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Best electric scooter for food delivery

Choosing the Best Electric Scooter for Food Delivery – Top Tips

I will help you choose the best electric scooter for food delivery in the next 10-15 minutes!

And from this guide, you will learn some crucial things most food delivery guys and girls even don't think about – at least, not until it's too late.


This post contains affiliate links. We're an Amazon affiliate. That means that we get small commissions for some items you buy through links in this post. And you don't get higher expenses that way. 

Let's start by talking about the most important things when choosing the best e-scooter for food delivery.

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Focus on This When Choosing the Best Electric Scooter for Food Delivery

Let's be honest, this is one of the hottest jobs during a pandemic. COVID hits many jobs, but this is actually a great time to start thinking about doing food deliveries.

Food delivery e-scooter choosing

Things to know when choosing food delivery e-scooter

The demand is huge. And, it's your time to cash in on this opportunity.

Thanks to this huge demand, you will earn a few thousand dollars in the first month, especially if you decide to do it full time.

So, if you're serious, you will need a high-powered e-scooter to make your life much easier in these crazy times.

Here is the summary of qualities you need from your e-scooter for this job:

  • Longer range
  • Disc brakes
  • Bigger wheels
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Suspension
  • Fast charging time

In short, you need an e-scooter capable of taking you between 20-50 miles every day. Not only that, you need to be fast, but you also need to have great acceleration and braking power.

When trying to be fast, you're going to cut lots of corners, and you will hit curb after curb, maybe even some small stairs…

You're going to hit potholes and rails, and because of that, you need a durable suspension and wheels.

Bookmark for later our latest buying guide: Best Electric Scooters for Adults in 2022

I'm telling you this because riding through the city is demanding and full of surprises that might catch you on the blindside.

And when that happens, your wheels and suspension might help you keep balance.

Spoiler alert: You win something, you lose something. Well, these three are heavy, around 80 pounds, so keep that in mind.

But the truth is, if you want a lightweight e-scooter, you can forget about great speed and range. And let's be honest. Would you like to ride 50 mph on some light e-scooter? Well, you would be all over the place. Don't forget that the weight gives you stability at higher speeds.

Quick checklist for riders:

Why You Need an Expensive E-scooter for Food Delivery

When you catch a great order opportunity for $10-$20 that is three to four miles away, you will take it instantly. Whereas, if you have a smaller scooter with a 10-15 mile range, you will need to do calculations more often.

And in some cases, you're going to skip golden orders just because your range is limited. It will become real annoying real fast. And not only that, you are actually leaving lots of money on the table.

Expensive e-scooters charge faster and have a range between 30-100 miles. You don't need to look for a plug. Just ride and pick every order possible. With these kinds of scooters, you won't think too much, just pick order after order…

Also, it would be best if you had speed. Obviously, you can't race around the city. However, once in a while, you will hit that piece of straight road. And if you go only 20mph, you will get frustrated knowing that you can hit 40 mph easily without putting anyone at risk.

These are just some of the benefits.

3 Best Food Delivery Electric Scooters

Here are our top picks that will give every delivery guy or girl exactly what they need.

Find best electric scooters for food delivery job

Best options out there

A quick tip: These three e-scooters are for people who want to take the delivery job seriously and will work at least five or six hours a day in the next six months or more. If you want to work sometimes and start with baby steps, skip to the next part on Alternatives if you're on the budget.

Dualtron Ultra – Perfect E-scooter for Delivery Jobs

As I mentioned earlier, you need long-range, a strong suspension and durable wheels.

Well, the Dualtron Ultra gives you all of that. You can work without worrying about the range and where to charge it. That's what a perfect electric scooter for a food delivery job looks like.

Here's what you get:

  • 75 mile range
  • Max speed of 50 mph
  • Rear & front disc brakes
  • 5,400 watts
  • No overheating system
  • Can take extreme & savage rides

Thanks to those big treaded tires and suspension, you don't need to worry about potholes and curbs.

Minimotors usa website look


Powered by the dual hub motor, it gives you 5,400 watts. It has stunning acceleration. It will carry you up to any hill like it's child’s play without draining too much of the battery.

That's what you need, believe me.

Nanrobot D6 + Awesome E-scooter for Food Delivery

Don't let the Nanrobot D6+ fool you when you notice that it has a less powerful motor than the Dualtron – "only" 2,000 watts. What's cool about this one is that even though it has a slightly less powerful motor (dual 1,000 watts = 2,000 watts), it will take you up to 40 mph easily.

The range is around 40 miles, and you can choose from a single or dual mode. You can use high power mode (both electric motors) for climbing and when you have to unleash it all on a straight road.

