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Turboant X7 Pro review

Turboant X7 Pro Electric Scooter: Reasonable Budget Option

The Turboant X7 Pro is one of the best entry-level electric scooters available on the market.

With a top speed of 20mph, or a little over 32kph, this powerful scooter offers excellent rage and versatility at a reasonable budget-friendly price tag.


You get a smooth and reliable ride available whenever you need it.

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Why We Like It

The Turboant X7 Pro folding electric scooter is just compact enough without losing any of the speed or climbing power you’d want to move around an urban setting.

turboant x7 pro vs ninebot max

Turboant X7 Pro review

That is why it is so helpful for people who have a decent amount of appointments in the city like work, meeting up with friends, quick coffee sessions, and then hitting a local restaurant before heading home to finish up your workday.

Turboant X7 Pro Specs

turboant x7 pro specs

Turboant X7 Pro specs


Turboant/X7 Pro


36V / 350W


Li-ion 10 Ah / 360 Wh  


30 miles / 48 km


10-Inch Pneumatic

Max Speed

20 Mph / 32 Km/h

Climbing Ability


IP Ratings


Charging Time

6 Hours

Brake System

Electronic throttle system, disc brake & foot brake

Weight Capacity

275 lbs / 125 kg


33lbs / 15 kg

Unfolded Dimensions

42.6 × 16.5 × 46.7 in (1083 × 420 × 1186 mm)

Folded Dimensions

42.6 × 16.5 × 18.1 in (1083 × 420 × 460 mm)

Performance & Range

The reason why urban situations are best is because the Turboant X7 Pro range is about 28-30 miles on the eco-mode setting and roughly 10-14 miles using the sport mode, which is the fastest setting, on a single battery charge. 

turboant x7 pro electric scooter review

Turboant X7 Pro folding electric scooter

You can always extend that distance by plugging in at your remote location while you work, play, eat, or hang out.

The speeds are based on three modes that differ depending on where your electric scooter is from:

  • In the US – 7.5mph, 17.5mph, and 20mph
  • In the EU – 6.2mph, 9.3mph, and 15.5mph

The reason for the difference is that the EU has stricter electric vehicle laws that restrict the max speeds of most devices.

While 15.5 mph may seem slow on paper, when you’re riding on your scooter blasting past commuters in the city, it’ll feel pretty fast.

Tires & Parts

turboant x7 pro tire replacement cost

Turboant X7 Pro tires

This particular electric scooter doesn’t use a springs suspension system, but the Turboant X7 Pro tires are pneumatic and 10 inches compared to the previous 8.5-inch models.

This means you get much better traction on the road, perfect for corners and avoiding pedestrians, bicyclists, cars, etc. 

It also means you get additional ground clearance of roughly 4.5 inches over debris and potholes.


Speaking of the deck, you’re looking at around 17.7 by 5.7 inches of space to play with.

This is thinner than other models because there isn’t a battery pack underneath. I prefer this because you get a much sleeker design. 

The easily detachable Turboant X7 battery means you can carry additional packs for extended trips.

Other Turboant X7 parts details include:

  • 36v, 350w motor
  • 275-pound carrying capacity
  • Disc and foot brakes
  • LED headlight and taillights
  • Li-ion 10Ah battery
  • And more

Folding Mechanism

This is a very portable ride.

My Turboant X7 Pro folding electric scooter review wouldn’t be complete without checking out the simple mechanism to compact the device.

turboant x7 pro settings and range

Turboant X7 Pro folding

All you need to do is pull the folding lever open, bring the stem down until it clicks into the hook on the back fender, and you’re good to go.

Many other electric scooter models are built so that you need a partner to lift it up and around your office or home, but the Turboant X7 Pro can be quickly broken down and folded so you can get up your narrow building stairs and do a charger.

The only note here is that you really want to make sure you have clipped all the way into the hook.

Otherwise, you risk it opening up on you as you’re trying to hop on a bus.

