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Fastest electric scooters

Fastest Electric Scooters in The World [2023 Guide]

For many consumers, the main appeal of owning a scooter is being able to fly down roads and over trails at incredible speeds. We all want that rush of feeling the wind whip past as we recapture a sense of freedom.

That is why we have put together a guide to the fastest electric scooters out there in the market. We want to help you get the exhilaration of a high-speed machine while you explore the outside world.


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How Fast Can an Electric Scooter Go?

Fastest electric scooters  guide

How fast are electric scooters?

This depends a lot on the type of scooter you are buying.

The fastest electric scooters for kid can go upwards of 75+ mph, with certain models even reaching the breakneck speed of 100 mph.

However, on average, you are probably looking at a range of 15-60 mph. 

There are other factors that influence an electric scooter's speed like wheels, your weight or carrying load, the terrain you are riding on, the flatness of the road, and more.

Faster scooters have more powerful motors that offer the type of acceleration speed demons love.

How Much for a Fast Electric Scooter?

This is another question that does not have a simple answer.

The price tag of an electric scooter factors in many different features. However, there are plenty of fast electric scooters under $1,000 available.

You are probably looking at a range of $400 - $3,500 for a quality, fast electric scooter.

Most on our list will be above the $2,000 price.

Again, because the motor has a lot to do with overall speed, the price goes up depending on power. 

The general rule of thumb is the more powerful the motor capabilities, the higher the price tag.

That is another reason we put this guide together, to help sift through the hundreds of options where price and power balance out well.

How Fast Can an Electric Scooter Go by Law?

Knowing the local regulations for the best fastest electric scooters is incredibly important in your buying decision.

You may want the most state-of-the-art racing machine that can top out at 100 mph, but if you have no place to actually ride legally, it kind of defeats the purpose.

fast electric scooters buyers guide tips

How fast does a 2000w electric scooter go?

In the U.S., there are many states where it is not legal to ride your electric scooter on streets or sidewalks.

In other states, even if you can ride on the streets, you have a speed limit of 10, 20, or 30 mph.

On average, you can expect a speed limit of 20 mph in the U.S. and 15.5 mph in the U.K.

Always check your local regulations before whipping through the streets where you live.

Are the Fastest Electric Scooters Safe for Everyday Traffic?

You could be the best rider/driver in the world, and there will still be unexpected situations that could cause some severe damage.

Riding the top fastest electric scooters around a busy urban area can be dangerous. If you are flying at 65+ mph on a crowded sidewalk, you are bound to have an accident. 

Think of a scooter like a motorcycle.

You want other drivers to notice you, and that can be hard on a two-wheeled machine.

You have to use a bit of common sense and stick to open areas where you can see well around you while riding to avoid any dangerous situations.

80 Mph Electric Scooters

Okay, let’s get to the good part now.

Here are a few of our top picks for 80 mph fast electric scooters.

1 - Rion Electric Scooter


  • Dual motors
  • 88.2V lithium battery 30ah / 84V
  • Uses Rion app
  • 35ah 21700 molliecell P42 high capacity cells
  • 69 pounds weight
  • Range of 45-50 miles per charge

When you talk about high-speed electric scooters, you have to mention Rion’s line of products.

This is a well-known company for pushing the boundaries of motor power and speed efficiency.

The Rion Thrust is in the category known as “hyperscooters,” with a top speed of 80 mph.

This is a carbon fiber-built electric scooter that is lightweight enough to help boost your speed possibilities and strong enough to handle the torque and pressure being placed on it.

You get a dual motor that offers crazy acceleration from the moment you engage the throttle.

Seriously, you have to be careful when accelerating because it takes very little to get off the line.

A single charge of the 88.2V lithium battery will get you around 45-50 miles. That means you can use this type of electric scooter for long commutes.


  • Incredible speed of 80 mph
  • Fast acceleration from a standing position
  • Lightweight design considering the speed possibilities


  • High price tag
  • Hard to find an area where you can open it up all the way
  • Only meant for streets

Most people that pick up this fast of a scooter do it for joyriding or sports.

The overall weight of the machine is about 69 pounds, and you are looking at a price tag of $10,000 without shipping.

