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Best Electric Scooters For Adults – 7 First Class Reviews

Reading through this page will be the breakthrough for people who are thinking about best electric scooters for adults and for those who want to find their way on their electric scooter through everyday rush hours and crowded traffic. 

Especially for those who want to END dull commuting and waiting in the traffic jams by riding their e scooter and, what is even more important, by forgetting their cars, FOR GOOD. Electric scooter with seat for adults can help, I'm pretty sure...

This post contains affiliate links. We're an Amazon affiliate. That means that we get small commissions for some items you buy through links in this post. And you don't get higher expenses that way.

And you know what? Wasting time isn’t an option anymore.

At least we mustn’t allow that. Getting to a job is inevitably and why don’t we make it joyful instead boring?

I mean really, it’s on us. If you choose three wheel version of electric scooter boredom is history, FOR SURE.

So let’s see what we can do.

On the market there is an enormous choice and we had to see what’s what.

In other words, we’ve had to find a small group of e scooters that can make your dreams true. And by the way, I truly feel we made it. 

You have different selections here. You can easily find an electric scooter with seat for adults and when it comes to this type of e scooters you will have 2 option.

Next, a three wheel electric scooter is also something you can come across. Even though there is one option, it’s worth it. Stability is certain with 3 wheel electric scooter. That’s for sure.

One important note is that every one of those scooters is a foldable electric scooter for adults. Except one.

These options are so various, yet so powerful in that mission to help you in everyday commute.

They are doing their best, and it’s on us to make the right decision.

And, just think, if you succeed in finding the most practical one for you, required amount of time and money can be dramatically cut.  But, what’s the best part is, a joy can be increased multiple times.

And commuting will turn into rejoicing experience literally over-night.

So, let’s start with reviews.

1. Glion Dolly foldable electric scooters for adults

Here’s something you can rely on when it comes to commuting and practicality in general.

Glion Dolly Foldable is more than e-scooter. Perhaps you wouldn’t say that is the best e-scooter for adults, but I’m sure it’s pretty close.

Seriously close.

So it would be nice to get to the point, instead of praising.

You can be sure that you bouught one of the best electric scooters for adults on the market - if you choose this foldable escooter for adults.

Perfomance - you can count on it for sure

The performances for starters are:

  • 250 Watts brushless electric motor (600Watts PEAK)
  • 15 mph max speed
  • 15 miles range
  • Sony Lithium Ion 36V 6.6 Ah batteries

Well, for that price range, if you ask me, this is promising.

As a manufacturer claims battery will provide you 1000+ cycles and after 3 – 5 years you will need a new battery. Of course, depending on condition and behavior. 

However, that's not all.


  • Aircraft grade aluminum material
  • It weighs 28 pounds
  • 8-inches tires
  • 255 pounds - weight limit

At this point, I have to say that those tires are something special.

Honeycomb technology is applied and if you are interested in this check Best electric scooters!

Long story short, this is something that will stop puncturing tires for good. Sounds good to you? It does to me. However, as I said a moment ago if you are interested in how it works check it.

Something you may not like

This section might be a dealbreaker for you, but hang on...

It's important to hear everything, so you can make your own conclusion.


  • Rear lights – there is no any
  • It’s not 1 or 2 second foldable
  • Slightly rough ride

Folding is something you will have to learn, but it's not rocket science.

It is not lightning fast.

However, IT WORKS PRETTY WELL and it is fast enough if you are not planning to participate in some scooter folding competition. Entering a bus, or putting it in a trunk of your car is a piece of cake. 

The next thing I want to talk to you is practicality in everyday life. You have a front light, kickstand and option to set handlebars in the position that is just right. Also, there is a pedestrian bell.

I’m sure you are grateful for those little things. Because when you buy an electric scooter and you have to plan what else you have to buy it becomes annoying. In this case, everything is there…

All of this is great, but you know what? This is not all about Glion Dolly Foldable. If you want some more info about it, check Best electric scooters right now. 

2. Xiaomi Mijia m365

Unlike some others e scooters, this one is affordable for almost every person who wants to try this type of commuting. Xiaomi scooter will give you everything you want for a reasonable price.

And I don’t want you to just take me by word, down there is something that will clear up the matter for you.

So let’s see what's what.

