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Electric scooter accessories for escooter fans

Best Electric Scooter Accessories, Upgrades & Gadgets for You

It doesn’t matter whether you own a brand-new or used e-scooter you will need these electric scooter accessories.

Also, we’re going to cover some more premium electric scooter upgrades, escooter gadgets, and expensive accessories for electric scooters.


Escooter upgrades and gadgets

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Chances are that you don’t actually need these accessories all the time, but it’s good to have some of these toys if you’re die-hard electric scooter enthusiast.

Plus, in this post you’ll find:

  • Basic escooter accessories
  • Cheap electric scooter accessories
  • Electric scooter upgrades
  • Water-proof escooter accessories
  • Xiaomi electric scooter accessories
  • Safety accessories for electric scooters

So, if you’re interested in some of these stay with us.

And I suggest you bookmark this post for later.

Right now, let’s go through the most common mistakes before you dive into sections you like the most.

Also, if you're one of us that like to ride e-scooter even when is snowing, check out our top picks when it comes to best winter electric scooter gloves. You will see best 7 options for men, women, heated, waterproof touchscreen, and more...

Examples of What Not to Do

Electric scooter accessories for escooter enthusiasts.

Before we start, we need to point out a few crucial things. Here’re three mistakes you need to avoid doing.

No matter if you’re a beginner or pro electric scooter rider – you need to know this.

Mistake #1 – Buying All at Once

If you want to avoid wasting money, do not buy all at once. Chances are that you’ll sell your escooter and buy another one in a month or two. And that another scooter might not be compatible with accessories that you bought earlier.

Or you might simply stop riding escooters. In that case, you will need to sell a ton of accessories as well. Just take your time and try one accessory at the time. That’s why I’m suggesting bookmarking this post for later.

Mistake #2 – Choosing Too Expensive Electric Scooter Accessories

Choosing too expensive e scooter accessories might be a mistake that most escooter beginners made. You don’t want to end up with a ton of accessories that are more expensive than your scooter.

For example, you don’t need a too expensive helmet or light if your escooter is $300. You see what I mean. This list will help you find cheap electric scooter accessories that are also quality enough and well-built.

Mistake #3 – Buying Wrong Accessories for Electric Scooter

Before you buy any upgrade or accessories you need to be sure that these items are compatible with your electric scooter.

Fortunately, there is a product description on Amazon you need to pay attention to if you want to choose the right item for your electric scooter.

Must-have Electric Scooter Accessories

Electric scooter parked on the path


This one is non-negotiable.

Before you go through the list of the best electric scooter accessories here is what every electric scooter rider must-have.

Everything else is as you wish. But these things we highly recommend you to use in everyday commuting or while you’re cruising around and having fun.

Helmet for E-scooter Riders - Essential Electric Scooter Accessory

Some people simply hate wearing these. Not sure why, but this is how things are. Like us, these people know that even the lightest car collision might end up with a serious head injury or even it might be fatal.

However, they just don’t like wearing helmets. And I get it. When I was really young I used to ride bicycles and motorbikes without a helmet. Doing stunts, and crashing all the time was just a regular day. 

And I’m not sure how on earth I’m still alive. But things changed. I’m aware that riding in crazy traffic is super risky. Riding without a helmet in traffic is like you trust everyone behind the wheel.

Not sure what is the situation in your world, but I don’t trust anyone. People are driving cars while they are on the phone, eating, arguing...

And I came to realize that for me there are 2 options:

  1. Get used to wearing it
  2. Continue risking my life

I choose the first.

Now it’s your turn.

Check prices on Amazon

Lights (Front & Rear) - Necessary Electric Scooter Accessory

Same it goes with lights. No need to explain why we need to be seen in traffic. If you spend a lot of time in your car, truck, van, or some other vehicle, chances are you noticed that sometimes bicycle or scooter riders really can “surprise” you.

Maybe you just have been distracted or tired, but not seeing them on the junction is something that can happen easily. However, if they are blinking and having strong lights, even if you’re dead tired you’re going to notice that dude.

Anyway, there is no need to explain this to people who are car drivers and electric scooter riders. This is something that kids need to know.

They have never been driving cars and they are not aware of that. So, we need to explain to our kids that being seen in traffic is the number one priority.

Check prices on Amazon

Here's what Cycl company from London thinks about the importance of being seen in traffic... 

Their main mission - Safer and greener urban mobility!

We saw that despite e-scooters seeing a rise in popularity, there wasn’t so much legislation around requirements such as lights or indicators.

We believe that being as visible as possible contributes to feeling more confident and can improve the safety of the user out of the roads - something we saw with the use of WingLights on bicycles.

