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How to Wheelie an Electric Scooter – Tips from Experts

It would be silly from me to tell you: "Don't try this at home!"

So, I won't. 

This is a skill that is really cool and wheelie provides us a huge amount of pleasure.

And if you start applying this, you're going to learn how to wheelie an electric scooter like a pro.


This post contains affiliate links. We're an Amazon affiliate. That means that we get small commissions for some items you buy through links in this post. And you don't get higher expenses that way. 

Wheelie skill on an electric scooter is required as much as a handbrake in your car on the snowy road when it comes to curve. It is not something that is necessary, but boy it can be fun.

It can be fun, of course, if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, pain and damage are guaranteed. These guys know what they are doing. Learn from them.

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1. Jaden K. Shows Us Some Serious Ability to Control an Electric Scooter

You will notice that this boy does it in the right way. A helmet is there, enthusiasm also and, of course, some serious skills.

His left leg that is floating around through the air. It is not for messing around or some move because of music. That is for catching the balance. You will agree that you need some balance, especially when you do this type of staff.

If you're ready you can try it on Razor E200S or Razor E300S.

2. Exhibition on Electric Scooter from XRaidersOriginal 

One of those off-road electric scooters that have an enormous amount of power and great handling.

Big tires and a powerful electric motor will provide you all fun while you are attempting to score perfect wheelie. As an addition, fun and a good time are provided.

3. Wheelie Kay Gives Us Step by Step Tutorial on How to Proper Wheelie

This is actually a tutorial video for learning how to wheelie your electric scooter. This guy is an expert in bike wheelie field and for electric scooter enthusiasts, he will show us how we can do it with our favorite vehicle.

When you see something like this you can be curious.. Is it even street legal or not. What is OK and what's not... Take a loot at Are electric scooters street legal & what can i do about it and learn something new.

Great music, skills and learning info in one. You won’t regret, just watch this advanced tutorial, this is just for us.

4. On Board Camera Provides Us Real Feel - Karlstadmoppe Crew

A great example of a wheelie. Just notice his hand - how often rider twists a throttle in order to give the right balance. When you bring up your electric scooter you need to control it with your throttle in the air.

Bringing a scooter up is just half a job, pay attention to keeping it there. Balancing with throttle is crucial.

You are aware of the fact that this skill is earned. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears were needed for this... Also if you like to ride in extreme conditions like winter you have to be prepared for things that should have been done before...

So, if you want to go down this road, be safe, be smart and learn from the best. 

I know I wanted and some spare parts and days off are invested in that skill, but it is a small price for the pleasure when everything clicks and go smoothly on your rear wheel. Also, you have to be ready to do proper maintenance of your scooter in order to be safe while you are wheeling around.

Final Thoughts

Best electric scooters for these tricks:

Some of these are a bit pricey, but powerful enough - there is no doubt in that!

Here're cool scooter tricks and stunts that you can try, if you have kick scooter. With electric ones it will be almost impossible to do any of these...

So good luck and be safe...

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