Lithium batteries will charge in 5.5 hours and will provide you reasonable range up to 18 miles. More about range later.

Next, even though it seems that it is too early for bad news, I don’t think so…

One of the most affordable and best electric scooters for adults on the market. Easy to maintain, cheap to buy, nice to ride and look at.

Is that really bad news?

Well, right away you will find out what are weak points of this scooter.

You can really just conclude that those ones are really no big deal. In my opinion, this is something you can live with easily.

Well, here’s the deal:

  1. Stand deck height (too low for some people)
  2. Inflatable tires (puncture is possible)
  3. Leg push is needed

As I said before, no big deal. And you can wonder, why do I stress mentioning those “drawbacks” as acceptable ones?

Well, firstly, I haven’t spent mucho bucks on a scooter in the first place and investing in metal bottom cover it’s not too bad. Actually, it's great idea... 

Secondly, everyday ride is much more comfortable with those tires and I will be ok if I have puncture or two in a year period.

And thirdly, with that leg push, I will save battery a lot and I’m not some lazy person which find it difficult to do so.

If you are just like me, and you can stand those "flaws" wait for another point. It gets even better…

Well, get back to range…

As I said earlier, a range is around 18 miles and if you are gentle on the throttle, and of course, if landscape allows you, you will get that range easily. If you are close to weight limit and you have a heavy foot there, 13 miles more likely, in my opinion.

Some much better news - performances and features

So, you can ask what are other benefits? Well, wonder no more.

It has 250 Watts brushless motor with peak power of 500 Watts. Acceleration on hills is satisfying, no doubt in that.

As a general rule, everybody wants to fold their e scooter. Mijia is providing that easily. It has a multifunctional bell that helps this scooter to fold and when you try it you will be more than thrilled. Also, high-quality materials are used and believe it or not it is even getting better now.

So, what else?

You have ECO mode at your disposal and it’s great for beginners or people who like to go slower but further. Acceleration is less aggressive and max speed is lower.

Image of e scooter xiaomi parked near the house.

As you can see, the design is something special. Modern, elegant and at the same time used by both sexes. It also can be put in a group of fast electric scooter for adults. With 15.5 mph it’s justified.

Next thing is something I really appreciate.

What xiaomi mijia has is the ability to regenerate energy on downhill sections. Just watch your app and you will see percentage going up. Even though this isn’t something super-crazy I really love that.

App, a headlight, rear brake light and other safety features were very important things while this scooter was in the process of designing.

And you know what? You can take a closer look at Xiaomi Mijia m365 Review in order to inform yourself in more detail.

3. Ojo Electric Scooters for adults

What you are going to see right now is top-notch eco-friendly, sustainable, super modern way of transportation. A first-class design is something you can notice right away. That wing-shaped body and the futuristic look is just top of the iceberg.

When you compare it with classic electric scooters design, this is quite a difference, right? So, let’s talk about some technical details to see if this is a real deal.

These are high-end electric scooters for adults. And you have to invest more money if you decide to choose this one. It's not cheap.

Class for itself - it’s not comparable with others

Well, you get high-performance 500 Watts gear hub electric motor placed in the rear wheel. The manufacturer claims that it will provide you 20 mph and a range of 25 miles. You can be pretty sure that this is easily achievable. Regardless of your weight and “heavy foot”. Speaking of which, a throttle is operated by the thumb.

However, that’s not all.

You will easily conquer hills, no matter how serious those are. Ojo has special electronic sensors which are detecting the moment when you are hitting a hill, and at that moment motor delivers more power. In other words, you will not notice some drastically dropping of power and speed.


It can support 300-pounds rider easily as well. Batteries are 48V 13 Ah and fully protected from water and moisture. When we are in the good news, batteries are removable. And if you choose this scooter you can finally stop worrying about controllers and water… Controllers are waterproof too.

As the matter of fact... 

all components are waterproof.

So, don’t worry on a wet surface. But I would recommend staying away from icy conditions when you are on two wheels in general. However, if you are one of those people, as I am, and you love challenging conditions go for this post -  How to ride electric scooter in winter like a pro!

Ojo weighs 65 pounds and that is something that can be a problem for some people, however, just look at it. It has seriously trendy shape and looks. A frame is made of aluminum, but all these features give weight as well.

