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Electric Scooters For Adults: Our Best Picks + Buying Guide 2022

You’ve been watching all those commuters buzzing past the stand-still traffic and are finally ready to make the leap from an annoying bus ride to the fresh air and freedom of a scooter.

Now the only problem is figuring out which one will work for your lifestyle.

Best electric scooters for commuting

We’ve scoured the marketplace and have put together the best electric scooters for adults to get you started on your buying journey. 

Check it out!

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Best Affordable Electric Scooters for Adults

It is a little challenging to define what is affordable.

Finding the best adult electric scooters for one person may be significantly different for another.

That is why we thought we’d break it down a little into three different value categories.

Best Under 500 - Turboant X7 Pro

turboant x7 pro specs

For this value category, we’d select the Turboant X7 Pro.

It is right at the price tag you're looking for and can usually be discounted if you look around first. 

We like this entry-level scooter because:

  • Decently powered 350W motor
  • Three unique ride modes plus the relaxing cruise control
  • Easy to understand LED display panel

Best Under 1000 - Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter

Check the latest prices

This is a great commuter electric scooter that will fit your budget perfectly.

You get a ton of excellent features that make this a great commuter electric scooter for city dwellers and quick coffee shop lovers.

The carry weight is low enough that you can transport the Hiboy S2 Pro well.

You also get:

  • Powerful 500w electric brushless motor
  • Decent range of 25 miles
  • Really easy foldability and a top speed of 19mph

Best Under 2000 - Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Electric Scooter

Alright, for the big boys, we went with the sporty Mantis Pro SE.

Mantis Pro SE

This is a great commuter/off-road versatile option for those electric scooter riders that want a bit more flexibility in their journey.

You also get:

  • Max weight support of 330 pounds
  • Tops speeds at 45mph and a huge range at 45 miles
  • 30 degree hill climb with dual-disc front and rear brakes

Best Foldable Electric Scooters for Adults

One of the best features of owning an adult electric scooter is being able to quickly fold it together and hop on the bus, charge at work, or put in your trunk before heading out for vacation.

Check the latest price Segway Ninebot E45

That portability is why so many people have switched over to the eco-friendly alternative.

A few things you want to watch out for with foldability include the latch system for holding its folded form, the overall weight of the scooter, and how much time it takes to fold.

Using those factors as our main barometers for finding the best electric scooters for adults that fold, we went with:

With a rolling case and pop-out handle, the Glion Dolly was a decent second place, but the Segway Ninebot E45 offers a bit more convenience and power for the foldability.

It weighs 36 pounds, which makes it very easy to carry but has a reinforced structure that still allows a decent amount of wear and tear by riders.

The total measurements are 45.7 × 16.5 × 46.1 in (116 × 42 × 117 cm) and that is when it is unfolded.

This is perfect for commuters and those with small storage areas when folded.

Best Rated Electric Scooters for Adults

Riding electric scooter for adults

Finding the overall best electric scooters for adults is a challenge because there are so many great options.

For us, this is a three-way tie between the:

  1. Turboant X7 Pro
  2. Segway Ninebot MAX
  3. Segway Ninebot E2

Each one of these incredible adult e-scooters provides the power and support you need as an adult moving through traffic with the range and battery life that ensure a solid day of activity.

They have good foldability for transport and accessories that allow for a smooth, unhindered ride.

Turboant X7 Pro:

  • Great value for the money
  • 350W motor with a max speed of 20mph and a range of 20 miles
  • Detachable battery
  • Check Price
turboant x7 pro electric scooter review

Segway Ninebot MAX:

  • Highly portable with max speed of 18.6mph and a range of 40 miles
  • Powerful 350w motor
  • Sleek ergonomic design
  • Check Price

Segway Ninebot E22:

  • Affordable in price and strong construction with a 220-pound weight limit
  • 300W motor for max speed of 12.4 mph and a range of 13.7 miles
  • Easily folds down into a sleek design
  • Check Price

Best Electric Scooters for Adults Commuting

Probably the most important reason people invest in a decent ride like those from our best electric scooters for adults lists is because of their commuting capabilities.

Buying guide for choosing adults electric scooter

You get the feel-good benefit of being eco-friendly and the cost-saving advantage of not having to pay for gas every day.

When we thought about the factors that would determine our list, portability and battery life made a big difference.

You want to be able to get to work quickly and still get home if you cannot find a place to get a charge.

You also need the scooter to fold into a small package deal in case you are working out of a cubicle.

Speed wasn’t as important here because you’ll be riding either close to or on sidewalks, and you don’t want to be flying through traffic or crowds as most cities have ordinances that restrict your mph a bit. 

We again found three that fit the bill really well.

Apollo City:

  • 25mph speed with a 28 miles range
  • 39 total pounds and a 600w motor
  • 265lb weight limit
  • Check Price

Buy electric scooter at kaabousa.com
  • 40mph speed with a 45 miles range
  • Powerful 350w motor
  • A little heavier at 65 pounds and a 1000w motor
  • Check Price

EMOVE Cruiser:

  • 30mph speed with a 60 miles range
  • 56 total pounds and a 1000w motor
  • IPX6 - Waterproof
  • Check Price
water proof electric scooter emove cruiser electric scooter

Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults

People who may be on the heavier weight limit of the spectrum are often nervous to try our best electric scooters for adults list because they worry they will break the device.

The good news is that it is most likely not going to happen.

