3 Best Ways to Find Electric Scooter Store & Shop Near Me

In this post, I'll show you how I'm finding electric scooter store near me easily every single time.

A simple way of making a huge mistake is to rush the process. That's the case when it comes to buying anything at all.

It doesn't matter if you're buying a house or some piece of clothing. A waste of money is guaranteed. And then regret will sneak up on you later.

The same thing is when it comes to buying an electric scooter as well. So, we're going to share with you how to find the right electric scooter store for you.


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Maybe you're thinking, "I just want to find some electric scooter store near me," but that is just one of the options that you have. Let me open your eyes and share with you one thing that most people don't understand.

Most people can't tell the difference between shops and stores. Once you learn the difference between electric scooter shop and store, you will become a smart electric scooter buyer instantly.

If you're wondering what the difference is, stay with me…

Before we start, I want to know are you prefer a more comfortable ride?

If so, an electric scooter with seat is an excellent solution for you. 

Best Ways to Buy Electric Scooter Near Me

Well, I want to show you options and at the same time teach you the differences between shops and stores.

There're only 3 ways if you want to buy electric scooter:

  1. 1
    Big online STORE
  2. 2
    Specialized electric scooter online SHOP
  3. 3
    Finding electric scooter near me

Throughout this post, you're going to see which option sounds more time and cost-effective for you.

Don't forget; it's not all about getting one. Things like "Where I can find an electric scooter repair shop near me" also have to cross your mind.

It's essential to take a step back and consider all the options. And that's why we're here for you.

We're here to help you while you're purchasing your next favorite electric scooter.

1 – Buy Electric Scooter in Big Online Store

Electric scooter parked on the road

The perfect e-scooter for commuting

As a general rule, if you choose this path, you're going to find what you're looking for easily. Big online stores have everything. Hundreds of electric scooters are waiting for you. As always, you can stumble on great discounts and deals.

On the other hand, you can go crazy when it comes to selection. It's hard to make a decision. And when it comes to discounts, they're always "forcing" you to buy other items that you actually don't need.

There is a lot of distractions. And if you compare these giants, customer service is way better with specialized electric scooter shops.

However, if you're purchasing things often and on a monthly basis, you can have pretty good discounts. That way you can pay you membership fees off and save a lots of money.

Here's the list of big online stores.

Find electric scooter on AMAZON

You simply can't go wrong with Amazon. Their main goal is to make customers happy. Thinking long-term and building a brighter future is what they are focusing on 24/7.

Find electric scooter on BEST BUY

Their primary focus is to enrich the lives of their consumers every day. However, there is no enormous choice, but maybe you can find your favorite electric scooter here.

Find electric scooter on EBAY

It's always great when there are hundreds of items to choose from. Take your time and be patient. It's tough to tell when you will make a decision… Use filters, what else can I suggest…

Find electric scooter on WALMART

A brilliant solution if you want to find electric scooter for you and your family. Walmart has a ton of electric scooters. Good luck with going through that huge list. Recently, I've stumbled on Lamborghini hoverboard, while I was looking for my favorite electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia m365. I have to admit, Lambo caught my eye…

Find electric scooter on ALIBABA

They simply want to do business everywhere and aspire to be a good company that will last 102 years. At least these are their words. All I can say is that there is a paradise for electric scooter lovers.

Find electric scooter on NEWEGG

Newegg is specialized in electronics. Sometimes you can find great deals on places like these even though there you can't find hundreds of electric scooters.

Find electric scooter on ALIEXPRESS

AliExpress is a gigantic online supermarket. Buy your new electric scooter directly from the manufacturer and save a lot of money.

2 – Buy Electric Scooter Specialized Online Shop

There is a lime escooter parked on the street

Electric Scooters are designed for urban areas

Think about a business owner that wants to succeed in his business based around electric scooters. If you were that guy, would you try to be as professional and trustworthy as possible? Of course, you do.

All I'm saying is that this is one of the most comfortable ways to buy your first or next electric scooter. Deals are fabulous, you can trust them, and in most cases, you will get your electric scooter quicker than if you order one from a big online store.