2 - Weped GTR


  • Max speed of 80 mph
  • 3,240Wh Samsung 21700 battery capacity
  • Tubeless tires
  • 72V system voltage
  • Scooter weight tops out at 115 pounds for the heaviest version
  • Rider weight capacity is 300 pounds
  • Price tag is around $7,299
  • Twin 80A/5KW motors

This high-speed electric scooter looks more like it was designed to handle extreme riding.

You will notice the curve of the front arm controls and a more durable body right from the beginning.

This is a scooter that looks way more advanced than those rentals you see at your local park.

You can also be a heavier rider or carry more items while enjoying the speeds on this 77-pound scooter.

That means long-distance trips to do your grocery shopping for rural users is a distinct possibility with a speed that will get you back in time for watching the game on TV.


  • Durable design meant for ergonomic riding
  • Wide deck to maintain your footing
  • Excellent capacity for adult riders


  • Takes a while to get to the U.S. or U.K. based on production times
  • Still in the higher price range
  • Heavy scooter that does not fold well

The wide deck is appealing because when you are taking advantage of an open throttle, you will want plenty of space to balance your footing.

70 Mph Electric Scooters

Now that we have checked out the top racing scooters let’s start moving down our list to scooters that you can probably get away with riding in rural areas or open country streets.

3 - Dualtron X2 Up



  • 2 brushless DC HUB 4150w motors
  • 72V 42AH Li-ion main battery
  • Range of about 90 miles
  • Max speed of 69 mph
  • 13” tubeless tires
  • Excellent climbing range of 35 degrees
  • Hydraulic brakes with ABS
  • Max load of 330 pounds
  • Scooter weight of 145.5 pounds

This most powerful electric scooter is a serious upgrade to the original Dualtron X.

There are certain similarities, but this version ditched the overly excessive body weight and short stem.

Not to mention the X2 Up also features high-powered motors of 8300w, which translates to speeds requiring a helmet or heavy-duty glasses so you don’t get knocked out from a giant bug.

The company did an exceptional job of balancing speed and capability.

You will notice how much easier the Dualtron is to get up hills compared to previous models.

This is a big benefit as many high-speed scooter riders prefer rural roads that often have hills and winding curves.


  • Excellent handling for hills and country riding
  • 2-year warranty
  • Fantastic range for longer commutes or weekend trips


  • Extremely heavy
  • No water resistance during rainy days
  • Not at all portable

Of course, having a decent hydraulic suspension to handle that kind of riding helps out quite a bit as well.

4 - Dualtron Storm Limited



  • Max speed of 75 mph
  • 84.5-mile range
  • 110-pound machine weight
  • Carrying capacity of 330 pounds
  • 11,500 W motor
  • 84V 45Ah LG 21700 battery
  • Tubeless tires
  • 45 step adjustable suspension
  • Nutt hydraulic brakes

This is the current leader in the Dualtron line with an electric scooter top speed of 74 mph.

The motors are similar to the Dualtron Thunder, but you get much more power because the battery has a higher voltage output.

There is even a “ludicrous mode” that is engaged after double-tapping the throttle to indicate you are ready to go crazy.

You do have to be a little careful when topping out the speed because it will drain the battery pretty quickly.

Dualtron upgraded its battery storage area so you can quickly remove and maintain the battery whenever losing power.


  • Excellent speed for the range you get
  • Improved design features that help you maintain control
  • Faster charging capabilities


  • The deck is a little higher than most
  • Still at the higher end of pricing at around $5,399
  • It can take a long time to get due to backorders

There is also a rubber mat on the extra-wide standing deck that helps you keep your footing when you engage the machine's full power.

60 Mph Electric Scooters

This seems to be the more popular speed from users online.

Using a faster electric scooter that tops out at 60 mph allows you to say aligned with most rural and state route roads.

That way, you do not look like the cartoon roadrunner to cops and more like you belong on the road.

5 - Wolf King GT Pro



  • 115-pound machine weight
  • 4000 W motor power
  • Top speed of 65 mph
  • Range of 70 miles
  • 2520 Wh battery capacity
  • 330-pound rider weight
  • Disc hydraulic brakes
  • Tubeless tires

Wolf King has to be one of the more popular brands of electric scooters because the company is so well known for balancing speed, range, and durability.

When you ride on a Wolf King, you feel like nothing is going to knock you down.

This is also the fastest production scooter in the world, which means you do not have to wait the months it takes other faster models to ship out your scooter.

The Wolf King GT Pro has a sinewave controller.