Winglights for safer urbanmobility


Best-known for creating direction indicators and sidelights WingLights!

Bell for Electric Scooter - Must Have Electric Scooter Road Safety Accessories

This one easily fits in a cheap electric scooter accessories group. You won’t spend a fortune and having this one is golden if you live in urban areas. You want people to know when you’re behind them. Just give them a short beep and let them know that you’re coming.

Aside from being safe, having this kind of escooter accessories is extremely useful. Fortunately, there are plenty of options like having a mechanic or electric bell.

Check prices on Amazon

Lock for Electric Scooter - Useful Accessories for Scooters

Yeah, there are plenty of useful electric scooter upgrades and accessories, but few of them can compete with electric scooter locks.

If you come back and you can’t find your ride, chances are that you’ll never see it again. Even if you have GPS locator. When people steal these it’s easy to take it apart and destroy these locator gadgets. Learn more about how to prevent people from stealing your e-scooter.

Fortunately, there are mechanic solutions for real electric scooter lovers. I’m not sure what’s the case with you, but I love my scooter. I don’t want to put my trust into some steal-proof-app. I want to lock it down.

These were essential electric kick scooter accessories. These will keep you safe and it will stop thieves from a successful day on their job.

And if you ask me, so far so good.

Check prices on Amazon

Right now, get ready for other cool and useful electric scooter gadgets, upgrades, and accessories.

Different Types of Electric Scooter Accessories

For real electric scooter fans, these are the things that will make your life easier and more joyful. These electric scooter accessories will not only keep you being safe and sound but also will make you look and feel good.

Thief-proof Solutions [100% Works]

If you choose the right one, electric scooter locks will do the job. However, there are some other solutions as well.

Having electric scooter carrying bags or handle straps is extremely practical to have. If you have the opportunity to carry your electric scooter inside your working place, shop, or home this is by far better solution then locking it outside.

And if you ask me, this solution is perfect.


Well, because these are 100% thief-proof solutions. If you buy cheaper electric scooter lock for, chances are that thief will easily snap that thin chain.

However, if you want to make their job harder, you’ll need to invest serious money on expensive electric scooter lock.

The choice is yours. Here’re some options you have.

Check prices on Amazon

Safety Accessories for Electric Scooters

As someone with extensive experience with riding e-scooters, hoverboards, motorbikes, and driving cars, vans, and smaller trucks, I can tell you one thing.

Better safe than sorry!

After everything that I’ve seen in traffic, I don’t trust anyone. Maybe it seems harsh. But after seeing lots of accidents caused by drinking-and-driving behavior, bad-judgment accidents, and people who are going through red lights while texting-and-driving, you can understand why I don’t trust anyone.

So, when it comes to safety, having helmets and lights is the least we can do.

These safety electric scooter accessories are not the most technologically advanced gadgets, but these are working pretty well…

…if you want to be safe.

Things you might want to consider having:

  • Vest
  • Safety pads for adults & kids
  • Elegant hands-free headset
  • Helmet
  • Bells & Horns
  • Lights (back, rear, side)

Here’re some options I want to show you.

Check prices on Amazon

Good-to-have E-scooter Accessories

Just to be clear these are optional.

Or in other words - you can live without these.

But if you’re interested in feeling good and looking bad-ass do not skip this part. Also, some delivery guys and girl are riding half a day. And it's smart to have all this when riding food delivery electric scooters around busy traffic...

Take your electric scooter ride to a whole new level with:

  • Reflective stickers
  • New grips
  • Winter gloves & summer gloves
  • Phone holders
  • Brake handle covers
  • Foot support cap
  • Mirrors
  • Water holders & hooks
  • Pollution mask

It’s clear as day what every single item from this list is doing. These are small things that are going to make your ride more comfortable and joyful.

Take a look at things you want the most.

Check prices on Amazon

Waterproof Electric Scooter Accessories

Lots of people are riding an electric scooter in rain. It doesn’t matter if you want it or not, sooner or later you’re going to end up getting you electric scooter wet. So, knowing how to ride an electric scooter in rain is useful.

Maybe you have a Xiaomi scooter.

Here’re some Xiaomi electric scooter accessories for riding in the rain:

  • Waterproof bottom cover
  • Rear/back fenders
  • Waterproof dashboard for Xiaomi m365

If you have an electric scooter with a seat you can find seat cover. These are all the small things that will upgrade your escooter riding experience.

Thanks to these tiny waterproof improvements, you can stop worrying about malfunctions and problems later on.

Take a look at things you need the most.

Check prices on Amazon

Electric Scooter Accessories for Effortless Maintenance

This section is for DIY electric scooter enthusiasts.

