Best Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter

7 Best Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter Riders

These are our picks for the best winter gloves for electric scooter, with our best choices in different categories, including most elegant and best heated, along with best overall.


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Electric scooters can be tougher to ride in the winter, but the weather doesn’t need to stop you if you’ve got the right gear. First of all winter jacket and gloves.

Our article takes you through seven of the best winter gloves for electric scooter available today.

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What to Look For? 

You’ll want a pair of winter gloves with thin yet strong insulation so you’ll be able to feel your grip on the handles without sacrificing warmth.

You’ll also want a good anti-slip grip, and maybe some other features like a soft lining and touch screen enabled fingertips for texting on the go.

Internal heating is optional depending on the level of cold you expect and the amount of off-roading you do.

Finally, look for a strong elastic band at the wrist to keep the heat locked in and good wind and waterproofing for maximum durability.

Best Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter Overall

The SIMARI winter gloves are perfect for wearing while on an electric scooter. 

Their anti-slip grip and comfortable design make it easy to ride with them on, while their warm flannel lining and polyester design make for thin yet warm gloves. 

In addition, a 5% spandex mix in the material allows for elasticity, and a small reflective design on the side of the gloves brings added visibility on the road.

The SIMARI’s touch screen tip design means you can use your smartphone or other touchscreen devices while wearing the gloves, without your fingertips getting gold.

The overall combination of these features makes the SIMARI our best overall pick for electric scooter gloves.

Best Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter Most Elegant

The RIVMOUNT winter ski gloves have strong insulation yet an elegant design. This is possible with their thinsulate design. 

In addition, the RIVMOUNT winter gloves for electric scooter come with a waterproof coating, making them effective even on wet winter days. 

Their PU leather material is elastic, breathable, and durable. Their touchscreen fingertips allow you to use your smartphone with the gloves on.

And, perhaps most importantly, the gloves come with an anti-slip grip to maintain your grip on electric scooters and other equipment. 

Best Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter Leather

The EONPOW men's winter leather gloves feature a buckle closure and are made with PU leather, which is soft, comfortable, durable, and stylish. 

They are also strong and windproof.

Their fingertips feature touch texting with a precision design with professional craftsmanship.

They have cashmere lining on the inside, and although they have no anti-slip grip, they are still suitable for gripping through their leather palm design.

Best Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter Heated

The Day Wolf heated gloves are made from polyester and sheep leather with a velvet liner. The high-quality polyester resists odors and is moisture-wicking. 

The heating elements in this heated glove cover the back of the hand and fingers for optimal heat distribution.

In addition, the Day Wolf Gloves are ergonomically designed for outdoor activities in frigid temperatures for maximum dexterity and comfort of your hands.

The gloves are powered by rechargeable lithium polymer batteries that last up to 6 hours at a time. Finally, the gloves are both wind and water-resistant. 

Best Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter for Women

These women’s winter warm touchscreen gloves are windproof, stain-resistant, and stylish. 

Made with high-density suede fabric and sporting a soft plush lining, they are lightweight, stretchable, and comfortable to wear.

They keep your hands warm in freezing weather yet are thin to the touch.

The index finger is equipped with touchscreen enabling technology, and the grip is excellent for outdoor activities, including gripping an electric scooter.

Their one size will fit most hands with its elasticity and the elastic wrist cuff, which keeps the warm air in. 

Best Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter for Off-Road

The LONHEO heated gloves are the best off-road gloves for their thick polyester with fleece lining for exceptional heat insulation. 

In addition, they come with 3-levels of temperature control, including high, medium, and low heat using rechargeable lithium batteries.

The extra heavy cotton and reinforced sheep leather provide additional reinforcement and insulation, with waterproof coating and windproof design.

The only downside is the thicker materials need to insulate properly for off-roading, making it harder to maintain a good grip on the scooter. 

Best Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter Waterproof

The Cevapro -30℉ waterproof winter gloves are the best waterproof gloves on the list, made with premium PU leather on the palm and microsuede on the back. 

The insulated thermal cotton provides adequate protection against the cold with a thick fleece lining for comfort.

The Cevapro uses high-quality TPU as a waterproof layer sewn into the thermal gloves.The anti-slip design is also helpful for riding on your electric scooter with a good grip. 

Finally, it comes with touch screen enabled index fingertips. 

How to Clean Winter Gloves for Electric Scooter?

You can’t wash or dry leather gloves in a laundry machine. Instead, try rubbing a small amount of an oil-based soap using a soft cloth across the leather using circular motions.

You can wash polyester or other non-heated clothes in the washing machine by using a cleaner that doesn’t strip waterproof coatings. You can also hand wash them in a basin with warm water and cleanser.


What gloves to use for electric scooter when sub zero?

Any of the gloves on this list are great for using with an electric scooter in sub-zero temperatures. Make sure the gloves are winter gloves with a good grip, and you are off to a good start.

What are the best touch screen electric scooter gloves?

Almost all the gloves on our list have touch screen access available. For example, the SIMARI Winter Gloves or RIVMOUNT Winter Ski Gloves have touch screen fingertips that work excellently.

What are the benefits of wearing electric scooter gloves?

In the winter, the main benefit is keeping your hands warm while still gripping the e-scooter properly. 

What are the best winter gloves for off-road electric scooter? 

The LONHEO Heated Gloves are our pick for best off road electric scooter gloves. Their internal heating combined with durable design makes for the best all-around gloves for off-roading in the winter.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve gone through our picks for the best winter gloves for electric scooter, we hope you can choose the right one.

Our top pick overall is the SIMARI Winter Gloves with all the features you could want, a thin yet insulated design, and a good grip with reflective material on top. 

Other gloves featured are the best in their own categories, including the best heated and best off-road designs.

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