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Riding electric scooter in winter

How to Ride Your Electric Scooter in Winter – Techniques, Steps & Tips

Riding an electric scooter precisely is a piece of cake when conditions are perfect.

However, when it comes to the electric scooter riding experience in the winter, everything changes.

Suddenly, everything becomes more laborious and more difficult...


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Almost impossible riding conditions for riding electric scooter on the snowy city street

If you want to ride electric scooter in conditions like this - you have to know few things

And if this picture doesn't scare you (when it comes to riding), you are in the right place.

When a temperature drops below zero and we get instant freezes, operating an electric scooter is quite different.

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But what separates us from the crowd is the fact that WE DON’T WANT TO STOP.

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You Don't Need to Stop Riding Your Electric Scooter in the Winter

We want to ride, and we can also see that temperature has a significant impact on us. I’m sure that you are aware that your electric scooter suffers in winter as well.

And it’s on us to make a move and learn WHAT STEPS we have to take to protect our ride and ourselves from the enemy that is the cold..

This is going to be a post about protecting ourselves and our scooter from the cold.

PAYING ATTENTION to these two aspects is crucial.

In other words, staying warm and safe, and having our scooter in proper condition for the spring, have to be OUR PRIMARY GOALS.

I hope that you want to have good health for yourself and your scooter after winter as well.

Sound good to you?

If so, TAKE A CLOSER LOOK at the following points…

This post is perfect for you if you don't want to storage your electric scooter over the winter.

Winter Tips for Electric Scooter Riding - Pay Attention to These Things

If we have an extreme idea, like riding in winter, we have to be aware that this is not for everybody. Cold is one thing, obviously, and that can be a problem.

Secondly, the problem could be the list of things you should do.

For some people, this could be hard and boring. However, if you came so far and you are still reading, I’m sure that you are ready for action.

Get ready for electric scooter snow tips.

So, let’s get started…

Things I Can Do for My Electric Scooter in Winter

As you are aware, the conditions are quite different. So, we can’t behave like we are riding in summer.

Humidity is higher, and visibility is lower, roads are dangerous, and so on…

You know all that, I’m sure.

But here’s something else.

Other participants, and by that I mean drivers, in numerous situations DON’T EXPECT anyone to ride their scooters in such a dreadful conditions.

BECAUSE OF THAT, their driving decisions are in some cases by instinct, and that could be a problem for you if you are not careful.

Either way, some steps have to be taken, and maintenance has to be more intense and more regular.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Using the right tires
  • Battery maintenance
  • Cleaning the electric scooter in winter
  • Easy and useful tips you can use

Things I Can Do for Myself

Preparing your electric scooter for harsh conditions is essential, but you have to watch out for yourself as well. By that, I mean CLOTHING. Prepare yourself to ride your electric scooter in snow.

What happens when you forget to prepare yourself is that you’ll regret it after five minutes of riding.

And then TWO SCENARIOS can occur.

THE FIRST ONE is that you quit your ride and are grumpy all day long because of it.

And THE SECOND ONE is that you continue to ride.

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I have a theory that most of us who love riding in less hostile conditions will not quit.

However, that is a problem, and some serious problems will appear. Freezing is one, of course, but in the worst-case scenario, WE CAN CRASH MORE EASILY.

After some time, our fingers or feet can be entirely frozen, and that is the only thing we think about.

We are not focused on riding, and our reflexes are dead, and our fingers don’t allow us to brake or corner that easily or quickly.

Here are some things we have to be aware of:

  • Riding Style
  • Riding Time
  • Clothes
  • Safety Equipment

Step-by-Step Tips for Electric Scooter Riding in Winter

Snow and ice on road

Slippery, dangerous and extreme conditions - That's how we like it

Here is step-by-step advice and so much more that you can do to make winter riding more comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Using the Right Electric Scooter Winter Tires

Tires are the only thing that between you and the surface. Be sure that those tires are safe enough.

