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Speedway 5 vs Dualtron Spider

Speedway 5 Vs Dualtron Spider: You Need to Read This First

Today we’re taking a look at two of Minimotors excellent electric scooters. We’ll be comparing the benefits and specifications of the Speedway 5 vs Dualtron Spider to help you decide which of the two is the best lifestyle fit for you.


Quick Answer - Speedway 5 Vs Dualtron Spider

I chose the Speedway 5 electric scooter over the Dualtron Spider because of the battery life, range, and durability.

Both scooters offered significant benefits for people living in the city.

But I do most of my work remotely have to make frequent stops to many destinations that do not always have a charging station or outlet available. 

Having a longer-lasting battery and range of travel is a big deal for me.

The good news, most of the other features of both electric scooters are similar.

If you are someone that folds up their scooter and charges it while at work, you may like the Dualtron Spider better due to its lighter weight.


As far as raw power is concerned, the Speedway 5 has an advantage over the Dualtron Spider.

The Speedway 5 can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour (64 km/hr) compared to the 37 mph of the Dualtron Spider.

The Speedway 5 has a 3,600W motor compared to the 3,000W motor of the Dualtron Spider.

Sometimes you want a little extra thrust from your starting position or added performance when dodging cars and pedestrians.

Even though they both feel powerful during a ride, the added push from the Speedway 5 is a nice touch you’ll appreciate.

The Speedway 5 is a bit better with capacity and allows a max load of 265 lbs compared o the 220 lbs of the Dualtron Spider.


Like I mentioned before, the range is an essential quality for me when considering scooters like the Speedway 5 vs Dualtron Spider.

The Speedway 5 can travel up to 50 miles for typical urban environments and an average-sized rider.

That means not constantly going uphill or having to frequently start and stop.

The Dualtron Spider has a respectable range of 37 miles which covers most people using electric scooters for commuting or quick trips to meet up with friends over a bit to eat.

The problem comes down to whether or not you have a charging location available midway through your day.

If you do, the Dualtron Spider works out well.

However, if you’re like me and going from place to place, you should stick with the larger range capacity of the Speedway 5.


Having the right kind of suspension is the difference between a smooth ride and a bumpy experience you’ll probably not enjoy.

Most electric scooters come with front, or rear suspension, depending on the size and make.

Both the Speedway 5 and Dualtron Spider come with suspension in the front AND the rear, but the Dualtron has swappable suspension compared to the Speedway 5’s spring set suspension.

Having dual suspension on your electric scooter is an excellent way to move around a city.

Think about all the sidewalk changes and avoidance tactics you have to use to get around other vehicles.

Sometimes you need to ride over a rough patch or two to stay safe, and having a quality suspension can really make a difference.

Everyday Practicality

For this measurement, we have to give the Dualtron Spider the upper hand.

While both electric scooters offer relatively similar standing dimensions, their folding size is pretty different.

The Dualtron Spider folds down into a lot more compact size than the Speedway 5.

The Dualtron Spider stands at 46.46” x 23.82” x 44.49” and folds down to 18.9” x 9.57” x 44.49”.

The Speedway 5 stands at 22.64” x 48.03” and folds down to 46.46” x 20.47” x 48.03”.

Neither the Speedway 5 vs Dualtron Spider compact down to the small size of highly portable scooters from other manufactures.

You will have to lift a bit more weight with the Speedway 5 at 70 lbs (32 kg) and the Dualtron Spider at 44 lbs (20 kg), but that speaks to their durability and lessens the chance of theft.

We actually put together a great post on how to prevent people from stealing your scooter that you should check out for some other safety tips.


Probably the point that everyone is most interested in is the overall design and look of each electric scooter.

Both have front and rear LED lights and an overall modern design, but the Dualtron Spider has stem and deck LED mood lighting compared to only a LED Logo mood lighting on the Speedway 5.

Personally, I like the look of the Speedway 5 better because it has a lower profile and more of a classic look.

The wheels rise above the footboard, which feels more natural than the Dualtron Spider's high-rise deck.

The neck on the Speedway 5 is also higher for adjusting, which doesn’t require constantly bending down to get the handlebars to the height you want.

The Price of Spare Parts

Both the Speedway 5 vs Dualtron Spider come from the manufacturer Minimotors, so their main accessory line will be about the same as far as price is concerned.

For tires, there is a lot more of a difference.

The Speedway 5 replacement tires are about $40, while the much more affordable Dualtron Spider’s tires come in around $15-$25 depending on size and tube.

Everything else is pretty standard priced because the two models have so much similarity.

Of course, you’ll run into some price differences in mud flaps or adaptive accessories to the overall design and shapes, but when we checked the Minimotors website, they were sold out of a lot due to the high demand for electric scooters, so it was hard to tell what else would vary.


The warranty price was higher for the Dualtron Spider regardless of the two models available compared to the Speedway 5.

Minimotors sells warranties based on 1 to 3-year increments.

Their plans cover:

  • Fast and free product repairs
  • Normal wear and tear mechanical failures
  • Power surges and electrical failures
  • No deductibles
  • 24/7 support

Their warranty is easy to manage from the native Minimotors app and website.

The Speedway 5 vs Dualtron Spider comes from the same company, so their other warranty details will be the same.

Climbing Ability

Both electric scooter models can handle a climbing grade of 25 degrees, but with the extra power performance of the motor on the Speedway 5, we have to give them the edge.

The Speedway 5 is built heavier and for greater capacity, which means the motor is designed to get up and down hills a lot easier.

This will come down to your specific location.

If you live in an urban environment that doesn’t require any hill-climbing, you’ll be fine with the Dualtron Spider.

The good news is that both can manage steep climbs. You just have a bit more power with the Speedway 5.

Speedway 5 vs Dualtron Spider - Our Winner!

I give the Speedway 5 my seal of approval over the Dualtron Spider. 

It is way more of a powerhouse that can get me where I’m going without having to worry about if I’m wearing a backpack or lugging home groceries.

When you travel to as many locations in a day as I do, having a broader range to hit your coverage area is incredibly important.

Again, I think the Dualtron Spider is a great choice, but mainly for people doing short commutes or quick jaunts over to meet up with friends rather than a full-day electric scooter excursion.


Who makes the Speedway 5 electric scooter?

Minimotors is the manufacturer of both the Speedway 5 and the Dualtron Spider.

How do you lock up an electric scooter Speedway 5?

Minimotors offers a fingerprint reader accessory that can help protect your Speedway 5 from being stolen or misplaced. It connects with the EYE LCD feature.

How many hours do you have to charge the Dualtron Spider and Speedway 5 battery?

The Dualtron Spider features a charge time of 8.7 hours compared to the Speedway 5 that requires 13 hours for a full charge.

How do you carry the Dualtron Spider?

There are no built-in latches on this model, so you’ll need to fold it up and then carefully hold the base for portability.

Final Words on Speedway 5 Vs Dualtron Spider

Overall both the Speedway 5 and Dualtron Spider are excellent electric scooters for getting around your local area.

I like the Speedway 5 for my personal lifestyle and needs, but that doesn’t mean the Dualtron Spider wouldn’t be the right kind of scooter for you. 

With a bit more range and power, the Speedway 5 is definitely designed for long-distance riders who enjoy a little extra oomph in their ride.

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