This is not some ordinary scooter that has two bars and looks like a stick. This is cool, well-engineered, and a futuristic designed electric scooter which is well-balanced thanks to a low center of gravity.

Tires are 11 inches big and there is seriously heavy duty suspension all over the place. Front and rear. That’s something we can say for disc brakes as well. Strong and reliable.

Some people think that those wheels are too small, but you have to ride it to believe it. That suspension system, high-quality treaded all-weather tires, and handling, in general, speak for itself. Handling is safe, precise, and on top of that, huge fun.

 It’s much more stable than regular electric scooters. Actually, for a class more stable.

Here are some details that really CAN MAKE YOUR DAY


As I said before, you can start your Ojo and you will hear “Ojo On”. By the way, you are starting it by a wireless security key. You are only one that can start it. They took care of security obviously.

There is an alarm system that it will turn on even if there is a slight motion. But, I wouldn’t feel peaceful if I left if outside just secured with that. I was about to say when it comes to securing, the good old chain will do the job. At least I think so.

Cord for charging

If you heard that there is no need to carry a charger around in your bag, you would not believe it. And that’s understandable. But, so far, we have noticed that this is far from an ordinary electric scooter.

What is the case with Ojo is that a retractable cord is integrated into an electric scooter and you just need to pull it out and plug it into standard 110 V electrical outlet. We can say that this is an on-board charger and it’s a good one.


What kind of person are you? You want to sit or stand while you are riding, it’s your choice. You can adjust the height of the seat as well. A seat is more than comfortable, even though some bigger people will maybe have some problems with comfort.

A seat is bolted into the undercarriage with four big bolts. Take your time and take it off if you wish.


Dual speakers will make sure you don’t pass by unnoticed.

Connect your phone and scooter over Bluetooth and enjoy. There is also a USB phone charge option. Everything you can wish for is there. 

And what else? Depending on whether you are starting or shutting down Ojo you will hear: “Ojo on” or “Ojo off”. I know, I know, is it necessary? (you may ask). But its great touch you have to admit.

Futuristic Display

This one is a touchscreen display. And you know what? Even though this is not the most important thing in the world, I have to say it’s amazing.

Data are visible in all weather conditions and here is what you can control it: Three-speed mods, Current distance, Historical distance, Lighting, Sound and Music.

We have ECO, TOURING, and a SPORT mode. Although for me there is only one option (SPORT), I would recommend choosing wisely.

Lights & Body Color

We have front and rear lights. Perhaps front light could be stronger if we are hair-splitters. 

However, a backlight is a serious one. 4 LED bulbs are more than enough to be seen. Another great feature is that is also a braking light. And it’s also working well.

Contact the place from which you want to order one of those because there is a huge choice of colors. There is one for everybody, I'm sure of that.

Downsides - are you ready?

As you are aware, it would be nice if we can point out some things that aren’t so lovely. Otherwise, we can think that we are in a dream and that is everything perfect. Well, it’s not.

First thing is cyclists will hate you. Secondly, there is no folding whatsoever. Thirdly, a price. 

Let me elaborate all this in short


 Cyclists think that this is a regular Vespa-style scooter. And they also think that bike lane is not place for Ojo. Because of that, the speed is limited to 20 mph. But you won’t have enough time to tell them that before they scream at you.


You can just take off a seat, but that’s it. That’s all you can do. This is a scooter you can put in your SUV with seats down or that kind of some bigger space.


It’s pricey. You are aware what you are getting with this one, but some people will give the thumbs down to this because of the price. That’s a fact.

It has a strong price, however, it has a style as well. And not just that. You have just witnessed what Ojo has and that you can count on long distance comfort without any worry whatsoever.

I came to realize that this is a real deal. Currently, this is simply a new form of transportation. Something much more than last mile commute. Something that can wake up in you a desire to join the journey of special commuting. Not just regular and ordinary one.

4. URB-E Folding Electric Scooters for adults

What’s the real story behind URB-E folding e scooter? Well, it’s made in America, designed and built in Pasadena, California.

We can put this one in the section - the coolest electric scooters for adults!

The first thing that is crucial to be mentioned is that this is not an ordinary electric scooter. This is an electric vehicle, as a manufacturer said.