What does that mean?

TIRE TREAD has to be for winter, and the shape is not the only important thing.

It is also crucial for a tire to be soft enough.

IN LOW TEMPERATURES, tires have to be soft because they will be stable enough and will not slip easily. If it is hard at low temperatures, you will feel like you are riding plastic tires.

An easy way for you to determine if your tires are good is to squeeze the tire and see is there any softness. If there it is, you are ready to go.

2. Electric Scooter Winter Battery Maintenance

Before you go to ride, make sure it is fully charged. In cold weather, your range is reduced.

As a general rule, performance is reduced as well.

It is important to follow these rules when it comes to batteries:

  • Make sure that your battery isn’t cold before charging
  • After every ride, bring the battery somewhere the temperature is above 5 Celsius
  • Increase the number of charges
  • Never heat your electric scooter battery (get it inside and let it gradually warm up)

Some will tell you that these are GOLDEN RULES, at least recommended.

However, for me, this is the price we pay if we want to ride an electric scooter in winter.

And believe me, this price is nothing compared to pleasure that riding in winter will give you.


When you notice a range drop and it’s not what you used to have when it was warm outside DON’T WORRY. If you respect all these points above, everything should be back to normal after winter.

3. Electric Scooter Winter Cleaning

After every ride, your scooter will be filthy. You should clean everything before letting it rest.

It’s as simple as that. You have all kinds of products at your disposal that can help you with that.

FOR EXAMPLE, there is a spray you can use on all steel parts to prevent corrosion, or at least slow it down.

Furthermore, there is grease for battery maintenance you can use to prevent water or moisture from entering the wire area.

You can use water, of course, but BE CAREFUL. You have to know that your electric scooter can be water-resistant, but it’s not waterproof.

Only submerge waterproof parts. Electronic parts can be only resistant in some ways.

If you are interested in learning how to maintain your scooter, especially washing, check this post: How To Maintain Your Electric Scooter.

One reason, of course, is that you don’t want to leave your scooter dirty.

The second one, and in my opinion, far more important, is that you will protect parts in the long run.

So, if you want to keep your scooter running, DON’T SKIP THIS STEP.

Wash it, dry it and keep it waiting for another crazy ride.

4. Easy and Useful Electric Scooter Winter Tips

Tips for riding electric scooter in winter

These tips will be beneficial for you & your electric scooter

Let’s talk about some hacks and improvements you can do in no time that provide a much better experience.

Some of these electric scooter snow tips require time, some small amount of money, and some just need to be applied.

This isn’t hard work, just SMART MOVES. 

So, pay attention on the following points...

If your rims allow you and you have disc brakes, you can use zip ties to create a better grip on a snowy surface

If you don’t have fenders, install them, buy them or DIY (don’t ride without them, if you do, it will be one dirty, dirty ride)

Use a hairdryer to dry places that could be filled with water (NOTE* don’t overuse it, just a mild stream from a distance)

Use a stronger headlight and put it on BLINKING MODE

Charge your electric scooter battery AFTER EVERY USE

Maybe doing all this seems like a big deal, but after a while, it becomes a habit.

And what’s more, it becomes a good habit. 

The benefits are numerous.

Your electric scooter will LAST LONGER, it will be functional all the time and you will become an expert in riding and understanding of how things work. 

Be Visible/Seen in Traffic

All you need to do is to find a powerful headlight to be visible.

I found something I prefer (Cycle Torch Shark 500), but there are so much more great options available.

And I don’t care if it is daylight, in winter, visibility is low, and drivers have to notice you right away.

Remember that they don’t expect you to be riding in those conditions, so YOU HAVE TO BE VERY VISIBLE all the time.

5. Electric Scooter Winter Riding style

Well, now we have arrived at the point where we have to put a question mark on ourselves. There’s no point to all this if we have an UNSUITABLE RIDING STYLE.

So, what happens if your riding style is the same as in the summer?