And when there is no reason to hurry, just hit Eco mode and ride on one motor. This may seem obvious, but 1,000 watts is more than enough for cruising, right?

Features that will make your job easy:

  • Solid structure
  • 40 Mph
  • Range between 35 and 45 miles
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Savagely strong & smooth brakes
  • Ground clearance – 7 inches
  • Wide deck — 10 inches
  • Less expensive than the Dualtron

We all know that there is a time when you need to twist that throttle to the max. Well, in that case, the dual-mode has to be turned on. It's also good for hills.

Also, no matter how bumpy the road is, you can feel how strong and solid the Nanrobot D6+ is. Simply astonishing.

Qiewa Q-Hummer 2 – Great Electric Food Delivery Scooter

To start with the downsides, when it comes to Qiewa scooters some people have experienced problems with speed controllers and lousy customer service. Also, the brakes are not as delicate as you would expect from a $1,000+ electric scooter. 

But that was the story with Q1 Hummer... Here is the new better version Qiewa have to offer.

When you ride an electric scooter for a while, you're going to learn some basics, and you will get used to it. You will tweak the brakes, change tires and do the regular service.

It is not hard, it's fun. And if you ask me, it leaves a lot of money in your pockets. I save my service provider for big problems…

From the Qiewa Q-Hummer 2, you get:

Keep in mind that it provides you a great suspension as well. There is the speed, acceleration, awesome range and the stability you need when hitting potholes and curbs.

Qiewa scooter website


If you have no problem with spending more money, go for the Dualtron Ultra. However, if you want to save a bit, go for the Qiewa.

Alternatives If You're on the Budget

Here's what I suggest.

Maybe you don't have a couple thousand dollars for a proper electric scooter for the food delivery job you're planning to do.

Honestly, these three are the real deal if you want to do this half a day, every day. A scooter that costs a couple hundred dollars won't do the job. You will spend your time charging it all over the place, refusing longer orders.

But you can start with these three if you want to save some money at the beginning, just to see how things are going. And when you earn more money, you can go back and choose a more powerful e-scooter. 

These are great in general. And these are nice electric scooters for commuting and for beginners in the food delivery business. But you might miss range and power.

Gotrax XR Ultra

Great looking electric scooter for shorter food deliveries. You can easily fold it and carry it with you.

Check more on Amazon here.

Here are the numbers:

  • 15 mph
  • 300 watt electric motor
  • 17 mile range
  • It's light, 27.5 pounds
  • Pneumatic tires

Glion Dolly Foldable

Here's another electric scooter that is perfect if you're starting at a food delivery job.

Just accept closer orders. Pay attention to that. See more on Amazon here.

Keep in mind what are the capabilities are for this one:

  • 3 hour+ charging time
  • 250 watts
  • 15 mile range
  • It's light, 28 pounds
  • Tires never go flat (solid)

Segway Ninebot Max

This one is maybe one of the best options for e-scooter food delivery beginners.

See more on Amazon here.

This is what you can count on:

  • 18.6 mph
  • 350 watts
  • Up to 40 miles
  • 6 hour charging time
  • 42 pounds
  • 10 inch wheels
  • Pneumatic tires

This is the right one if you are not yet ready to go with high-powered e-scooters for food delivery.

But after a few months, when you earn more money and get sick and tired of refusing orders now and then, get something faster with a greater range.

Also, you can try Kaabo Mantis 8 for less than $1000. Range is 25 miles, speed 25 mph, it could be great for this job. 

How Much Can You Earn – Is It worth It?

No matter what app you use (Uber Eats, Door Dash, or something else), you can earn between $10 and $20 per hour. The better you get, the more you earn. You’ll learn the street better, get a longer range on your e-scooter and want to work full time.

How much you can earn as delivery

Keep your journal

I mean, something realistic can be about $50-$100 per day if you work five hours a day.

A quick tip: Always pick busy periods! Find out what busy periods are in certain restaurants and go for it!

Depending on how many days a week you want to work, do the math. Going after a high-powered e-scooter and spending one or two grand on a scooter might easily pay off in the first month. But if you choose a cheaper scooter, you might need to "say no" to some well-paid orders just because your range is limited because of the scooter.

There are only two options: Go after expensive and more powerful ones and go hard on every order you can, or go after a cheaper scooter and test things out first. And if you earn $2,000 or $3,000, invest in a more powerful e-scooter.

Practical E-scooter Accessories for a Food Delivery Job

These will help you do your job better, making you feel much safer and relaxed on e-scooter.

Cool to have even if you're not working:

On rare occasions, when I go out in traffic, I say, “Maaan, this is so quiet, and everything is normal.” But 99 percent of the time, there is always something semi-crazy or full-on crazy happening.

