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Best Slip-resistant Shoes for Electric Scooter

6 Best Slip-resistant Shoes for Electric Scooters + 2023 Buying Guide

Taking a long ride on an electric scooter is one of the most relaxing and freeing experiences many adults have come to embrace, especially since the pandemic.

Whether taking a ride for your morning office commute or quickly hitting up that coffee shop/bookstore local spot for your morning cup, you want to be comfortable and safe.

That is why I put together this comprehensive guide to the best slip-resistant shoes for electric scooters. 


Here are the shoes I’ve found to be the most reliable for maintaining your traction on a scooter.

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1 - Best Men's Sneakers for riding Electric Scooter

First off, the Feetmat Gym Sneakers are great shoes.

Even if you weren’t looking for the best shoes for electric scooters, these would be my choice for comfortable walking and exercise shoes.

Feetmat put together a shoe that breathes exceptionally well, so you don’t get any smell, and with enough ankle support to give you the confidence while on a scooter.

Feetmat shoes are lightweight with a soft inner cushion that will make you feel like you’re floating on air as you fly down the road.

They have an anti-skid sole with flexible grooves that grip the board of your electric scooter perfectly for a comfortable and secure trip.

My favorite part is the arch support.

It really helps avoid any soreness or fatigue on longer trips where you tend to readjust your stance frequently.

Also, they offer a ton of different color choices, including a bright neon yellow that adds to your safety factor when out during the evening.

If a car misses that color, they aren’t paying attention.

  • Rubber non-slip sole with impact cushioning, anti-twist, and anti-slip performance.
  • Breathable high-quality materials that keep you cool and dry.
  • An incredibly comfortable insole that helps you maintain your stance.
  • A great shoe to go directly from a ride to the gym, park, or joining a friend for a quick run.

2 - Best Women's Electric Scooter Sneakers

The first thing I noticed about the Laminoca Women’s Air Shoes was the anti-collision toe cap. 

I cannot tell you how many times having added support on the toe of a shoe is necessary for rides.

You’ll find yourself frequently posing while riding with a shoe resting on the toe or having to watch out not to stub your toes when getting on or off your scooter.

That feature alone is worthy of this best anti-slip shoes for electric scooters list.

As for the sole, you get enhanced PU durable rubber with different patterns according to what part of the foot the sole is supporting.

That gives you a lot more flexibility for regaining your footing when you’ve come to a quick stop or accidentally go through a puddle.

Just keep in mind that the knitted, breathable upper covering is great for keeping your feet cool and dry from sweat. It is not waterproof.

This shoe has an air cushion design on the heel, hence the “Air” name.

That cushioning means added comfort as you ride, which is always a welcome benefit if you’re commuting to a job where you’re up on your feet a lot during the day.

No one considers the times between commute rides when you sometimes would rather hire an Uber than use your scooter.

The more cushioning you have without sacrificing traction, the better.

  • Made from breathable and comfortable knitted fabric with lightweight materials for active movement
  • Incredibly soft cushioned sole offers the support you need while still giving an extra spring to your step
  • Removable sock liner that allows you to quickly dry so you can keep these fantastic anti-slip shoes clean and fresh

3 - Best Slip-resistant Shoes for Electric Scooters Waterproof Women's

If you thought I would stick to only the breathable materials, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Sometimes you want to take your ride through some puddles or on back trails for an outdoor excursion to a decent picnic spot.

In those cases, you’re going to want the Wantdo Women’s Wide Waterproof Shoes.

With these boots, you get one of the best slip-resistant shoes for electric scooters and an advanced pair of hiking shoes for camping and traveling.

They have a low ankle that offers excellent support without reducing your range of motion if you have to recover from an awkward stance after a quick stop or sharp turn.

The traction on these impressive boots is what really makes the sale for me.

You get 5mm lugs that grip to anything from muddy streams to your scooter's board.

The boots also have a hydro guard technology with 100% waterproofing that works in rain, snow, or chilly winter days when you want some soft added heat to your shoes.

  • Excellent midsole and heel support without needing a long break-in period.
  • Casual styling with added toe support so you won’t accidentally stub or harm the front of your foot.
  • Superior traction with added waterproofing for all-weather wearing while you ride.

4 - Best Slip-resistant Shoes for Electric Scooters Men's Waterproof

The Shulook Men’s Waterproof Shoes look badass. 

There is no need to sugarcoat this kind of shoe. Tossing on a pair of these best shoes for electric scooters makes a fashion statement that you are an experienced rider capable of navigating any weather situation.

It is excellent to see a shoe that provides premium suede leather with SL-TEX waterproof membrane but is still ultra-light in weight, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing military marching boots while riding.

The top of the shoe looks breathable, and it is to an extent.

A long closed-cell tongue prevents rain and mud from penetrating, so you still get airflow, but no water on rainy days.

It’s like Shulook took the benefits of an outdoor sports styled boot and then tossed in the anti-slip sole and waterproofing that make it incredibly versatile for numerous environments and situations.

They have a variety of colors, including a grey/green that shows up well for some added reflective qualities to alert drivers.

Still, for my money, I’d stick to the classic brown.

That way, you get the classic look of L.L. Bean with the style and durability of Shulook.

  • Advanced traction rubber sole for gripping in pretty much any situation
  • Removable memory foam insole that you can air out when needed
  • Decent waterproofing that works in every season to keep you warm and dry

5 - Best Men's Boots for Electric Scooter

The great characteristic of the Timberland Pro MaxTrax Boot is you’re not just getting a solid boot made from premium materials. 

You’re also making a bit of a fashion statement as Timberlands are well known and appreciated in both the rural and urban scene.

There isn't a ton of breathability in these boots, but that is kind of the point.

These are the boots you wear to look great and stay as warm and as dry as possible during your ride. 