By far, the most critical advantage is customer service. It's outstanding. And I'm not saying in comparison with big online stores. No, it's just much much better. You can be sure that their relationship with customers is warm, friendly and genuine. That's because they don't have millions of customers (like Amazon). They have hundreds or thousands of customers, and they want to treat them politely.

They’ll be grateful if you buy from them, and they'll be right there for you if something goes wrong or if you have simple questions and doubts. Maybe your electric scooter needs repair, and they will give you advice, and perhaps they have their own electric scooter repair shop to help you out.

I have to admit, every now and then, customer service drives me crazy when it comes to big online stores. But with these smaller online shops, it's unlikely that you experience any unpleasantness whatsoever.

Here're some brilliant examples.

Fluid Free Ride 

This one is based in Miami (USA), and they are able to ship for free across the USA. Their central warehouse is in Utah.

There are many reasons why they believe in their business. They have tested their electric scooters, and you can order one without any doubts that something won't work.

As we all know, that's something you'd expect every time you order. But with big online stores, you're always wondering - "what if."

Mini Motors USA

When it comes to customer service, people at Mini Motors are flawless. But there is one thing that will make you wonder how on earth I didn't know that something like this even exists.

Here you can find high-quality electric scooters that are simply jaw-dropping.

Not only that these are fast as hell and powerful (too powerful for most people), but also these are well-built, most capable, and have the longest range in the world.

Mini Motors' family is deeply committed to pleasing every single customer. And their main objective is customer satisfaction. That is something you’re going to feel if you decide to buy electric scooter from these guys.

Pure Scooters

Pure Scooters is based in London. They are promising that there is no customer service like theirs. However, they are only taking orders from the UK. I'm sure that they will expand and build a broader community. Who knows…

All you need to know that online stores and retailers like these are maybe a better approach. When it comes to buying electric scooters, of course, and seeking for them feels better than order one from a huge online store and be just one drop in the ocean. You're only one of the thousands, millions of customers. And then you might expect from them to treat you like a loving customer. It's not realistic.

3 – Is There Electric Scooter Store Near me?

Bird eye photograph

Enjoy the ride with electric scooter

What I love the most about this solution is that way you can kill two birds with one stone.

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you're an experienced electric scooter owner, you might think like this: "I want to find an electric scooter repair shop near me because one day I'll need a repair man that can perform electric scooter repair as well."

And if that shop does sell electric scooters as well – you've killed two birds with one stone.

That way, you will buy your new electric scooter instantly. And you have a place where you can come from time to time to fix it. Also, if something goes wrong, you can use your warranty and resolve issues fast. Without shipping, waiting, and without messaging back and forth and things like that. Without any frustration. Just go there and tell them the problem face-to-face.

Now, here're your options.

Using Google to find electric scooter shop near me

Based on your location, when you type a term in google, you will get suggestions and a list of the places you search for.

For example, you can type in something like:

  • electric scooter shop near me
  • electric scooter repair near me
  • buy an electric scooter near me

And then, Google will show you places in your area. Maybe it will be some small shop or bigger store as Walmart. Who knows…

You can even find out that there is one electric scooter repair shop behind the corner. It's a powerful instant way of finding out the locations, and you can try it right now.

Paying attention while going to work or school 

Maybe you haven't noticed electric scooter store near you because you're simply in a hurry every single time. But next time you've been heading to work or school, pay attention to stores and shops.

There is a possibility that you have one behind the corner. Or you can ask your neighbor or person that is cruising around.

You'll be surprised by the results - word of mouth is an excellent way of finding out where the electric scooter shop is and where you can buy and repair your electric scooter.

As you can see, everyone is cruising around on these. Stop someone on the street.

Here're best escooters for everyday commuting:

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These are the best ways to find an electric scooter shop near you. Also, I hope that you've learned why it is vital to find an electric scooter shop in your area.

Have you found your perfect electric scooter?

Share with us your experience with Google's suggestion, and that way, you'll help electric scooter enthusiasts all around the world. Maybe some people are from your city and they are wondering which electric scooter shop is best.

Help them out…

Start your comment with: "I've found an electric scooter store near me…"

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