That's how things are. There are so many people in that limited area (the road), and conflict is inevitable. That's why I prefer a full-face helmet, lights, gloves and all the safety gear. And even a GoPro camera.

That just makes me feel much safer. If things get crazy, and you get into a conflict with some douchebag, it's on camera at least.

Tips for Food Delivery Guys and Girls

These tips will help you have a nice day at work, as well as speed things up while working. And it can save you from some headaches that might occur.

A list of the good things and habits every delivery person needs to know:

Parking: Do not leave your e-scooter out of your sight. At least drive it in the hallway or push it whenever you can with you. Please do not leave it in the middle of the street. Or ask someone to watch it for you for 60 seconds or less.

Speed: Do not ride like you have stolen something. Always take a calculated risk. Do not push it too hard.

Law: Check the law about e-scooters in your area. This is specific from state to state and from country to country.

Taking pictures: Take a picture of every order when you leave it for people. Please do not take pictures of people (they might get mad), only take a picture of the bag. That way, you have proof that the delivery was completed.

Polite food delivery person

Be polite & respectful when delivering food

Be polite: Even if someone made you feel mad as hell in traffic a few streets before, be polite. Do not be mad at customers and keep your anger under control when delivering.

Skip orders: If you feel that order is too far away, don't take it. Maybe it's better to take a few shorter ones. Maybe it's not. Test how things are going. After a while, you will learn the regular addresses, what people are leaving as a tip and things like that.

E-scooter Vs. E-bike: Why Is an Electric Scooter Better for Food Delivery Jobs?

Don't get me wrong. E-bikes are nice and practical as well. But for this kind of work, there could be a few reasons why e-scooter for food delivery are winners, at least in my opinion.

Here are the benefits of having an e-scooter:

  • You can bring it inside with you
  • You can bring it to the elevator
  • Charge in the middle of a coffee shop
  • The best e-scooter is more affordable than the best e-bike
  • More nimble than an e-bike
  • No sore backside

After you try an e-scooter for this type of work, you will never go back to an e-bike. E-bikes are perfect machines, but if you ask me, electric scooters are built for this.


Most common questions we're asked from people when they are choosing the best electric scooter for food delivery.

Food delivery escooters faqs

Where do you charge the battery if it runs out?

You can find some e-scooter or e-bike shops. Or you can politely ask in a coffee shop or restaurant to charge it an hour or so. But do not overdo it. You might become annoying if you're doing that all the time.

How much does an e-scooter for food delivery cost?

If you want the best electric scooter for food delivery, it might cost between $1,000 and $3,000. Also, you can ride e-scooters for less than $1,000, but with significantly less range, so you need to plan to take your orders.

How to choose the right e-scooter for a food delivery job?

Plan in advance how many hours a day you actually want to work. If you want to work full time, you need a long-range, high-powered electric scooter. But if you decide to work for several hours a day, a regular e-scooter for commuting with a 15-20 mile range will be perfect for you.

Why do you need an electric scooter for food delivery?

It's much more practical than a car and e-moped or e-bike. It's cheaper to run and to buy a new one. Also, it's more nimble in everyday rush hours. And, let's face it, nowadays, every single hour is a rush hour.

Can you use an electric scooter for food delivery?

Of course you can. Just tell the people you are working for and make that clear. In most cases, they don't care, as long as you do a good job. The others will gladly hear that. Also, riding an e-scooter for food delivery has lots of practical benefits.

How can I make the battery go further when delivering food?

Ensure that your tire pressure is appropriate, try to push with one leg a bit on the uphill sections, and be gentle (as much as you can) with acceleration. That's all you can really do. But if you're planning to cover lots of miles a day, you need a long-range food delivery e-scooter.

How to choose the perfect food delivery backpack?

Be aware that you need to be ready for rain or snow, so you want to get a waterproof backpack to protect your client's food. Also, you don't want a cheap backpack that will lose the form after a month or two of usage. You need a durable food delivery backpack with good capacity, so be ready to invest between $50 and $100 for a good one.

Final Thoughts

If you're planning to take this job seriously, you will need one of these awesome machines - Our winner is Dualtron Ultra.

And if you plan to ride full time, you can earn serious money by riding an electric scooter for food delivery.

For those who want to do it from time to time, a section dedicated to alternatives is just for you. This pandemic time is perfect for getting out of the house and making extra money.

Overall, I hope this guide helped you find the best electric scooter for a food delivery job. I wish you good luck, please let us know how things are going.

Also, please share this guide with someone who is thinking about this and help them.

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