This is a way to manage your precision control while applying throttle.


  • Excellent range for the speeds you get
  • Incredible high-speed stability
  • Brake and suspension offer a smooth ride even on gravel terrain


  • This is a heavy scooter
  • Side stand gets wedged sometimes when disengaging
  • It is cumbersome and not meant for high portability

It means when you are riding over different terrain or engaging the full speed, you get a much smoother ride that will not risk your balance as much as others.

Seriously, this is a well-balanced machine that keeps you pretty safe.

6 - Dualtron Storm



  • Top speed of 59 mph
  • Max load of 330 pounds
  • 6640W BLDC dual hub motor
  • 72V 31.5Ah LG 3500 battery
  • Tubeless tires
  • About a 59-mile range
  • 102-pound machine weight

It makes sense for this model to be called the “Storm” because you can hear this scooter coming from a while away.

It sounds a bit like a buzz saw, probably because of the incredible power features and heavy-duty construction.

This is one of the best fastest electric scooters for heavier riders topping out at a capacity of 330 pounds.

That will make even the huskier fellas giggle in delight as they zoom down the road.

Dualtron spent a bit more time on the design aspects of the Storm. This ride looks like it is meant to go fast.


  • Durable build quality with fantastic design
  • Excellent range
  • Adjustable rubber suspension to control smooth riding


  • Throttle can be a bit abrupt
  • The stem feels a little low
  • Loud system while riding

There is an adjustable rubber suspension to keep the ride calm and a sleek cockpit that looks more modern than other models.

It certainly helps to have a battery swap-out capability that means you can get all the riding in you want as long as you carry backup power.

7 - Dualtron Thunder 2



  • Top speed at 59.5 mph
  • Max load of 265 pounds
  • Dual 2700W motors
  • 72V 40Ah LG battery
  • Tubeless tires
  • Adjustable dual rubber suspension
  • 35 degrees hill climb
  • 72-mile range
  • 104.3-pound machine weight

Had to include the Thunder 2 in this guide to round out the super-fast electric scooters from the Dualtron product line.

You are still in the higher price range of $4,299, but you are getting a significantly powerful machine for your money.

This model features the same double-tap throttle that engages 10000 kW of peak power and acceleration to get you up to the 59.5 mph max speed.

This is another electric scooter for heavier riders but be forewarned that the stem only reaches 38 inches.

If you are a taller rider, you may want to try a different option. The fun thing about the Thunder 2 is the hill climb capability.


  • Incredibly long driving range
  • Excellent hill climbing capabilities
  • Plenty of accessories to personalize your machine


  • Not portable with the weight
  • Low stem height
  • Low deck traction

You still get all the power, durability, and sleek design known to a Dualtron product and excellent hill climbing at higher speeds.

50 Mph Electric Scooters

At 50 mph, these fastest electric scooters for adults offer a more relaxed driving speed instead of the almost racing features of the scooters already mentioned.

You get a bit more balance in battery life and riding comfort at a lower speed.

8 - Nanrobot LS7


  • 1800 W x 2 brushless dual drive
  • 60V, 35Ah, 2100Wh LG battery
  • Range of 62 miles
  • Max speed of 52 mph
  • 65 degrees climbing range
  • Hydraulic Nutt brakes
  • 330-pound max load
  • 90-pound machine weight

This looks more like an urban electric scooter than the other faster models on the list so far.

Instead of needing bulky, heavy-duty design features to handle the increased speeds, you get more comfort and ease while riding.

You can take the Nanrobot onto rougher terrain because it has a slightly higher deck level and decent treads on the tires.

You also get a bit more battery efficiency than faster models, giving you more room to explore without having to find an outlet.

If you are looking for a fun compromise of speed, comfort, and off-road capability, this is your option.


  • Fast and powerful machine for urban or off-road riding
  • Spacious deck with a decent stem height
  • Excellent hill climbing


  • Still a bit on the bulky side for commuters
  • No mobile app or Bluetooth connection
  • Takes a long time to charge

The Nonrobot makes for a great travel electric scooter.

Something riders who are traveling the U.S. in an RV may want as a means to go grocery shopping from campsites or to explore the local trails.

9 - Dualtron Thunder



  • Top speed of 50 mph
  • Max load of 265 pounds
  • Dual 2700 BLDC motors
  • 60V 35Ah LG 3500 battery
  • Tubeless tire
  • Adjustable dual rubber suspension
  • 72-80 mile range
  • 35-degree hill climb
  • 95-pound machine weight

Did you think I was finished with the Dualtron line yet?