I can tell you what will happen —you’ll CRASH. Right away.

What we have to do is change it — just like our tires or clothes.

We need to adapt to current conditions.

But DON’T WORRY, this isn’t nuclear physics, just something we have to apply and respect.

This short list will clear up this matter in no time at all:

  • Ride steady (without sudden movements or aggressive maneuvers)
  • Ride defensively (expect others to make mistakes and correct other people’s mistakes)
  • Avoid riding through deep water (like in a pothole)
  • On crossroads, make eye-contact with other participants (perhaps they didn’t see you)
  • If you can’t avoid riding in the dark, make yourself visible as though you are airport runway or a Christmas three

Teach your kids all about these techniques as well. Give them a chance to learn them early on so they can be safe throughout life. Learn more about the topic of electric scooter safety for children.

IF YOU ARE WONDERING what the benefits are, I will tell you right away.

A less stressful ride, less drama, a more enjoyable ride, less damage, fewer injuries, saving time and money…

6. Electric Scooter Snow Clothes

You need to have good clothes if you want to ride electric scooter in winter.

You need to look like her if you're thinking about riding e-scooter in winter

When I want to ride in the winter, my first thought is how cold is outside? What do I have to put on and is there any wind?

Those kinds of things. It's not enough only to only follow electric scooter winter tips to protect your precious machine. 

You need to protect yourself as well. Riding an electric scooter in snow requires an appropriate outfit.

Proper Outfit

Maybe it seems to you like something you used to hear from your grandmother and mother when you were younger.

And I don’t want to BORE YOU TO DEATH. At least, that isn’t my intention. So, let’s see how it will turn out.

Of course, I don’t want to die because of hypothermia, as I can hear my mother saying, and that’s all understandable. But I see A MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM HERE.

And I will share my thoughts right now.

When my destination is just 15 minutes away, sometimes I get on my e-scooter without gloves or a windproof jacket.

And I know that I can’t get hypothermia in that short time.

Maybe near the Atlantic Ocean, it is possible, but in traffic, I am pretty sure I can’t.

Even though we aren’t thinking about problems in the future, we must be aware of some pain we can experience many years later.

If we DON’T WEAR a pair of windproof pants and jacket while we are riding in negative temperatures, we might have problems with knees and bones after many years.

So, be careful, and DRESS PROPERLY for every cold ride.

This is what I experienced…

After just three to five minutes in sub-zero conditions, I can’t feel my fingers and ears. Ok, for ears it’s not a big deal, I mean I didn’t plan to do anything with them.

On the other hand, fingers were a different story. I needed those for braking and steering.

After 10 minutes, fingers and hands were paralyzed. When I wanted to apply the brake, it wasn’t something I couldn’t call safe. I didn’t have control at all.


It became VERY DANGEROUS. If you fall on frozen hands, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to conclude that some fractures will occur.

To prevent this, cycling gloves are perfect. Those are windproof and thin. You can operate brakes and the throttle smoothly. Respecting all tips regarding outfit and electric scooters in the winter is crucial if you want to be healthy and safe on electric scooter.

A thin windproof jacket and clothes in layers are so important.

List of the Things You Need

You can see what I use when it comes to negative temperatures, and I haven’t had any problems so far. Having electric scooter accessories like this might be one of the best tactics if you want to make your ride more comfortable. 

This is THE LIST:

  • Winter Gloves
  • Windproof jacket
  • Windproof pants
  • Skiing helmet
  • Skiing glasses
  • Regular glasses

The important thing is that if it’s not too cold in your area, do not overdress.

However, if the temperature is negative, this stuff might be beneficial for you.

7. Riding Time

Riding electric scooter in winter is hard, but possible.

Apply these tips and ride in conditions like this

I am going to be honest with you. It's not a smart decision to ride all day around on ice and in dreadful weather in general. The exact electric scooter winter riding time is relevant. And not everything is black and white.