Here's the deal.

Quality, design, and functionality are main points. There are several different models and this one is this top version. This one is made of carbon, US produced SAPA extruded aircraft aluminum and it has features as…

WAIT, what is the most important thing you are looking for in this kind of vehicles?

First things first.

This is promising and despite manufacturer was focusing on quality and design, this is more than impressive. Tires are air filled and comfort is something you can count on. However, some punctures are possible. I’m sure you are aware of it.

But if you ask me, bumpy ride on classic ones can be tiresome. Those tires are the solution. And that’s not all. There is something more. Actually two things.

Beside comfy tires, there is a seat that comes in a full-size shape. That is comfortable as a seat on e-bikes. You can count on it.

And what else?

Well, shock absorbers are here!

Right under the seat. And it does the work. As I said earlier, the manufacturer made one serious job with URB-E. You can be pretty sure that an impact of bumps is significantly reduced every time you sit on it.

Even though URB-E has a seat, shock absorbers and a cool frame it is foldable. And it’s possible to fold it in no time whatsoever. Put it in your trunk or bus without a sweat. 

If you need this in your everyday commute don’t worry. URB-E won’t disappoint you at all.

However, you might be disappointed in the next point...

 Is this a deal-breaker for me?

One thing you don’t get is speedometer and there are no lights as well. Another “problem” might be an absence of cup holders and phone holders. Those are optional accessories. Also, those can be entitled as downsides.

But don’t get confused. Little things are not the main goal of the manufacturer. They aim high with this electric vehicle and when it comes to performances we can become aware of it.

Now, it’s time for another question…

What about performances and what can I expect in everyday commute?

Here’s my theory. People, in general, are attracted by design or they aren't. I have to say, this machine has an extraordinary look. Something we are not used to, however, it’s very bold and fun at the same time. And, in my opinion, because of that is appealing as hell.

I’m totally into it, but without further delay, let’s see.

You’ve fallen in love with this vehicle or you are into this group that hasn’t. There is no third scenario. But what is my honest belief, is that if you are in that second group, following part might change your perception.

So, let’s see some

technical features and performances

  • 350 Watts
  • 20 miles range
  • 18 mph top speed
  • 35 pounds weight
  • 10 inches wheels
  • Key start

Of course, it’s on you to make a decision, but this might help you clear up the matter.

350 Watts electric motor is positioned in the front and sometimes when you ride uphill I suggest you lean forward a bit. What that move does is that you will have a better grip.

URB-E is lightweight and durable. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t get a warranty. Exactly opposite. You will get 12-months warranty. You will get also a battery that is removable and it can be used for charging phones or other devices.

To sum up, you have to be honest with yourself.

What do you need? 

Are you commuter, just a person willing to cruise around to the coffee shop or you are eager to race on your electric vehicle?

It’s hard to find one that will provide all that, but URB-e is close I have to admit. It will be great in all those three scenarios.

As you know, it’s not cheap.

However, it’s perfect for commuters.

It’s designed too cool and crazy.

It’s comfortable and it’ easy to maneuver.

And the best part is that URB-E is an incredible piece of engineering.

I hope all these answers have helped you to decide whether URB-E is for you or not.

What happens when we came across some strongly-built, fast, and cheap electric scooter?

And then after that, we discover that it’s also lightweight, foldable and as silent as a mouse?

Well, I would think that I’m dreaming. And I’m pretty sure you would too.

But, don’t get confused... We are awake and this is right here...

Here are some numbers

  • Power of electric motor – 250 Watts (450W peak power)
  • Batteries – 24V 5.2 Ah
  • Max speed – 17 mph
  • Range – 9 miles

So, what’s the point of all this?

When it comes to price and electric scooters in general? Why is this one so affordable, yet it seems close to perfect?

Well, for starters, this isn't some supercharged beast, and a range is something that can be a deal-breaker for certain people. 

And what else?

Honestly, I’m going to be really short and I’m about to make an obvious point.


  • More effective suspension
  • Bigger wheels would be awesome
  • More power would be perfect

Before you go to the next one, take a look at some other good news:

  • A weight of Gotrax Glider – 18 pounds
  • Dimensions (folded) – 39 x 14.4 x 6.2 inches
  • Charging time – 3h
  • Weight limit – 250 pounds

We have to admit one thing. This is affordable for most people and it gives us ton of features... It's on us to make a call and spend much more if we can't forgive two or three drawbacks...

