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Slidgo X8 electric scooter benefits

All about Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter Features & Benefits

Yeah, e-scooters are all over the place.

But, something like this, you don’t see every day. Yes, I’ve seen lots of electric scooters with great features, but every single time, something was missing.

Surprisingly, when I went through the Slidgo X8 electric scooter’s features, I knew: This is it!

And here’s why!


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Who Is Slidgo X8 For?

It’s the perfect e-scooter for skilled teens, energetic millennials and one of the best options for not so nimble baby boomers.

If you want to avoid spending ton of money, being worried about punctures in the future and breaking a sweat when carrying it on train, metro or stairs, this is the way to go!

It is simply one of the most practical e-scooters out there! Built for everyday commute. It seems like this scooter did the homework nobody does. Slidgo X8 electric scooter eliminated all the problems that commuters all over the world have.

And the results are astonishing!

Here are four benefits I simply love, and I had to share it with you!

Benefit #1 – Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter Removable Battery

Even though it is remarkably light, range is something that will put a huge smile on your face. You can buzz around 20 miles with a bigger battery (12.8 ah).

And not only that. The battery can be removed in a few seconds. That means that you can carry another fully charged battery in your backpack if you’re planning a longer trip. 

That means that I can plan an almost 40-mile trip easily. Having an easily removable additional battery is super cool. It only takes four hours to fully charge the battery.

Plus, I can take the battery out and charge it in my room upstairs. Not sure what the case is for you, but I like to park my scooter in a downstairs hallway and charge battery where I can see it. I don’t like to overcharge it.

Quick note: The perfect temperature when charging is 32 to 105 F (0 to 40 Celsius)

Benefit #2 – Lightweight

You can find lightweight electric scooters on the market that are 20 pounds. And that is nice, but in most cases, the range is pathetic. 

Slidgo X8 weighs 30 pounds and, at the same time, you can go 20 miles without any problems whatsoever. 

That is something I really appreciate. And carrying 30 pounds is not too difficult for me. Also, there are cool carbon fiber electric scooters as well, but the price sometimes turns me off. 

All in all, this is not a super crazy ultra-lightweight e-scooter, but it’s something that we can use for everyday commuting easily.

Benefit #3 – Puncture Free

Most people are not very proficient in electric scooter maintenance and avoid changing, pumping, or even checking tire pressure. And that is understandable for most people. 

Even though I know how to do it, I understand it as well. Nobody is a fan of looking funny and pushing the scooter back to home. Getting to work late, or delays can really ruin your day.

I know.

With Slidgo X8 You get 10-inch solid tires as standard. That means that your scooter is puncture proof and you don’t need to worry about carrying a spare tire, mini pumps or wrenches in your little bag. You’ll never be left in the middle of nowhere.

And not only that, I really hate when I ride regular inflatable tires and need to worry about sharp potholes and curbs. 

Now I can relax.

And believe me, I became obsessed after a few punctures that I could have avoided if I had been more gentle.

These tires make mean far fewer headaches. 

Benefit #4 – The Price of Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter

Yeah, I saw price right away. And it’s pretty decent. However, I had to observe everything before jumping to a conclusion.

I thought that something must be missing if I’m not paying more than a grand.

But, I was wrong! 

Slidgo X8 has everything that I need to have for everyday life. And, it’s cheap!

I’m not someone who always make judgements based on price. On the other hand,

I’m also not someone who ignores how much money I am giving away. But in this case, I’m pleased with the price that I’m paying for all these benefits.

The list of benefits is much longer, see below. These were just the most important ones.

Who Wouldn’t Like/Need This Scooter?

People who want to have a 1,000W-2,000W beast that can go much much faster. Slidgo X8 can only go at 19 mph.

Also, people who ride electric scooters in the heavy rain don’t like it because it only has an IP54 ratings. And that means it can withstand splashing water, but not heavy rain.

Pro tip: If you’re planning to ride this electric scooter in the winter, the manufacturer advises riding it when it is warmer than 14 F (-10 Celsius) outside. Plus, the temperature for e-scooter storage needs to be between -4 to 122 F (-20 to 50 Celsius)

FAQs about Slidgo X8 

Man is riding slidgo x8 electric scooter

Is this scooter foldable?

Yes, it is. It has simple folding mechanism and a compact design. You don’t need to be Schwarzenegger to fold it. When folded, the dimensions are – 1083mm x 420mm x 460mm.

How many modes are there?

You can choose from Eco, Beginner and Sport mode. Max speed is 19mph.

What about the Slidgo X8 warranty?

You can count on a one-year, no questions asked warranty on the scooter and six months on the battery.

Final Thoughts

Oh I forgot to mention one important aspect of it. The style of the Slidgo X8 electric scooter!

The look is not crucial, but I like to look good when riding around. And it be better to not talk about that. Ranting and raving about how something looks might be ridiculous. It is subjective and debatable.

I think it looks cool. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be sharing my thoughts with you.

Tell me what you think in comment below.

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