Design & Warranty

Turboant x7 pro vs hiboy s2 pro

Turboant X7 Pro design

This slim model and sleek design with a high enough clearance look incredible in urban settings.

It has the exact look and feel of a technocrat’s favorite transportation device and is modern enough to be appreciated by the younger TikTok enthusiasts out there in the world.

The company is so sure they have a winning product that they include a Turboant X7 Pro warrant of 1 year, but that does exclude the battery.

You can opt to sign up for a different 6-month warranty specifically for the battery if you’d like on the company’s website. 

You may have to do a bit of research to make sure any mods or additions you do to enhance the scooter to not void the company warranty.


Comfort & Safety

Like I mentioned before, this is a very smooth ride considering there aren’t any spring shocks.

You get a decent amount of speed that feels relatively good compared to the traffic around you in an urban setting and durability that doesn’t prevent you from having a little fun on your ride.

Turboant X7 Pro safety facts

Turboant X7 Pro safety

The thinner deck takes a moment or two to get used to compared to other models popular with city-wide designs.

As for safety concerns, with max speeds of 15.5 and 20mph, respectively, you don’t have to worry too much about stopping in time to avoid any obstructions or small children. 

You can brake using the electronic throttle control, a hand brake, or a simple foot brake that applies friction to the rear wheel. All in all, a pretty safe ride.

Climbing Ability

For the big measurement everyone wants to know, can the Turboant X7 Pro get you up the rolling hills of your particular location?

The company website shows an ability to climb 15-degree inclines depending on weight and environmental factors. 

Turboant x7 pro climbing power

Turboant X7 Pro climbing

The max capacity of the electric scooter is 275 pounds, and I’m guessing that is when you may start to hit some trouble.

For the price range, you’re looking at a comparable ability. 

I didn’t have any issue with sharp inclines, but like most scooters, the lower your battery power, the less likely you’ll make it up and over any serious hills.

I would always make sure your battery is close to fully charged before joy riding through San Francisco, but for the most part, you should be okay.

Turboant X7 Pro Alternatives

At this price point, there are some alternatives you can consider if you’d like to shop around, including.

Hiboy S2 Pro

A decent electric scooter for adults with a 500W brushless motor and top speeds of 19mph in the US.

The max range of the scooter is a little lower at 25.6 miles, and the load limit is only 220 pounds. 

Hiboy S2 Pro is a good entry-level option for teens and thinner adults who prefer a more traditional build where the battery lives under the deck.

Ninebot Max

The big advantage here is the distance.

This is an electric scooter designed specifically to reach longer ranges of over 40 miles on a single charge. 

Again, the weight load is lower than the Turboant X7 Pro at 220 pounds, but still a good alternative for comparison shopping.

Gotrax G4

You get a little more creature comfort with this model in the handlebars and stability from the G-series body design, but once again, sacrifice capacity at 220 pounds and distance for only 25 miles.

This electric scooter has a better security system, which riders may prefer in more complicated living situations.

Turboant Scooter Review FAQs 

Is the Turboant X7 Pro waterproof or water-resistant?

It is rated with IPX4 water resistance that can handle spray from any direction.

Does Turboant X7 Pro have an app?

No, currently Turboant does not offer app support for this electric scooter.

How to enable the cruise mode on Turboant X7 Pro?

Have the scooter going faster than 3.7mph (6kph) while holding the thumb accelerator for at least 6 seconds. Then, the scooter will automatically go into cruise mode.

Final Words About Turboant X7 Pro Review

Overall I liked the Turboant X7 Pro quite a bit for the price and smaller form factor.

It isn’t the most compact on the market, but a great trade-off considering the balance of range, speed, and climbing power.

I also really like the capacity of 275 pounds that lets me carry groceries, a backpack, and my pup whenever I’m out and about in the city.

turboant x7 pro vs gotrax g4

Turboant X7 Pro

If you’re looking for a quick and easy electric scooter with a smooth ride and decent range, you should check out the Turboant X7 Pro.

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