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Looking for electric scooter store near me

3 Best Ways to Find Electric Scooter Store & Shop near Me

In this post, we're going to show you how to quickly find the electric scooter store nearby. I suggest you perform a Google search and, based on you location, Google will give you options. 

For example, I got Walmart. But before you go there, I want to share my experience (and some other options), which might be useful for you as well.


This post contains affiliate links. We're an Amazon affiliate. That means that we get small commissions for some items you buy through links in this post. And you don't get higher expenses that way.

Things to Know When Looking for an Electric Scooter Store Nearby

Tips for finding electric scooter store near me

3 best ways to find e-scooter store

Yes, I can buy an electric scooter with seat at big online store, but I prefer smaller electric scooter shops near me. And this is why. 

First of all, if there are problems with the e-scooter, I can get a refund easily when I’m with the owner face to face. At Walmart, I can wait for months or even never get a refund.

The second thing is that, in most cases, these small electric scooter shops near me have a repairman as well. That's a good news if you need a fix something a few months after buying an e-scooter at Walmart, then you will be searching Google for “electric scooter repair shop near me.” So, if you find that small e-scooter store near you right now, you have killed two birds with one stone. 

You’ve now found a place where you can do regular e-scooter maintenance as well. And, I’m not sure about you, but that is the perfect option for most people I’ve been talking to lately. 

So, that’s it. Turn on your location and type “electric scooter store near me” into Google and it will suggest smaller electric scooter dealers or stores nearby. You can call them and ask if they are offering maintenance as well.

You can ask about warranty and go there and buy that scooter face to face. To me, a small local e-scooter store is the best place to buy an electric scooter.

Why We like Small Local Electric Scooter Stores

By far, the most critical advantage is customer service. You can be sure that in 90 percent of cases, their relationship with customers is friendly and genuine. That's because they don't have millions of customers, like Amazon.

What We Don’t like about Local Electric Scooter Stores near Me

Sometimes they don’t have a large selection and you will need to wait a week or two in worst case for an order. And it is possible that the business owner has bad mechanics. But let’s cross out finger that this isn’t the case in your area.

Brand-name Electric Scooter Store Examples

Maybe you are lucky that you have these in neighborhood. If not, you can order a new e-scooter online. These are reputable and are selling only high quality e-scooters that are well known around the world.

Fluid Free Ride

This one is based in Miami (USA), and they are able to ship for free across the USA. Their central warehouse is in Utah. There are many reasons they believe in their business. They have tested their electric scooters, and you can order one without any worry that something won't work.

Mini Motors USA

When it comes to customer service, the people at Mini Motors are flawless. Here you can find high-quality electric scooters that are simply jaw-dropping. These are expensive e-scooters, but for a reason. High-tech machines, if you ask me.

Not only are these are e-scooters fast as hell and powerful, but they are also well-built, capable and have the longest range in the world.

You Can Buy One at a Big Online Electric Scooter Store

As a general rule, big online stores have everything. Hundreds of electric scooters are waiting for you. As always, you can stumble on great discounts and deals. That is why online electric scooter shopping works. 

Here's the list of places where you can find scooter stores online.


You simply can't go wrong with Amazon. Their main goal is to make customers happy. There are hundreds of great option. Here are best sellers from Amazon.


Their primary focus is enriching the lives of their consumers every day. However, there have limited choice, but maybe you can find your favorite electric scooter there.


It's always great when there are hundreds of items to choose from.


A brilliant solution if you want to find an electric scooter for you and your family. Walmart has a ton of electric scooters. Good luck going through that huge list. 


Alibaba is a paradise for electric scooter lovers.


Newegg is specialized in electronics. Sometimes you can find great deals on places like these, even though you won’t find hundreds of electric scooters there.


AliExpress is a gigantic online supermarket. Buy your new electric scooter directly from the manufacturer and save a lot of money.

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there is a girl on smartphone looking for electric scooter
There is a girl on laptop looking for electric scooter store near me


Where can I buy an electric scooter near me?

I suggest a local small business that sells electric scooters. Or go to Amazon if you can’t find one locally.

How do I find an e-scooter repair shop near me?

Local small businesses that sell e-scooters often have a service to take care of regular maintenance for your e-scooter in the future. Search Google and turn on location.

Where can I sell my electric scooter?

You can ask local electric scooter dealers or shops. But before you go to negotiate the price, first search online on eBay to find out how much the second-hand e-scooter you’re planning to sell go for.

Final Thoughts

These are the best ways to find an electric scooter store near you. I tried to help you and provided different options to choose from. I know the feeling when you’re buying new e-scooter…

Have you found your perfect electric scooter?

If yes, where did you find it?

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