WE are still in the price range of $3,699, so do not get your hopes up that we have hit the fastest electric scooters under 1000.

This is an on-road-designed scooter.

In other words, if you have frequent commuting needs or live in a more urban environment, this is your best option.

However, it is still a bit heavy to lug upstairs to your office every day.

With a lower speed of 50 mph compared to higher-end Dualtron models, you sacrifice a little adrenaline for range.


  • Exceptional build quality
  • Decent power for the speed
  • Longer range capability


  • Suspension is not quite as good as you would want
  • Still on the higher end of price
  • Not as portable as you would want

Depending on load capacity and road conditions, you can get up to 80 miles of use. 

If you have a nice open road that has been recently paved and it is just you and not a bag full of weekend antiquing treasures, you can go quite a distance.

10 - Dualtron Achilleus



  • Price tag at $3,599
  • Top speed 47 mph
  • Max load of 264.5 pounds
  • 4648W dual motors
  • 60V 35Ah LG battery
  • Tubeless tires
  • Rubber cartridge suspension
  • Range of 70 miles
  • 88.6-pound machine weight
  • 160mm Nutt hydraulic brakes

Dualtron should really not name a top fastest electric scooter so close to the similar mythological name we all know as the Achilles heel. 

I get the warrior idea, but one stubbed toe or hurt heel and the rider is likely to make a lousy association because of branding.

However, one quick acceleration of the dual motors and you soon forget about anything other than holding on tight.

There are a lot of custom parts on this scooter and a wide range of accessories and personalization you can make if you have the extra scratch to spend.


  • Excellent mileage range
  • Great braking system for urban riding
  • Looks amazing at night


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Still on the higher end pricing
  • No waterproofing

This is also one of the more “pretty” scooters on the market for night or evening riding because it features a ton of LED lighting.

40 Mph Electric Scooters

We are finally down to the lower end of our fast electric scooters.

These are the scooters that still make you feel like you are flying but not at daredevil speeds.

11 - Apollo Phantom


  • Dual 1400W motors
  • Top speed of 43 mph
  • 77-pound machine weight
  • 300-pound max capacity
  • Quadruple spring suspension
  • Proprietary HEX display

Yes, this looks like an urban electric scooter.

We are finally in that territory of practical high-speed electric scooters for in-town use that will not break the bank, and the Phantom is an excellent place to start.

The V2 is a significant upgrade considering Apollo listened to thousands of user feedback before introducing new features or adjustments. 

This is a much more versatile and luxurious ride than others on our list because it has outstanding ergonomics and an incredible feature package.

For example, riders over 200 pounds or 6 feet in height will still be able to enjoy the ride due to tall handlebars, a wide deck, pneumatic tires, and a smooth suspension.


  • Gorgeous design features
  • Lighting and tech package is phenomenal
  • Strong kickstand


  • No warning bell or horn
  • No front turn signals
  • Still a little heavy for folding and transporting

The Phantom is more the luxury sedan from Cadillac than an off-road speed demon. It comes in a 52V or 60V version.

12 - Dualtron Eagle Pro



  • 3,300-watt BLDC dual hub motors
  • 60V 22.4Ah 1,344Wh LG 3500 cells
  • 50-mile range
  • 40 mph speed
  • 25 degrees climbing grade
  • Front and rear regenerative disc brakes with ABS
  • 265-pound weight capacity
  • 66-pound machine weight

At $2,290, you are getting a well-made commuter's dream with the Eagle Pro.

This will take you up to 44 mph and is one of the best fastest electric scooters on the market due to a detailed and comprehensive design.

The suspension on this scooter is outstanding, and you still get a solid acceleration for a machine that is on the lower end of the speed spectrum.

The only thing to watch out for is the braking.

It is good at a distance of 11.8 feet when traveling 15 mph, but not excellent.

This is also one of the more sleek designs on the list.


  • A size you can fold and carry around for commuting
  • Plenty of range and speed for urban riders
  • Beautiful design features


  • A little expensive for the speed and range
  • Brakes leave a little desired
  • Stem bearings require some adjusting

It looks more like a sports car model than a bulky off-road solution with branding strategically featured on different grips and clasps.