FOR ONE THING, riding conditions are hazardous, AND FOR ANOTHER, you don’t want to become an ice statue after a whole day on your electric scooter.

Riding between cars is risky and if you are doing that for hours, that could be dangerous.

Just go out and ride where you need to be, and that’s it.

IF YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN for a more extended period go off-road  or on some tracks.

However, as I said before, look out for the range. It will drop in cold weather.

8. Safety Equipment

Now, let’s make the obvious point. E-scooter safety is welcome even on beautiful, sunny days.

And you can see why I stress safety so much when it comes to riding in winter.

I’ll be short and precise, don’t worry:

  • Helmet
  • Backlight
  • Glasses
  • Elbow and knee protection

In the section about clothes, I pointed out that you need a helmet.

It is necessary and now I am going to show you what options you have here. A regular scooter helmet is enough. 

But in that case, you need something for your ears as well. You might need something like this bandana if you are sensitive and want to protect your ears.

I have to admit I am…

There is also a second options — a ski helmet. In that scenario, you already have protection for your ears. It’s up to you to make a decision about what is more suitable for you.

More Impressive Solutions

The next thing I want to discuss is the backlight. Have you ever heard people talk about the fact that these backlights are too low?

Of course you have. That’s not safe, but an electric scooter has that kind of design.

What can we do?

Well, you have to put some light on your back or put light on helmet from the back. You might already have one on your bicycle. Just use it and then put it back. If you don’t have one, this may be the solution for you.

GLASSES are also vital because when it’s cold, tears will form in your eyes when you ride your electric scooter in winter. That's because of the speed and icy air.

You know what I mean. And then it’s almost impossible to see clearly.

Because of that, you need cycling glasses OR skiing glasses.

Elbow and Knee Protectors

The last one is for people who love to go off-road or camping for a more extended period...

...or for those who like to do donuts or tricks on slippery surfaces.

It might also be the right decision for those who want to try to ride in the winter for the first time as well.

Elbow and knee protectors really can save you from pain and injuries.

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD that someone said: “I fell three years ago on my knee badly, and even today I can feel the pain.”

I don’t want to be in pain all day at work after a nasty fall, and boy do I don’t want to be in pain after three years, either.

And, think about probability of falling on the icy or snowy surface.

So, invest in those and be safe.

If you want to ride your electric scooter in snow, you really need all of that. Be safe and healthy.

Electric Scooters for Winter - Our Top Picks

Here you’re going to see what the best electric scooters for snow are. These are not the cheapest e-scooters you’re going to find. It’s totally the opposite.

These are some of the most expensive electric scooters you will came across. You are aware that you need a reliable and powerful electric scooter during winter riding. 

And that costs money.

Let’s take a look at the best options.

Qiewa Q Power – Try This Electric Scooter During Winter

This one is powerful, waterproof, reliable and perfectly stable for slippery conditions. Perfect for winter. However, it’s the perfect all weather electric scooter as well.

Tires are wide and treaded. The battery has great range at 55 miles. But in very cold conditions, don’t expect to go that far. But even if you don’t get that much, the range is good enough.

Here’s what you get:

  • 3,200 Watts
  • 11-inch off-road pneumatic tire
  • 56 mph max speed
  • 55 miles range
  • Disc brakes

When it comes to winter, you need these Qiewa Q Power electric scooter snow tires.

They will keep you safe. And when winter passes, you can unleash the full power and try to reach 55 mph. This is one of the fastest electric scooters out there.

But in winter, stay safe and watch out for slippery surfaces. It doesn’t matter how good a scooter is, if you’re too fast, that won’t end well.

Dualtron Ultra 2 – Perfect Winter E-scooter

Here’s one perfect winter e-scooter for every enthusiast who is not scared of cold weather.

Of course, in winter time, you’re not interested in going 60+ mph. That is something you will want to try out in the summer.

However, when winter hits and you don’t want to park you favorite vehicle in the shed, here is what you need. 

