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How to prevent people from stealing your electric scooter tips

Find out How to Prevent People from Stealing Your Electric Scooter

We’re going to dive into how to prevent people from stealing your electric scooter. We’ll look at different styles of locks and tips and tricks to prevent your scooter from being stolen. 


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Buying an electric scooter lock can be tricky due to the range of types, weights, and costs for locks.

We’re here to cut through the noise and figure out a good solution for your scooter situation.

Solution If You Have a Lightweight E-scooter

A lightweight or foldable e-scooter means you can take it inside with you anywhere you go. This is an excellent means of prevention in itself.

However, you can consider many different angles when figuring out how to protect electric scooter from theft. But, moving your scooter inside, even if it’s lightweight, will not always be an option. In that case, you’ll have to buy a lock.

The best lock for electric scooter is a U-lock with a heavy cable, but this may be too much for a lightweight e-scooter. Cables and chains are more flexible and easy to carry around, whereas a U-lock is more secure.

Solution If You Have a Heavy E-scooter

First, don’t get a disc lock because those can easily be picked by a seasoned thief. 

A heavy scooter needs a solid lock because it gets targeted more often than a lightweight one. For these, a U-lock with cable is the best, followed by a U-lock. Finally, make sure to lock your scooter to a pole or bike rack. 

Solution If You Have an Expensive E-scooter

An expensive e-scooter presents more challenges on preventing people from stealing your electric scooter, as a dedicated thief can always bring tools that can break through any kind of lock if left somewhere overnight. 

Therefore, we suggest keeping your expensive e-scooter indoors whenever possible at night. Otherwise, if you have to leave it alone for more than an hour, make sure it's locked securely to a pole or bike rack.

A U-lock with cable would be the best for this, especially for an expensive e-scooter.

Best Lock for Electric Scooters

Cheap locks are easy to break or cut, and if you don't want to worry to much on how to prevent people from stealing your electric scooter in the future, buy one of these.

  • Chain solution: Chain locks are a simple metal chain usually covered in nylon with a combination lock securing it. Depending on the chain’s strength, they are flexible and resistant to some forms of attack but are generally a weaker form of lock. 
  • U-lock solution: A U-lock is a very strong type of lock consisting of a u-shaped ring of metal and a tube locking mechanism. There are still some forms of attack they are vulnerable to, but they are generally considered one of the best types of lock to invest in. The problem is they are a bit hard to carry around. 
  • U-lock with cable: A U-lock with cable improves the cable lock design by having a miniature U-lock at the weakest point for increased protection. These are weaker if the cable is small than a U-lock, but more secure if the chain is strong.

How to Carry Your E-scooter Lock Around?

You can carry it with a bag or backpack put onto your scooter. If that’s too annoying, you can try putting the U-lock over the handlebars or belt loop.

Some U-locks come with a mount that can fit one the stem of your scooting, providing a spot to put your lock. Finally, you can get special lock holders for your scooter. 

Few Golden Rules on Preventing People from Stealing Your E-scooter

If you want to learn how to prevent people from stealing your electric scooter, follow these rules:

  1. First, app locking will not work!
  2. Second, make sure to lock the frame of the scooter and not just the wheel. Thieves can unscrew wheels and steal the rest of the scooter.
  3. Third, buy a good and expensive lock. Cheap locks are much easier to break than expensive locks, so don’t cheap out!
  4. Fourth, try not to leave your scooter anywhere outside for more than 6 hours at a time, or overnight. There is no lock that thieves can’t break with enough tools and time. 

3 Places to Avoid Locking Your Electric Scooter

Here are some of the risks that can be present when deciding on a place to lock your electric scooter:

  • Nobody around: If no one is around, thieves have more time to break your lock and can be as loud as they like.
  • No lights around: With no lights, thieves can work quietly for an extended time to break your lock.
  • Parking with less expensive scooters: If you always have the best scooter in a parking lot, thieves will target yours once the opportunity arises.


What is the best lock for big electric scooters?

A U-lock or U-Lock with cable is usually going to be the best overall lock. One of the best is Kryptonite New York Chain and New York Disc Lock, a thick U-Lock with cable-style lock from a highly reputable lock maker. 

How much should I invest in thief-proof e-scooter lock?

It depends on the cost of your scooter. With a lightweight or inexpensive scooter, you’ll often be able to take it inside, and it’ll be less of a target for theft—the more expensive the scooter, the more expensive the lock should be. I’d say to budget 5% of the cost of the shooter on a lock.

What is the safest place to lock my electric scooter?

The safest place to lock it is around a pole or bike rack in a well-lit and well-populated area. Keeping your scooter outside overnight is especially risky and you should avoid it if possible. 

Final Thoughts

We’ve looked at all the dos and don'ts of how to prevent people from stealing your electric scooter.

Keep in mind the golden rules and make sure to buy a lock that works for you. Even if the lock is a little heavy and expensive, invest in a suitable bag or accessory to carry it around. 

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