We have to adjust everything.

Good news is that there aren’t loads of parts.

Some basic adjustment will be enough. If we want to steer and manage our e-scooter safely and confidently it is crucial to do so.

Tires Checking

Here’re just basic things you have to implement in order to your ride be safe and sound.

Basic checking:

  • There is inflatable tire, check pressure and possible damages
  • If there is solid tire, look out for damages and loose screws

Riding on damaged tire or tire with a pressure that is lower than recommended can be dangerous. If that tire blows out, losing control is guaranteed.

Handlebars Setup

The first thing you do when you get into your car is adjusting a seat, right? You want to easily reach everything you need in your car. Especially steering wheel.

It has to be easily reachable in order to maneuver safely and effortlessly. Same story here. You don’t want to have your handlebars too low or too high.

Handlebars setup is super important

It’s not time-consuming and it will provide you far more stable ride.

If you don’t have that option and that height doesn’t give you comfort, you made a mistake buying that scooter.

I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. Sell it and buy another one.

Take a look at How to Choose The Right Electric Scooter For You and get some info about all aspects before buying one. It will literally save your time and money.

General Check

All screws on the deck, in handlebars, wheels need some check before the ride. Before every ride is perfect, but if that is too demanding for you keep that checking schedule at least once a week or so.

Currently, you are only checking battery level before every ride, right?

There you go. That is a habit also.


All you have to do is expand that habit on few other things. What you will do by implementing that reduces or even eliminate the possibility of malfunction.

And you will get a much safer ride as a result, of course.

3. Getting to know with your electric scooter – In detail and precisely

A man is standing on electric scooter


This is one of the main steps for sure.

It doesn’t matter whether you have just bought your or you already own e scooter this is what it needs to be done.

Look what are the features

Observation and reading through a manual are necessary steps. Without doubt. Maybe you have spent 2 grand on scooter or 2 hundred bucks.

Either way, there will be a list of features that are at your disposal.

And you know what?

If you've spent some serious buck on it that doesn’t mean that you will have everything you need. Same story, but totally opposite, is if you invest less money in e scooter.  That doesn’t mean that you won’t have what you need.

For example, suppose you spend almost 2 grand and you don’t see the speedometer. Yeah, nothing surprising.

Just observe and inform yourself reading through manual.

Ask yourself What You Need

Through this step, you will just glide. Probably the easiest way of doing this is just eliminating what you don’t need.

Here’s what I mean: I know that some people never go to ride if it is a dark outside. They think it is too dangerous, and we can’t blame them.  

Simply when it is dark they used to drive their car. Simple as that.

And now. How can they actually use this?

Well, what is the most irrelevant thing for them is a presence of tail light and front light. That is something toward which they have “whatever” attitude. It is irrelevant whether their scooter has lights or not when it comes to the most important topic for us - how to be safe on electric scooter. And that is only true for this example, of course.

Elimination… you get it?

Automatically they focus on the things they do need.

Find out what is missing – According to you

First of all, I want to point out that you can spend a fortune on accessories. Nowadays when I enter the shop where you can find accessories for e scooter, I simply get sick. Suddenly, everything I need and at that moment I just pray that I haven’t brought money with me.

And, that’s not all.

All of a sudden, I realize that I need all of the sorts of baskets, bells, lights, pumps, lockers, phone holders, and multi-tools.

Well, what happens is that in short time I get out and go bankrupt at the same time. However, the biggest regret is the fact that half these things will collect dust on my shelf.

So, prevent all that and think carefully what you need and what you don’t need before you go shopping.

4. Necessary equipment and accessories – Just basic things

There is a girl sitting next to escooter - electric scooter safety


We’ve cleared up the matter about the necessity of e-scooter accessories in the last chapter. Now, I want to show you what you have at your disposal.


You will have two choices.

First one is a basic level of things you need to be safe and sound. The other is much more (in my opinion not so crucial), but it can bring your safety to a higher level.

