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Electric scooter storage ideas and tips

How to Store Electric Scooter like a Pro? [Must Apply]

In this post, you’re going to master providing your electric scooter with the storage it deserves.


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People complain about poor riding experiences after several months of leaving their e-scooter idle, or after the winter.

Those people aren’t aware of the things that they need to do when it comes to storing electric scooters.

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Good & Bad News About Electric Scooter Storage

There’re steps you need to take if you aspire to extend the life of your or your child’s favorite electric scooter.

It doesn’t matter if you have a cheap or astonishingly expensive electric scooter – you need to take care of it.

Bad news: There’s a procedure you need to follow and some things you need to learn.

Great news: The concept is simple – there are no complicated steps. Everything is in one place for you. You could use it as a guideline or a reminder if you stuck somewhere.

I have to confess something...

…this fact about electric scooter storage bugs me the most.

Way too many people express their pleasure from having an e-scooter, but once in a while, I see someone treating their electric scooter poorly.

I suggest you apply everything from this post and learn how to store your electric scooter the way it deserves.

Let’s start with the plan of action if you want to thank your electric vehicle.

The Most Important Step – Taking Care of the Battery

Electric scooter battery life is the number one thing you need to focus on.

How long will your battery last?

Well, you have to know how many charge/discharge cycles your battery has.

Let’s suppose your battery has 500 cycles. That means that after 500 charge/discharge cycles, your battery performance will drop to around 80 percent of its original capacity.

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Numerous factors will affect on your battery. Here, we’re going to focus on prolonging your battery life as much as possible.

You Need to Charge Your Battery Properly

Do not charge it if it is below 0 Celsius or 32 F.

Bring it inside to warm it up a bit. If you charge it while it's cold, you might start a chemical process inside that will damage your battery.

Pro Tip

If you want to use all cycles, use only the original electric scooter battery charger.

You can find chargers for Razor, Swagtron, Xiaomi and other electric scooters on Amazon.

For example, here's a charger for the Xiomi Mijia m365 on Amazon.

This one is for Bird scooters and Lime scooters as well.

Quick note: Make sure you find the one that is compatible with your electric scooter.

The next thing you need to do is to charge it between 50%-70%.

DO NOT charge it fully to 100%.

Some people think that it is healthier for the battery, but the truth is exactly the opposite.

You’re going to diminish your life cycle capacity. If you charge it between 50%-70%, you will have the perfect storage voltage, which is healthy for the battery. Proper storage of your electric scooter is necessary if you want to prolong the life of your little machine.

This is the right way if you’re wondering how to charge an electric scooter battery. If you're wondering if you can use an electric scooter without battery, the truth is, you can.

But the level of suffering you’ll experience while you are trying to leg-push it all the way depends on the weight of your e-scooter.

How to Storage an Electric Scooter Battery - Keep It in Good Shape

This way, when the time for buzzing around comes, you and your electric friend will be ready for fun.

How to storage electric scooter battery

Take care of your battery properly

Unfortunately, this is not the only thing.

Have a seat. This is going to take some of your time if you want to learn how to store an electric scooter properly.

Take the battery out of your electric scooter. You don’t want to leave it inside. This way, you’ll be able to see if there is something wrong with the wires or battery before you put it to rest.

In my opinion, if you’re planning to store it for an extended period, put it in a bag.

Here are fireproof and waterproof bags that can prevent a fire in your home, and prevent your basement from burning, or worse...

You can choose. There are some bigger ones as well.


...precautions are the best strategy!

These bags will also prevent dirt from getting into the battery, which could also cause a fire.

Only need to pay attention to dimensions before you buy one!

Gotta tell you that the “set it and forget it” mindset really helped me to not worry too much.

And there’s only one action you need to take. Recharging it every two or three months is the best.

The battery is an essential part of your electric scooter, and you need to act like a responsible person.

That way your battery won’t let you down when you need it the most.

How to Store an Electric Scooter - Cleaning Before Storing

An easy way to figure out if there is anything wrong with your e-scooter is regular maintenance and cleaning.

That way you’ll notice anything that might be a problem in the future, like cracks, corrosion, dents and scratches.

How to clean and storage electric scooter

Cleaning electric scooter before storaging is crucial

Here is a post that will open your eyes when it comes to cleaning and maintenance: Electric Scooter Maintenance - How to Maintain an Electric Scooter.

Use a damp piece of old cloth and wipe the entire electric scooter. Inspect everything and search for potential problems.

When was the last time you did that?

If your answer is, a long time ago (or even worse – never), you need to take that step.

It’s time to start taking care of your electric friend. You can also use spray that prevents corrosion when you clean it. After learning all the steps, you'll be able to teach your friends how to store their electric scooters like a professional.

Pack Your Electric Scooter – Cheap Electric Scooter Storage Solution

After you have inspected, cleaned your electric scooter and taken care of battery, it’s packing time. You can find a cool electric scooter storage rack for cheap.

It doesn’t matter if it stays in a shed or a basement, you need to protect it. It’s a smart move to put it in a bag and leave it preserved.