For example, I don’t have such a difficult route to my job. All I need is to ride few miles to the station, then fold it and then when I get out of bus I have to unfold it and do my last mile. If that’s the case with you, I’m sure you are going to complete 2 working days on one charge.

And, it gets even better.

Also, you will be thrilled about the fact that you haven’t spent an enormous amount of money. Yet, job is done.

So to conclude, Gotrax Glider is a huge fun, practical and very compact at the same time. 

Check out this electric scooter from Gotrax >>> Consider buying Gotrax GXL if you're commuter!

6. IMMOTOR GO Electric Scooters for Adults

Here’s a 3-wheel electric scooter that’s as functional as it’s pretty. Nicely designed, practical and full of modern features. Nowadays we are looking for that kind of stuff. We have to be honest, right?

Well, let’s get started.

Immotor Go has its own operating system, it is connected with user phone and data can be stored, supervised and shared as well. What that system makes intelligent is the ability to shut down all if there is any detected danger at all. These are pretty high-tech electric scooters for adults.

For example, if some accident or crash occurs. Data will be saved...

What are the numbers?

Let’s talk about performances and safety features.

LET'S SEE CLOSELY what you can have if you made your mind to choose this one

  • Max speed – 16 mph
  • Charging time – 2.5 hours
  • Number of modes – 3
  • Range – 16 miles
  • Brushless hub electric motor – 350 Watts
  • Batteries – 48V 136 Wh
  • 31 pounds
  • Possible hills – 15 degrees
  • Weight support – 300 pounds

Sounds good to you? For me it’s fine. However, it gets even better....

Tires are flat-free and you can go wherever you want. But it would be nice to stay on road. Even rough road will seem like a canyon. Yes, it has suspension and even adaptive one, but it’s made for smooth surfaces. And not for destroyed pavement.

Headlights are great, very memorable. And you can adjust the brightness level of these LED lights as well. Rear one is also there. But don’t rely on this one when is pitch darkness. Also, you can order Weather Resistant Utility Backpack - as extra option...

A height of handlebars is an adjustable and even really tall person can ride it easily without worrying about back pain. Another great feature - Bluetooth speakers. Not so necessary, but for sure, can deliver some extra pleasure. A horn is also there.

When it comes to acceleration and braking you have to practice a bit. Brakes are electronic ones and maybe just beginners have to practice indeed. Someone who used to this kind of braking won’t have any problems whatsoever.

Either way, commands are pressure sensitive. That means that when you pressure that brake lever it will break more intense. The same story goes with a gas lever.

Good news is that you can really easily navigate through tight space without having a headache that you will hit someone…or something.

Here is "the end of the road" for some people


Price is obviously an issue for some people.... Of course that Immotor Go has almost everything, but for some people this is to much...

However, for some people it is crucial to look slick and elegant while they are entering a train, office or school.

And those people aren't scared of that price.

Plastic parts

Plastic is something that can ruin impression. But it weighs enough. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s ok if they use plastic to save the weight.

We have to be real, even the most successful car comapanies use plastic parts on body to save weight.

Same story here.


Folding is a piece of engineering. And yes, it seems a bit complicated. Maybe for some too much. But, why does this matter?

Because some people have problems with free space and they need to fold their scooter as much as possible. No matter how complicated it seems...Practicality is “numero uno” for them.

And that people will be ok with this 5-second folding system.


Either way, everyone knows what to look for and what they really need.

Check out this video to see how it looks to have one of these...

These smart batteries are worth mentioning. You have two and those ones are removable. You can take those out and use for charging your other devices, mobile phones, tablets as well. Also, smart batteries are TSA compliant.

Another fact is more than impressive.

The smart battery is impact resistant as well. Not just water resistant. The metal case is more than capable to protect the battery from damage.

Look, this is crazy.

In this e scooter, there is a microchip that can detect some abnormal situation and cut off power connection in order to protect battery and data. Abnormal temperatures, pressure, accident…

In connection area, there are two areas. One is power connection and another is data connection. When a battery is connected with the Immotor Go then machine detects battery and only then power is activated. In other words, there is no voltage in power connection area and the smart battery will be activated only after the Immotor go give “permission”.