I wanted to be sure to add a pair of Timberlands to the best anti-sleep shoes for electric scooters because of their treads.

This brand is one of the best for getting the traction you need.

It is frequently worn by commercial workers and laborers who need to keep their footing on roofs, construction zones, and dangerous worksites.

While these may not be the big brother steel toe version, you still get plenty of support around your foot for any accidental stubs or quick braking.

You can co the black color if you want, but the classic brown is the choice of most music and streets artists around major cities.

The added MaxTrax slip-resistant supported sole will give you all the traction you need to zip around your area without worrying about water or slick surfaces.

  • Fashionable choice that is in-style and still provides all the protection, warmth, and grip you need while riding
  • An excellent boot for bad weather or riding through water and off-road situations
  • Deep treads along the sole provide all the traction you need to stay secure on your board

6 - Best Women's Boots for Electric Scooter

Alright ladies, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you!

Where the classic brown Timbos may work for the fellas, The Turkish coffee grain leather from the Timberland Pro Women’s Hightower makes you look like the absolute boss lady. 

They have the contour of an eloquent boot with a heathered and worn appearance that lends itself to a vintage style you could wear out for day trips with friends.

Now for the important part, the soles.

These may look darker, but they are non-marking with oil and slip-resistant qualities that will keep you safely and securely positioned on your electric scooter.

What I especially appreciate is how the tread gets more complicated on the outer blade of your foot, so you can almost push off easier or adjust your stance when bracing against a sharp turn.

These boots are 100% leather and include a similar waterproof grain and membrane like those in the men’s version.

There is also an anti-fatigue polyurethane footbed that gives you added support and comfort against shock absorption for those longer rides that threaten to wear out your feet a bit.



  • All-weather boot with waterproofing and excellent construction keeps your feet dry and warm in any season
  • Built with enhanced supports at every point, including your heel, toe, arch, and ankle
  • Excellent heat, slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant non-marking soles

How to Choose Best Slip-resistant Shoes for Electric Scooters - Buying Guide 

If you still want to explore the different online and in-person retailers for the best shoes for electric scooters outside of my list, here are a few tips and tricks for what you should watch out for in your selection. 

Anti-slip Sole

This is the must-have for keeping your traction on your electric scooter’s board as you ride.

Best Slip-resistant Shoes for Electric Scooters women's

Any shoe built without an anti-slip sole is not going to give you the advantage you need in case of unforeseen rain or just confidence as you ride.

It also helps if you find a pair of shoes or boots made with heat-resistant anti-slip soles.

Your electric scooter can get a little warm if you’re under the sun for extended periods.

Always check the bottom of the shoe for the cushioning between the sole and tread to ensure you’ll have a decent comfort level with your anti-slip selection.

Nice Treads

You want treads that either prevent water from getting underneath the shoe or if they do, provide a decent line of canals to quickly dissipate the liquid from beneath your feet.

Best anti slip boots escooter

The entire goal of the best anti-slip shoes for electric scooters is maintaining traction with your board so you won’t lose your footing as you ride.

You want to look for little shapes, circles, hexagons, or patterns underneath the shoe that appear visibly capable of maintaining your grip when you go through a puddle.

Anything below 2-3mm in tread height is probably not worth your time unless they specifically say they are designed for anti-slip use.

Ankle Support

This is equally as important as tread because you don’t want to roll your ankle when adjusting your stance as your ride on your electric scooter.

Slip resistant women's shoes for electric scooter

There will be plenty of times that you’ll take a minor step to prepare for a turn, stop, or for more substantial support as you steer.

The same is true for completely enclosing your ankle.

Make sure the material of the shoe or boot is flexible to give you the rotation of your ankle you need while also minimizing any possible sprains or breaks.

Keep in mind that many people get swollen feet or ankles in certain weather, so make sure you have a little extra room if that happens to you.


Where you live will make a difference in your selection of the best shoes for electric scooters.

Best Slip-resistant Shoes for Electric Scooters men

If you are enjoying the deep Southwest of the USA, you probably don’t need all-weather boots that are drastically sealed against rain.

On the other hand, rain is almost an expectation if you live near London, Vancouver, or Seattle.

Find a shoe that provides excellent support and keeps your feet dry.

You should watch for any kind of sealant used between the sole and main body as well as how the tongue lays across the top of your foot to create a barrier against outside weather. 


I left this towards the bottom of my buying guide because tread, sole, and weather are your primary concerns when riding an electric scooter.

Anti slip men's shoes for electric scooter

Once you have those options flushed out, now you can turn to getting a shoe that is comfortable and easy to take on or off after your commute.

I personally like shoes that have material to keep my feet dry or offer an insole I can remove to air out after a long week of use.

I like a healthy foot environment for my ride, and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

Keep an eye on toe guards, arch support, and heel cushioning in this category, as they are all icing on the cake.


Finally, let’s talk about fashion.

This will vary wildly from person to person because style is so subjective, but for the most part, you want a shoe that doesn’t look like it has been through the wringer too many times.

Best Slip-resistant Shoes for Electric Scooters men's sneakers

I see a lot of people wearing Sketchers when they ride because they like the look and more power to you if that is your choice, but we want to stick to a more balanced shoe quality if you're are a frequent rider.

Getting the right design features to support and protect your feet while also matching your style is the final way to whittle down your buying decision.

If you are more safety conscious, you can always check out shoes that have reflective qualities or bright colors, so you get a little added visibility when riding.

Final Thoughts

I hope my guide to the best slip-resistant shoes for electric scooters has been beneficial to you.

I tried to include everything I look for in my buying guide because I’m such an avid rider and understand the different needs of being on an e-scooter for an extended time.

I think this covers most styles, needs, and challenges of riders from all over.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you have a great next ride!

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