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Varla Eagle One Electric scooter

Varla Eagle One Electric Scooter: Here is Why We like It

If you’re looking for an e-scooter that can be nice and comfortable on the road and crazy and savage off the road, the Varla Eagle One electric scooter is for you. 

It’s like a superhero that adjusts according to a given situation.

Here are five things we liked the most about this affordable yet powerful e-scooter.


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#1 – Power

For most e-scooter fans, getting 2,000 watts from a dual hub motor is a dream comes true. You can ride this one nicely. You can cruise around at 20mph, save your battery and be an exemplary citizen. Or you can unleash all that power as soon as you see that empty road in front of you.

However, we always expect a painfully high price when we go through specifications and see something like 2,000 watts with a peak power of 3,200 watts and a max speed of 40 mph. But no, with this e-scooter, things are getting better and better. 

Off road electric scooter

Cool off-road Varla Eagle One

#2 – Price & Warranty

There are special offers if you preorder it, or if you order two units with your friends and save some money that way. But whatever your strategy is, the regular price is $1,599. Let’s face it. All these features and the build quality deserve more. However, this is a relatively new e-scooter, and the manufacturer wants to prove how good they are. 

They believe in their product, and after we review this one, it’s clear as day why they are so confident. A popular choice nowadays is Dualtron if you want a properly fast, long-range e-scooter. However, the Varla Eagle One has what it takes for real e-scooter fans, and for a more affordable price. 

Once you get your e-scooter, the warranty period starts. You get a 24 month warranty on the throttle, frame and controller. On motor, battery, and charger, you get 12 months. Also, you get free maintenance. For more details, see here.

#3 – Stability

First of all, the dual suspension is stunning. The weight is slightly higher (77 lbs), but you will not bounce around thanks to the suspension and bigger wheels (10 inches). The ride is easy to control and comfortable as long as you are not hitting big rocks. But, honestly, that should be something to avoid anyways.

You get wide handlebars, perfect grips and a spacious standing deck that grips perfectly. You won’t need to worry about slipping down. Ideal for an off-road or everyday ride if there is a little rain. Also, we liked the ABS (anti-lock braking system), which gives you extra confidence to hit that 40 mph limit without worrying too much.

#4 - Can-do Attitude

Whether you’re looking for a new way to cruise around the city or to hit your favorite off-road trail, the Varla Eagle One e-scooter is the real deal. It doesn’t look to aggressive. You can ride it easily through the city, and you can maneuver easily like you’d ride a smaller commuter scooter.

On the other hand, when you want something crazy, just hit power mode and unleash every watt. You will have a peak power of 3,200 watts at your disposal for hills and sections where you want max acceleration. 

Also, this scooter has special tires for off-road adventures that will help you conquer almost any surface you find. 

#5 – Step-by-step Installation Videos

You can find short videos on essential maintenance and instruction on the Varla YouTube channel, covering topics like changing a tire and replacing a kickstand. 

Also, things like how to install the deck hook and even how to replace the motor. It is excellent for those who like to work on their scooter and take care of it from time to time.

I like to take care of my scooters, and if you want to learn more about e-scooter maintenance and service, you can learn more there as well. It is rewarding, and it’s nice knowing basic stuff.

Maintenance tutorials on Youtube channel Varla scooters

YouTube Varla channel tutorials

Things We Didn’t like about the Varla Eagle One

A charging time of 8-9 hours with one charger is not super-impressive, but that’s pretty common with long-range and high-powered electric scooters nowadays. You can buy an extra charger and reduce that time (when charging with two chargers) to 4-5 hours. 

Also, a weight of 77 lbs is not super-impressive either. However, this is a well-built e-scooter. They used high-quality materials, and the sturdiness and strength of the entire scooter is imperative. But people who want to carry their scooter from time to time need a lightweight e-scooter, not this one. 

This price range is a perfect solution for people who want strong and powerful e-scooter and want to stay on budget.

What Customers Say about Varla Eagle One

We only need to say that 96% of reviews are five stars.

Here is what happy riders have to say about Varla Eagle One e-scooter.

What customers say about Varla eagle one

Customers loves Varla e-scooters


Totally impressed from the start. Yesterday I received my Eagle One after testing one and very satisfied. It not only gives me the ability to travel roads in good style but is great for dirt single tracks and rougher rides. Good power and range. Simply a very fun ride that can be used on almost all surfaces!

Wyatt Gilbert 

It's perfect for the way I ride! I love the scooter. I have ridden about 200 miles since getting it on the road. No issues with range so far- my average ride is 15 miles. I typically get two rides of that length on one charge. I live in a hilly area (coastal CA). This scooter is pretty powerful, especially when I am riding it uphill. Fast and smooth! And glad that I added the seat. Making my daily commute in cold weather more tolerable. It's perfect for the way I ride!


Lovin' my scooter! This is an exciting and very durable scooter. It looks and feels like the "tank" of scooters. And it has awesome suspension! I haven't had so much fun on a scooter since I was a kid. Lovin' my scooter!!!

Check out all reviews here.

FAQs about Varla Eagle One

What accessories can you get with the scooter?

When you buy a Varla Eagle One, you get a charger, protective gear, inner tire, a multi-tool and four stickers. Also, there are extra accessories you can get separately: deck hook, handlebar bag, USB front light, seat, lock, off-road tire and a cool Varla t-shirt. 

Is there a seated option?

Yes. For an extra $139, you can get a seat and install it in one minute by yourself. Here’s a video on how to do it.

Is the Varla Eagle One waterproof?

It has a rating of IP54. It is water-resistant but not fully waterproof. Learn more about electric scooter water resistance before you go out in heavy rain.

How hard is it to do the basic maintenance by myself?

You can learn the basics on the Varla YouTube channel, like replacing the kickstand, inner tire, installing the front light, or some more challenging jobs like replacing the motor.

Best off road escooter

Cool-looking off road & city e-scooter

Final Thoughts

Almost anyone who likes powerful e-scooters can afford this e-scooter.

It’s practical and elegant for everyday use. And it’s fast and powerful when you want to have fun.

Be sure to check it out on the Varla website and check out the latest price.

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