If you spend a lot of time getting your hands dirty while working on your escooter, chances are you’ll also need proper tools. In the long run, the money you invest in tools for the electric scooter will pay off.

But you need to be interested in learning new things, patient enough and have some basic skills as well. Electric scooter maintenance is not walking through the park. However, the good news is that you can learn it pretty quickly.

A first step in keeping your escooter safe would be to invest in some tools and learn how to maintain an electric scooter properly.

Basic tools and accessories that every DIY electric scooter fan need:

  • Lubricant, cleaner, WD40
  • Separate tools or Toolbox
  • Tire valve extension and mini pump
  • Puncture seal and tire levers
  • Spare inner tire
  • Digital multimeter
  • Extra charger

Consider choosing some of these tools and electric scooter accessories if you want to become your own mechanic.

Check prices on Amazon

More Premium/Expensive Features & Electric Scooter Gadgets

Thanks to these items you can enjoy your ride more than any escooter rider out there. Almost nobody has these. You’ll be seen, safe, and comfortable.

If it’s chilly outside heated jacket will make you feel warm, and you won’t rushing through traffic to get warm at home. You will enjoy it all the way.

And when it comes to safety, if something bad happens your camera will record everything. That way you can be sure that you won’t be unjustly accused if some collision happens.

List of the coolest accessories for electric scooters:

Take a look at these cool scooter accessories.

Check prices on Amazon

Looking-good & Cheap Electric Scooter Accessories

When I was a little boy I wanted to make my BMX unique. I wanted unique tires, stripes, and custom paint. So, when someone looks at my BMX they would know that is unique and mine.

When someone told me that they never seen anything like that would be a huge plus. It doesn’t matter if that is a positive or negative tone..

.. I just wanted my BMX to be unique.

So, when I’ve seen these items, I knew that’s exactly what I need. Stickers, wheel lights, and plate where you can write something unique is the real thing.

Things like this will make you feel unique while riding:

  • Led wheel lights
  • Stickers
  • Valve caps
  • Sunglasses
  • Plate names

Really cheap & effective way of making your electric scooter distinctive.

Check prices on Amazon

Electric Scooter Upgrades

After doing these upgrades you’ll transform your e-scooter into bad-ass looking machine instantly. Not only that, but you will make it more comfortable as well.

However, if you put solid tires ride will become harder, but most people don’t even notice the difference. At least you won’t need to worry about puncture anymore. And if you ask me, that’s a great trade-off.

Thanks to this suspension you will upgrade your ride experience and comfort. Xiaomi mi electric scooter accessories (suspension at least) are not cheap but it might be useful for people who love the comfort and ready to invest a little bit more.

You can do it yourself of course, but for most riders visiting a mechanic might be a risk-free solution.

On the other hand, rubber vibration damper for Xiaomi Mijia m365 is super cheap. Plus, it’s easy to install.

Check prices on Amazon

3 Main Benefits of Having E-scooter Accessories

A girl is riding electric scooter


Keeping things working properly is a must. But from time to time we like to buy something extra for our electric scooter. Fortunately, accessories for electric scooters are not super-expensive.

Who says that you can’t improve your scooter for cheap?

We can take our riding experience to a whole new level without spending a fortune. With only $50 bucks we can improve at least 5 things.

Here’re 3 benefits you will get instantly by getting some of these escooter accessories.

Benefit #1 - Improving Safety

You will significantly improve your safety on an electric scooter if you only invest in a helmet, lights, and little bell. You don’t need anything else. Having only these 3 things is a huge win.

Benefit #2 - Spending Joyful Time

Keeping your electric scooter in good shape is super important. We must admit that regular maintenance is key. However, I like having extra features that are not crucial when it comes to performance.

I like having all these little things that make me feel special while riding. For me, it’s having phone holders, stickers, and extra tools in a small bag – just in case.

For you, it might be something else.

Here’s what I’m hearing all the time from my friends...


"I can't imagine riding my electric scooter without a helmet. Also, it feels pretty good having extra features that the manufacturer hasn't thought about."


"If you ask me, safety features like helmets and extra lights are a must! Everything else is debatable. It depends on the person."

Benefit #3 - Prolonging the Life of Your E-scooter

If you invest a bit into basic tools, waterproof bottom covers, or fenders you will make your escooter last longer.

Also, learning basic about maintenance will save you lots of money down the road.

Final Thoughts

Electric scooter accessories can be used for prolonging the life of your scooter or just for making your ride more comfortable and joyful.

It’s on you. You can spend a fortune or just a little bit and the result is the same. Perfect riding experience.

You can find features designed especially for Xiaomi escooters. And you can find universal accessories for electric scooters.

If there are some cool features you came across let us know below.

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