This is how to be safe on electric scooter by using tiny investments.

For Most People A Must List - Get Those

Depending on your needs this is more or less the list of things you must have if you want to be safe in traffic:

This is all crucial for being safe in everyday traffic. No doubt in that. Even locker if you don’t have a foldable electric scooter and you can't take it with you...


Here’s one tip that is super important as well.

Find a helmet that has a rear light, or get a tail light which you can put on your back or backpack. We are not so visible if we only have that fender tail light. It is too low and it is what we get.

But remember, we can always do something to make things right.

Some extra features – As you wish (practical and cool ones)

Be careful with these.

As I said earlier, half of these things you might not need.

However, it can be really useful for some of us.

Go through this and if you can’t think of the situation in which these can help you I suggest saving your money.

Cool features and electric scooter accessories you might need for improving electric scooter safety:

If you are some more extreme rider, knee and elbow pads are necessary and all these other things can bring your safety to a much higher level.

So, at the end of the day...think twice and choose wisely.

5. Art of Maintenance – Golden Rules

You may be struggling to maintain your e-scooter. I understand that was the problem for most riders at first. But eventually, you get familiar with a machine and come to realize that it will work better if you do so.

One of the main answers on how to be safe on electric scooter is the regular electric scooter maintenance. You will reduce the risk of malfunctions significantly.

Have you ever heard any of this?

”My scooter is breaking down all the time, it has become so annoying!”


“It goes really terrible! Again! I don’t know what is the problem with it anymore!”

And after that, that person continue to ride it as nothing is happening. So, what happens after a while is this comment…

“And now is dead! It is garbage, I knew that I shouldn’t buy it in the first place!”






In other words...

 ...this is what you can read between lines. 

(When you take out anger and enthusiasm)

“I actually know nothing about maintenance”


“I bought this hoping that there is no requirement for maintaining at all. That commercial has told that maintaining is not necessary”

Or something like this

“In spite of the fact that there were some indications that something is wrong I kept riding because I didn’t give a damn. And now I regret…”

Stop making rookies mistakes

And, to make an obvious point I will say that they don’t know what they should do. There are things you should do in order to prevent all this.


Regular maintenance is something that is generalized. What does that mean actually?

For example, when you say I regularly run and brush my teeth. That means that you are brushing your teeth 3 times a day and that you are running 3 times a week. Right? It could be something like that…

And notice this word maintaining. That could be tricky to define as well. So, I will try to clear your sun visor.

Steps after every ride

Here’re things you can do after every ride.

Some tips, notes and some pieces of advice as well. Something you can’t make a mistake with.

So, pay attention to following points:

  • If you hit some curb or pothole check tires
  • If you are caught in the rain dry out every electric part (dry with a rug, not with hairdryer)
  • If you are caught in the rain wash chain and oil it
  • Quick eye-check on other parts
  • If there is cold outside put a battery in a warmer place

Nothing else. You don’t to be surprised next time you decide to ride your e scooter and realize that there is a flat tire. And all that because of that pothole and because of rain you see a chain full of corrosion.

I bet you don’t want to see your battery, controllers or some other electric parts dead after you let everything in the wet and cold weather.

That’s all when it comes to day-to-day maintenance if you want to be safe on electric scooter.

Periodically maintaining of electric scooter

Things you will see here are considered as something you do weekly. If you ride your e scooter every day or another. Also, some checking and replacement jobs if there is the need.

All you really have to do is pay attention to these parts on the weekly level:

  • Chain/belt (if there is any)
  • Tires (pressure, tire condition)
  • Batteries
  • Brakes
  • Grips
  • Speed controller

As a general rule, most of the people are not experts and they aren’t interested in replacing parts and taking care of electric components. That’s clear as day.

But you have to analyze everything and notice when is the time for some repair. By the way, How to Maintain Your Electric Scooter may be really useful. It can save your money and give you satisfaction as well.