You can even build an electric scooter storage box just for your scooter. If you’re ready for a DIY afternoon, you can build something in your shed pretty quickly.

This might be one of the best electric scooter accessories out there.

An electric scooter backpack is the perfect solution if you’re carrying it around or traveling. It’s an extremely useful e-scooter storage bag you need to have if you're a serious e-scooter rider.

If you like how this electric scooter looks, here's everything you need to know –

The Incredible Xiaomi Mijia m365!

However, even if you’re planning to store your electric scooter over the winter, this is an incredible solution.

You can use the tips from this post if you're planning to store a Xiaomi m365.

This is what you’re going achieve:

  • You’ll protect it from dirt and filth
  • You’re going to prevent damage (marks and scratches)
  • You’ll reduce moisture

The concept is simple. By using an electric scooter carry bag, you’re going to avoid lots of negative factors that might destroy your small vehicle.

The performance of your electric scooter will be significantly higher if you apply every piece of advice you can.

Do as much as you can for your e-scooter and it will pay you back with a smile.

The Perfect Place to Store Your Electric Scooter

This is not a technical question. It’s simple. It’s basic. And it’s crucial if you want to learn how to store an electric scooter the right way!

Not a great place to store your electric scooter over the winter

A shed without heating - not so great solution for storing your electric scooter

I'll share some of the most practical electric scooter storage ideas with you.

Stay with me!

After you’ve done everything from the beginning of this post, it is time to close the case. It’s equally important to tell you what places you must avoid. Storing a scooter outside is not smart.

Also, here are some examples to avoid:

  • A basement full of moisture
  • A shed without heating
  • Areas next to a heat source
  • Extremely cold or hot areas
  • Areas prone to flooding

I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your electric scooter away from these places.

The thing is that your battery and all the other components will suffer if you didn’t avoid those areas.

So, let’s see where to store electric scooter like a pro!

THE BEST PLACES for storing your electric scooters are:

  • Areas around 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit)
  • Dry areas (no moisture whatsoever)
  • Clean areas (without dirt and dust)

If you can think of one or two places in your home that have these conditions – GREAT. You're going to store your electric scooter easily.

Some people hang scooters on wall. You can find an electric scooter wall holder on Amazon or other places where you likely buy everyday things. Lots of people are satisfied with the Xiaomi scooter wall mount.

It’s cheap, practical, easy to install and, best of all, it looks cool having my favorite scooter on my wall. That’s something real e-scooter fans will enjoy. 

A warm shed, or maybe an attic without dust or an isolated area in a heated workshop. Those are great strategies, especially for Razor scooters. Some of these have chains and you don’t want to see rust come spring.

These are the best electric scooter storage ideas.

I don’t know what options you have, but respect the conditions your electric scooter needs. You must plan for the storage of your electric scooter over the winter. That way you will ride your scooter for years and keep it in perfect condition.

And when the time for riding coming again, your electric machine will be powerful and ready.

Back on the Road with Your Electric Scooter

The time has come. Winter is over and you want to enjoy it again.

When you get back to your electric friend, there are few things you have to do before hitting the road.

Riding electric scooter in the city

A couple is riding electric scooter in the city

First, it’s advisable to fully charge the battery just to be sure that everything is OK.

Also, check connectors and the battery area on the e-scooter. Make sure that there’s no corrosion or moisture.

The most important rule when it comes to this part is that is everything is dry and clean – with no corrosion, moisture or dust.

Put your battery back in and you’re ready to go.

Second, check the tires because it’s more than possible that you’ll need some additional air. After a few months, it’s perfectly reasonable that air leaves the tires.

Now you’re ready to hit the road again and enjoy the ride.


A man standing on electric scooter

Can you store an electric scooter outside?

Not really. If you want to stop riding for a while, it’s smart to put it somewhere dry, warm and clean. You need at least a shed. Or a dry basement. Over the winter, you can’t leave it in cold shed or outside.

Can you keep an electric scooter in a house over winter?

Yes. That’s the best option. Keep it in a box, rack or bag. Put it in a room that is warm and dry.

What are the best places to store an e-scooter over the winter?

The best places to store an electric scooter are a basement, shed, attic or any other place that is dry and warm. If it is not clean, you need to put the scooter in a bag, or a box at least. You don’t want your scooter to be full of dust in the spring. Also, follow all the other steps to store your electric scooter like a pro.

Can I ride an electric scooter in the winter?

If you don’t want to store your electric scooter over the winter, you don’t have to. Riding an electric scooter in bad conditions is possible, just focus on the essentials when it comes to riding an electric scooter in the winter.

Everything you need to know about storing electric scooter

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Final Thoughts

There’s a procedure to follow if you want to learn how to store your electric scooter the way it deserves. Use this advice and take care of your electric vehicle.

What’s more, if you take all the steps and apply them, you’ll end up with one powerful and functional electric scooter. It's important to learn as much as you can about your electric scooter’s battery.

Electric scooters provide us a tremendous amount of freedom and happiness. The least we can do is to take care of them when they need it the most.

I hope you will share these electric scooter storage tips with someone who love electric scooters as much as we do.

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