Battery management system

What does that mean actually?

What that system is doing is non-stop monitoring data of each cell and trying to provide optimal performance. Current, temperature of each cell and, of course, voltage and level of discharge. This is actually the high-tech level of doing things.

You can buy separately smart battery

The number one question should be: Why everyone doesn’t do what these guys do?

Smart batteries are also tested before sale. Every battery after production going through 3 cycles of charging and discharging.

While this is happening, a software monitors all data and if only one small thing goes wrong they automatically abort mission of sale.

This is one stunningly designed 3 wheel electric scooter for adults. You don’t need to have great skills.

Even a total beginner will learn in no time to ride it. And after short time everyone falls in love with this e scooter.

Suddenly, the last mile, the first mile becomes a ridiculous term, and we came to realize that Immotor Go is, in fact, for every mile.

It is portable, safe and fun. And it might be on the way to become a revolution in personal transportation.

Partu e scooter is fast enough, foldable and it falls into seriously-affordable electric scooters for adults. If you want to save up some buck and make some compromises here and there, this might be one of the best e scooters out there for you.

Here’s the deal.

What you are getting is this:

  • 3.7 – 7.4 miles range
  • speed up to 16 mph
  • 198 pounds weight limit
  • 250 Watts electric motor (front wheel)

The battery is placed in the vertical tube and has 5.2 Ah. Partu needs 4 hours for a full charge and it weighs 25 pounds.

If you ask me, for this amount of money, so far so good. However, it gets better.

A braking system is more than effective and you also get an auxiliary brake on the rear.

It has IP55 and now you are going to learn once for all what that means.

IP stands for “Ingress Protection” and that is standard that is saying that enclosure of the scooter will be protected at some level on another. Depending on a number that stands next to IP.

Here’s the case 55.

That means that water from nozzle or sprinkler won’t have a harmful effect on electric parts. In other words, it is resistant, not waterproof. Deepwater and some strong pressured water is not the smartest move in the world.

The good news continues to come – Features that PARTU has

A headlight can illuminate a distance of 78 inches. Just for you to know, and decide whether you need additional one or not.

And notice that you have a small hook to hang bags when you go home from the grocery shop.

There are also some other features

that are more than welcome

  • 24 months warranty
  • 5 inches tires
  • High-quality aluminum frame
  • Ultra-fast folding system
  • Clear LED display screen
  • Dual shock absorption
  • Kickstand

Now, you'll learn how gears work.

There are 3 gears:

  1.  6.8 – 8.7 mph
  2. Up to 13 mph
  3. Up to 16 mph

You can enter factory mode by pressing shift down and shift up at the same time. There are settings from P0 to P8.

For example, with P4 you can adjust km or miles and in P8 mode you can limit speed.

But, there is a catch.

Do not touch P0 settings. This applies to safety feature when something goes wrong it will do shutting down in order to protect device.

Suggested value is 21.5.

Potentially bad news about these electric scooters for adults

As a general rule, everything has something that can spoil (a bit) everything, don't you think so? 

Here’s the same story, and I want to point out some downsides as well:

  • There is no proper rear light you can rely on
  • There is no key for start
  • A battery is NOT removable
  • A bit rough ride
  • Kickstart is needed

You can’t expect much from 5-inches tires. However, you won’t have a flat tire. So there is something to gain as well from this rough ride.

And yes, one more thing. When you decide to change tires use ones for Swagtron. It might fit.

While you are going uphill a slight leg push is advisable and I strongly recommend not to exceed 198 pounds weight limit. Even I recommend 170 or 180-pounds rider for this one. One reason, of course, is the range, and another is performances.

When your battery dies you can use PARTU as a kick scooter easily. As a note, it is important to say that when your battery is in low-power mode it will have a lower speed as well.

The arrival of desired scooter

Well, if you made a decision to buy PARTU electric scooter this is what you get in a box:

  • 1x screwdriver
  • 2 x screws
  • 3 x hexagonal wrenches
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x adapter

Obviously, you will have to do some assembly. It’s not so difficult, just follow instructions.

The handles are installed as a silencer to the weapon. That is something that is irrelevant, yet so cool...

What to do? Partu or not?