What could occur is the battery gets used up really quickly, and the device just shuts down because it is over capacity.

To avoid this situation, we have a few options for heftier adults that want the freedom of an electric scooter, but not the fragility.

Wolf King

Most of these options are going to be slightly more expensive because the parts hold more capacity, and the motors are stronger.

The Kaabo Wolf King is our top choice with a weight capacity of 330 pounds which can carry most anyone wanting to commute or even a couple of lighter weight adults.

It has a dual 1500w motor and a range of 50 miles.

For those bigger adults that want a bit more off-road capability, you should probably go with the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 with a weight capacity of 330 pounds and a 2400w motor. 

You’ll get way more range of 70 miles at top out at 50mph.

The best value will be the Turboant X7 Pro that we’ve mentioned a few times.

Max weight is 275 pounds, but you get a much more evenly balanced scooter than the others.

Honorable Mentions

We wanted to put in a good word about two more categories real quick:

Buying Guide - How to Choose Best Electric Scooter for Adults

If you’re still on the fence and want to decide for yourself, here are a few of the items and details you should pay close attention to when selecting your own list of the best electric scooters for adults.

Performance & Brakes

Pay close attention to the motor power and speed of your electric scooter option.

For example, you may not need a 45mph scooter if you live in a city that has a cap at 15mph.

Foldable electric scooter for adults

You also might need the 600w beast if you don’t have any hills or carry heavy book bags to and from the office every day.

Find a balance of speed and power that works for your lifestyle and doesn’t violate any local ordinance.

As for brakes, there are three main categories:

  • foot
  • drum
  • and disc

Foot is going full Flintstone and having to rely on your sketchers to come to a stop.

Drum and disc are going to be your best options and if you can get an electric scooter with an electronic brake system and mechanical backup, you’re in excellent safety shape.

Battery & Range

Again, this is going to have to do more with where you live.

Commuting from a few blocks away isn’t going to matter much in the range department unless you are going from borrow to borrow of a major city.

We like a decent 18-25 mile range because that allows for getting to and from work and a few stops in-between.

The battery is a much bigger deal.

Best affordable electric scooters for adults

If you cannot find a location to get a quick charge, you could be stuck trying to push your scooter back home, and that sucks.

You need to consider how long it takes to get a full charge and the overall capacity of your battery life.

Make a judgment call for where you will be spending your time with your electric scooter to see if you’ll need an outlet or not. 

From Experience: The best option is a detachable battery that doesn’t require you to lug your scooter up and down stairs.

Price & Build Quality

This is probably the biggest consideration because whether you like it or not, you probably have a budget you need to stick to.

This is also the easiest way to filter through the many decent options that are out on the marketplace right now.

City commuting adult escooter

Go to any major retailer or an online marketplace like Amazon and filter by price and reviews to see the top options for your wallet size.

Don’t worry; price does not mean quality with electric scooters.

Build quality has a lot more to do with the company and brand making the electric scooter than the actual price tag.

You want a scooter that can hold your weight and are rugged enough to withstand a few bumps and accidents but still have a smooth ride.

This is where reading the consumer reviews really offers valuable insight.

Purpose & Appearance

Are you using this electric scooter for city riding, off-road, or a combination of the two?

Do you have a lot of hills on your rides with sharp inclines?

Does it frequently rain where you live?

Best electric scooters for adults on the market

Understanding the environmental factors and purpose of your purchase will go a long way to helping you make a final decision on the best electric scooters for adults in your own life.

Try to find a healthy balance between climbing ability and tire durability.

How the electric scooter looks makes a big difference to some.

They can often be appearance accessories for those who live in high-traffic areas. By all means, have fun and check out the latest and trendiest designs.

What to Avoid: Just try not to sacrifice too much capability for a bright, flashy outward appearance. A plus in this department is running lights, LED screens, and sleekness.

Everyday Practicality

Do not, we repeat, do not underestimate this category.

There is no reason to purchase a $3,400 electric scooter that can climb Mt. Kilimanjaro while serving you a latte if you are only going to need something reliable and smooth for a short commute.

Adult electric scooters buying guide

Make notes throughout your day and think about what kind of electric scooter would make things easier for you.

This is a lifestyle choice that should enhance your day, not drag it down with too many challenges and e-scooter maintenance requests.

We often tell people to consider the size factor and safety measures here because they’re going to matter!

You need an electric scooter that fulfills your needs but doesn’t get in the way of everyday living.

Available/Additional Accessories

The last item on our electric scooter buying guide relates to what accessories are readily available from the manufacturer in case something breaks on your e-scooter, or you want to add extra flair and features.

Accessories escooter

This can be everything from new tires when yours blow out to enhanced lighting for nighttime rides through poorly lit areas.

One of our favorite electric scooter accessories to look for refers to the deck size.

Anytime you can extend or widen the deck without harming the rideability and smoothness is a plus.

Do yourself a big favor and pick up a secondary battery if you have the detachable option.

It’s a nice benefit to have lying around in case something bad happens.


Thank you for taking the time to read through our best electric scooters for adults article and additional buying guide.

We are proud of the hard work that went into testing and reading hundreds of specs to get a good understanding of the adult electric scooters available on the market currently.

As always, if you want to stay updated on all the latest electric scooter news and product reviews, be sure to come back to VoltageRider for the best safe, fast, and durable electric scooters. 

Thanks again!