This post about maintaining will give you everything you have to know (if you are willing to learn, of course)... right now and right here is just an insight what you can expect.

Paying attention to details

Well, if you notice that brakes are mushy after a while, check pads and cables. If there is electric brake take it to a repairman. 

Some problems with achieving greater speed might be caused by overused battery OR empty tires.

Check tires first. You don’t want to go to repair shop and make a complaint about range (accusing batteries) and after that, you hear from a repairman that true reason in the first place are tires that are pumped below the recommended level.

If you went there, 2 scenarios could appear...

Scenario #1

The repairman can sell you brand new battery and make money on your ignorance. 

Scenario #2

And the second one is that guy can make a joke on you and your ignorance about inflating right pressure in tires.




Either way, you don’t want to lose your time and money. And in some cases pride. That can be even more painful…

6. Practice makes it perfect

Riding in traffic might be a bad idea if you have just started to ride one of those. Some e-scooters has a little bit of reactive throttle, some of those are tricky to ride at first in general.

Give yourself some time to get used to it. Because if you jump right into the crowd, all that tension that crowd can produce can really ruin your first impression when it comes to your scooter.

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At first, everything might seem a bit too complicated. But one thing is for sure. It isn’t. This is one of the simplest vehicles you can find.

Where to practice riding electric scooter?

Just practice in some less stressful areas at first and give yourself enough time for getting to know with basics.

Here're some places you can start:

Place #1  Our backyard

Place #2   Quiet streets 

Place #3   Side streets

Place #4   Parking lot

Your yard can be an excellent start. I am sure there are some obstacles and some flat surface and it’s perfect. Curbs or other obstacles can be considered as some kind of real traffic simulation.

If you are nimble and skilled after a while in that tight space with a bunch of obstacles that’s great. Pets or members of your family who run around trying to annoy and disturb you is great excercise as well.

Simulation is real and you can actually thank them …

Side streets are the second step. That might be an awesome way to learn how to get along with other traffic participants. Few cars, pedestrians, and cyclist will be enough. React and be cautious. If you are feeling overwhelmed you are not ready for busy traffic, yet.

At the beginning avoid motorized roads

Too crowded streets can be too much load for start. Stick to less motorized roads for now. I know that If you are driver or cyclist all your life you can be confident enough that entering into traffic jam could seem like a piece of the cake.

However, underestimation is the first step to failure. These machines provide you totally different feel and some time is needed in order to properly cope with controls and master them.

That time is minimal, but it is there…

Next place that might be a smart choice is a parking lot.

But not always…This is what I mean…

It can be great if that's not a parking lot in front of some big shopping center where are hundreds car at any given moment. If that is the case that could be even more frustrating for beginners than regular traffic...

...because of the one reason. And I believe that some people will agree with me when I say from my experience that:

On parking lots, there are no rules 

(most people behave as this is a fact)

Parking lots and rules don’t have anything in common.

Some people behave as they are in their backyard and because of that it can be nasty and dangerous.

So, avoid parking lots if that is the case.

In conclusion, some time for practice is a must in my opinion and I recommended to you all places you can use as a starting point. This is how to be safe on electric scooter and look out for others.

Here's what Cnet has to say about electric scooter safety.


You have to ask yourself only one question: What kind of rider am I?

And then you observe yourself. Also, you should be ready for bad news in some areas. Being perfect isn’t possible, but moving in that way is.

Different accessories for safer riding can help you on that road as well. However, riding style is something much more important and you should align yourself in that way. Striving for self-improvement is the smartest decision you can make.

I hope this post has helped you that you became aware what it takes to be safer on your electric scooter. And I really hope that you will start using all these pieces of advice right away. I wish I knew all this when I was younger or child, but that is water over the dam.

I've showed you everything I know about how to be safe on electric scooter.

Either way, the best part, when it comes to good advice is the fact that it is never too late to implement them in everyday commuter’s life.

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