To conclude, this is not an extreme electric scooter. If you are planning to ride in that way this might be the wrong choice for you.

So, I really hope you won’t make that catastrophic mistake.

On the other hand, if you want lightweight, quiet and not expensive electric scooter that has clean-looking design this is close to be perfect.


After you’ve looked at everything, it might be a good idea to see things from different perspectives. It’s not all about practicality or about speed. And for sure, it’s not all about look either. So, I want to show you some useful ways of evaluating different features and aspects in general.

All you really have to do is go through this value section and check all viewpoints. You might find the answer to some little issue or make the final decision. If you ask me, it’s a win-win situation.

Anyway, let’s get started.

Making my own selection - The First Step

The first thing I want to talk about is a type of e scooter you really want to ride.

There are actually three scenarios:

1.    Seated version

2.    Regular e scooter

3.    3-wheeled e-scooter

Well, right away I want to make an obvious point. Some people want to ride in standing position. That is a reason, in the first place, they have decided to look for e scooter. And you can’t blame them. In fact, it would be even better if I have 3 wheels because of extra stability.

So, what’s the point of all this?

Well, to eliminate seated versions and help yourself to make fast, but what is the most important the right decision.

Next scenario could be >>> "I’m so tired of cars and buses and I want to commute on my e-scooter all day long. However, I don’t want to stand throughout all my journey. In the end, I have chosen this just because I want to enjoy commuting, not to be tired at the beginning of my shift. And, honestly, I have some issues with my legs circulation and I need to be in seated position."

This is just thought process you can use on the way to your own conclusions.

Do you get the point?

I’m sure you do. So, this short, but thorough selection of e scooter will be helpful and worthy a large group of people.

At least it was our sincere intent.

How much am I ready to invest in electric scooter for adults? - The Second Step

Yes, I think I’ve used the right word.

Well, in fact, I have a theory about all this. When it comes to spending and investing.

When I’m planning to get a helmet I don’t look at that action as spending or buying. And by the way, in worst case scenario (which some people do) look at that as wasting money.

If I want to ride 30 mph or more I want to protect my head. Not just put some cheap lousy replica of a helmet on my head and look like I am protected, but really protect it.

So I became aware that price tag is not important in relation to the level of safety that helmet will provide me. So, I look for one that will really do the job and “return” my money in having no injuries or worse.

Same story here.

We are aware that we are spending a huge amount of money on cars, registrations, maintenance, car parks, some unexpected damage and so on.

And yes, I almost forgot one little thing; FUEL!!! Because of all that I use word investing. It is certain that e-scooter is going to pay off and not just that. Besides that, it will provide you something that is hard to count or even describe. 

Freedom and joyful commuting.

One reason I’m reminding you of everything is the fact that the right decision is not based on price. But rather than price, you should decide whether or not you really need that kind of e scooter.

Why does this matter?

For exampleGOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter is one of the best choices out there. Yes, it provides a bit shorter range, but if you have some short route and you want quality-built model this might be the right choice for you. Regardless of range and speed which is not enough for some people...

So, be aware what you really need, and go for it. 

What attracted me the most? - The Third Step

Look. I know, I know. It does matter how e-scooter looks.

This point is the last, but not the least.

But, what are the benefits?

It’s actually more than obvious. One reason is, of course, our own enjoyment and, another reason is an opinion of other people.

They will be all watching at you. Maybe jealousy, maybe well-intentioned views, who knows. But what is for sure you will not pass undetected.

You will get some views, even approaches by other people who are interested in these. And that will be more than fun. If you are riding Ojo or URB-e you know what I'm talking about.

On the other hand, if you want to glide, be casual, under the radar and elegant PARTU, GOTRAX, Mijia, and Glion will provide you that.

Laest news about Lime electric scooters!

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And feel free to get back to this page later...

So, I really hope you enjoyed going through this selection. Our main goal was; Clearing up this matter, when it comes to e scooters for adults, of course. And let you have enough choice, yet not too big one.

Sure thing is that nobody wants to be drowning in enormous selection.

Anyway, we’ve covered huge scope. All price ranges, types and performances are available.

Hope you enjoyed, and wish you all luck in the journey of looking for your new electric companion. I’m sure you will succeed in that pursuit.