This is more of a short-range commuter’s delight than a long-range weekend trip electric scooter.

Minimotorsusa Price

13 - Dualtron Victor



  • 56-mile range
  • 43 mph speed
  • 2000W dual BLDC motors
  • 60V 30Ah LG 21700 battery
  • Adjustable dual rubber suspension
  • Dual Zoom hydraulic brakes
  • 265-pound rider capacity
  • 72-pound machine weight

The final option on this list of the fastest electric scooters is the Dualtron Victor.

While you can use the Victor on or off-road and get a decent amount of range for weekend trips, you can also fit this inside your car’s trunk. 

That means you are getting a lot of options for a smaller model compared to others on the list.

This is a great “in the middle” range option for electric scooters.

It does not really excel at any single area but instead offers a balance of all the features you could want in a fast electric scooter.

Let’s call it the Goldilocks scooter on the list.


  • A well-balanced, feature-rich scooter
  • Excellent range for the speed and power factor
  • Great braking capability


  • Shorter deck compared to others
  • Not waterproof
  • Could use more high mounted lighting

People with bike trails and beachside paths nearby will get the most use out of the Victor as it is perfect for longer day trips in a pseudo urban setting.


What is the fastest electric scooter in the world?

The Rion R90 is the best “off the shelf” scooter for speed at around 74-82 mph, depending on road, weight, and charge.

However, there are many electric scooters being modified by users that can reach speeds of 100+ mph.

These are still in the experimental phase and not easy to come by.

How to make electric scooter faster?

Yes, you can make a faster electric scooter in your garage by modifying parts.

You can remove the speed limiter, increase the battery power, upgrade the motor, improve aerodynamics, and do other smaller tweaks.

But the fastest way to increase speed is to lower the rider's weight while increasing the battery voltage.

This is basically the "horse jockey" approach - a smaller rider and a bigger horse.

the fastest electric scooter in the world

Fastest electric scooters in the world

Who makes the fastest electric scooter?

Rion. There simply is no other mass-produced competitor that can reach the same speeds of a Rion machine.

Of course, there are plenty of customized shops that can surpass the Rion, but for now, they are the leaders in the best fastest electric scooters industry.

How fast does a razor electric scooter go?

Most Razor products will not go faster than the legal limit of the country they are selling within, which is around 15.5 mph.

The seated electric scooters bump that up a bit, but not by much.

As far as speed is concerned, this is not a top-end company for electric scooters.

How fast does a 5000w electric scooter go?

You are probably looking at the total speed of 50-65 mph in this watt category.

Most electric scooters at this power range tend to be bulkier or heavier, cutting down on their ability to reach faster speeds.

How fast does a 2000w electric scooter go?

Now you are in the range of 35-44 mph with an average of about 40.8 mph.

This is a popular rating for urban commuters or beachside trail riders as it offers plenty of speed while still being a comfortable machine and smooth ride.

How fast does a 500w electric scooter go?

You will top out at 16 - 20 mph.

This is the primary range of most urban rental scooters you see with sharing phone apps at local parks.

This is also the sweet spot for frequent urban commuters who need a lighter-weight scooter to fold up and charge in their office space.

How fast are electric scooters

How fast are 500w electric scooters?

Why is my electric scooter not going fast?

The most common reason your fast electric scooter has lost its kick is due to battery issues.

Any time your battery pack is old, worn out, or defective, you will lose the ability to get up to full speed even in the best possible riding conditions.

How to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter?

Take caution when removing the speed limiter as the construction of your scooter may not be designed for higher speeds.

Your scooter’s speed limiter may take specific instructions, but in general, you can remove a sensor on the driving wheel’s transmission system, modify the firmware, or upgrade the battery.


We hope this comprehensive list gives you all the details you need in your search for the fastest electric scooters.

Always double-check your local rules and regulations so you do not end up in jail for excessive scooter speed, as that probably will not go over well with the more hardened offenders.

Remember that in the end, the best electric scooter for you is the one that fits your lifestyle and use, not the one with the most bells and whistles. 

Happy shopping!

Our Top Choice - Dualtron Thunder

  • Max Speed: 50 Mph
  • Range: 75 Miles
  • Power: 5400W
  • Max Load: 265 lbs 
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Charging Time: 5 hours (quick charger)
  • Price - $3,499 
  • Price Voromotors
  • Price Minimotors

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