You need:

  • Powerful battery - 72 volt - 35 Ah - 2,520Wh - LG 3500 cells (87 miles)
  • Savage motor - MAX 6,640 watt BLDC dual hub motor
  • Impressive braking power - Front and Rear disk brakes with ABS standard
  • Ultra-wide off-road winter tires for electric scooter

If the weather is super cold, you won’t achieve 87 miles of range. Not even close. But that is not something to worry about. No matter what battery we are talking about, in cold weather, performance is seriously limited.

Maybe someday we’ll see that manufacturers put warmers around batteries. But until then, we need to get used to the fact that max range is not possible in cold weather.

HollyBurn P5 - Exceptional All-Weather Electric Scooter

First things first, these e-scooter winter tires are awesome. For slippery surfaces full of snow, having tires like this is a must. This is the most savage electric scooter in the world, if you ask me. 

And you can ride this electric scooter in rain and show without any problems.

This is why we think that HollyBurn P5 is the baddest boy out there. It has 5,200 Watts and it’s the most stable scooter you can find.

So, acceleration and top speed is something you won’t miss on warm days. But when it comes to harsh winter, we focus on some other things. 

Things like:

  • Fully waterproof (IP66)
  • Manufacturer Estimated Battery Life: 50,000 Miles
  • Around 32 miles range
  • 15-inches treaded tires
  • Wide and anti-slip deck
  • Smooth & powerful hydraulic disc brakes (180mm)

You can ride it in snow and rain without worrying about problems in the future.

HollyBurn P5 is fully weather protected.

This one is really expensive electric scooter, but the quality is the only standard that you can count on. 

Here’re just some of the words the manufacturer uses to describe their perfect machine!

“We don't do plastic.”

“The Hollyburn SS is majorly over-engineered, just the way we like it.”

“If only it had lasers, then it’d be unstoppable.”

“Perfect for street riding.”

“The result is an ultra-lightweight chassis capable of withstanding massive and repeated punishment.”

“Built to withstand massive amounts of repeated torque without degrading over time.”

They believe in their product.

A two-year warranty on the battery and drive unit just make my feeling that this is one of the most astonishing electric scooters ever built stronger.


FAQ voltagerider

1.Can you ride an electric scooter in the winter?

Yes, you can. The thing is that you need to choose the one that has a powerful battery that won’t wear out quickly. In cold weather, scooters don’t have the range that the manufacturer claims it has. You will have a shorter range in cold weather. That's just a fact. Winter can be tricky and wet, not just cold. So, you need a waterproof e-scooter as well.

2.Can you ride an electric scooter in the snow?

Yes, but there are few things to know before you go out. If there is a lot of snow on the surface, you will need tires with spikes. If there is a lot of soft and melted snow, bigger treads will be enough. It is not the safest thing in the world, but it will keep you riding.

3.Do electric scooters work in the snow?

Not all electric scooters can ride in the snow. If you have slick tires, you won’t be able to ride around and stay safe. You need treaded tires or spikes if you want your electric scooter to get you to your destination safely.

Final Thoughts

As I said at the beginning, riding in winter is enormous fun, but you need to follow some electric scooter winter safety steps to protect your machine and yourself. You might have seen how some pros do it, and it might seem like a piece of cake.

But don’t get confused. It’s not, but they were once beginners too. Just take these steps and work on your riding style, which is, in my opinion, the most important one.

I hope this helped you a bit and brought you one step closer to riding in winter. It would be nice if you are still into this, and after you use all the tips, I believe you will become an expert in this area. Practice makes perfect.

If you like an extreme ride in every way, see the post How to Wheelie an Electric Scooter and you will find exactly what you want.

If you’ve had some crazy or just silly attempts at riding in the snow, just let us know in the comment section. We would love to read your experiences.

And remember, every master was once a beginner.

Share your winter experience with electric scooters in the comment section.

Riding escooter in snow
Snow time electric scooter

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