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The Fastest Electric Scooters In The World | Crazy Fast E-scooters

Oh yes, this is going to be good. Speed and wheels go together like burger and fries, that’s clear as day. It doesn’t matter what you are driving, but there is something special in going as fast as you can. Get ready to see the fastest electric scooters in the world.

This post has examples which are much more powerful than 1000W electric scooter...

Some people claim that is the best feeling when they are cruising around by bike, scooter, car and that going fast is unnecessary, childish and in some extreme cases, they dare to claim that riding fast is stupid.


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The fastest electric scooters in the world

Riding fast feels like a dream

Don’t worry; I have good news. Those people aren’t here, for sure. That headline has taken care of that. Either way, we won’t waste our time defending ourselves for those attacks.


There is no discussion about one thing. Traffic is not the place for speeding. For that, there is time and place. There are at least five places in my area where I can go and test some mean machine. 

I am sure you can find it too. It’s not normal to bring other traffic participants in jeopardy.

Be smart. Don’t bring others in danger; it’s not right.

As well as any other vehicle this one can hurt you too. There is no doubt. However, what happens when you push it to the limit.

Infographic of the fastest electric scooters in the world

Don't forget to pin it

Prepare to Ride the Fastest Electric Scooters in the World!

If you have some off-road track and want to jump over your favorite hill with a brand new off-road superfast electric scooter, you have to be careful. You know that without any written warning.

"When I was learning Hang five on my BMX, I've spent half a day on wheels and another half I spent eating dirt. That’s how it goes".

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But, you want to take some baby steps first.

The same story is with high-speed cornering on a racing track. I like an extreme ride, and it’s known that the pain is the best teacher, but I prefer not to slam into every corner.

The Fastest Electric Scooters BY UBERSCOOT 1600Watts

Uberscoote has 1600 Watts brushless electric motor, and don’t worry, it’s enough for what we want to do.  Also, 48V 12Ah battery is excellent and powerful enough for some extreme ride. Charging time is between 6-8 hours, and you can ride for 12 miles precharge.

Some shortcomings:

  • Electric scooters weight
  • Riding on a soft surface too difficult
  • Battery lifespan

Uberscoot Economy Button

There is an ECONOMY button if you exaggerate with gas, but still, you have to get back home. Press it on time; you don’t want to push 117 pounds scooter. I think it’s easier to push the red button than Uberscoot.

  • 26 mph max speed
  • Weight limit 265 pounds
  • 12 inches off-road tires
  • ECONOMODE (red button)
  • The seat is included (quick release)
  • Front/rear light
  • Foldable fame

Those tires provide you everything you need on rough surfaces. Grip, comfort, security, just look out soft sands and softer surfaces because of the weight of scooter.

Exceptional choice also could be Neon Green 1000Watts. It has less power but don't you underestimate it. It has some outstanding features. You can check out The best electric scooters out there  in order to learn more about Neon Green 1000Watts.

Battery Good News

  • That battery is great. It can run with that strong electric motor.
  • You have ECONOMODE, just have to push the red button, and your top speed is reduced. Also, acceleration is a bit less savage.
  • That is great for you if you are riding back home after a wild ride, and don’t know If you make it.      

Battery Bad News

  • I know that doesn’t mean that it dies after 250 charges but c’mon - we want more
  • This is a mean machine, we all know that I will drain a last atom of power from it, I need something more durable
  • Battery lifespan has 250 cycles

Uberscoot gives warranty on parts for 60 days. That is ok if you ask me. This is excellent quality, and great value for the budget and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this. However, we have to make some point.

Warranty just right 60 days

For that period, we have just enough time to realize if there is some manufacturer problem or not. After 60 days and some truth pointed out we are on our own.

This is not an ordinary fastest electric scooter - we all know when its bought this will not be a calm and steady ride. Let’s be honest, would I give myself longer warranty with my riding style on that kind extreme machine...? I think my mother wouldn’t, so why a seller would, right?

Mutual Testimonial

The Fastest Electric Scooters in the World by Qiewa - QMini

If you wonder are there any advantages of this scooter, in one minute you will found out that this “Mini” in the name doesn’t matter at all. And that this is one serious machine. If you're enjoying riding the fastest electric scooters in the world this is the one for you!

It weighs 48 pounds, and it can carry 550 pounds. It’s waterproof. However, the manufacturer recommends not to ride in heavy rain. It can deliver a range of 37 miles, and that is also maxed speed 37mph.

Qiewa Q Mini Specs

  • 500 Watts brushless electric motor
  • 48V 16 Ah battery (don’t charge over 18 hours)
  • 8 inches solid tires
  • It has wireless remote control for activation
  • Three modes of speed
  • Folding option
  • A throttle operated by a thumb
  • Electronic brakes (rear drum brake)
  • Double suspension (rear/front)

This electric scooter has every feature double. Headlights, brake lights, suspensions, also it goes twice the speed than others.

That distance from the ground is a great benefit, which can help you when you are riding a bit faster on off-road courses.

It also can help you not to think too much about higher curbs. Qiewa Q1 Hummer 800 Watts is also great for fast off-road riding.


One thing you should take a good look is that three modes of speed. Don’t forget to go to settings and check if you are in mode 3 when you are testing max speed.

From sides, there are lights in different colors, and because of those nobody will overlook you for sure. That is safe when you turn on. Maybe you will think for a second that is too safe.

But you want to other participants see you on the road, right? Double front, double rear lights and that on the sides will provide that to you doubtless.

Great Additions Qiewa QMini

  • Alarm anti-theft security
  • Double brake lights
  • Double headlights
  • Horn
  • Sidelights
  • Deck distance from the ground 4.7 inches
  • Handlebar height adjustment
  •  Footrest
  • Seat option
  • Kickstand
  • USB phone charging option

Qiewa QMini has a folding option as well. I really appreciate that feature considering that this is one fast electric scooter focuses on speed, comfort, extreme ride. Practicality ’s not in the first plan. However, they managed to succeed in that as well. Great job.

The last, and for most and least importantly, the sound while you are unfolding this scooter. That is sound of quality; everything clicks in the place.

The Fastest Electric Scooters by Qiewa Q Power

Qiewa has high-quality machines that are easily one of the fastest electric scooters in the world. There is Qmini which is fabulous. Then Q1Hummer that is an extreme electric scooter as well. Q Power has its own qualities in the sense of dual 1200Watts motors. Don’t worry there is some other great stuff as well.

Double hydraulic brakes are extreme, but it has to be that way. Because this electric scooters maximum speed is 50mph, by the manufacturer, and weight around 94 pounds would be hard to stop if there is no harsh braking.

Yes, there are dual motors, but I think that speed is slightly lower than 50 mph. Maximum load is 660 pounds. In off road world this is one of the fastest electric scooters in the world.

Qiewa Q Power Specs

  • Dual 1200Watts motor
  • 660 pounds maximum load
  • It weighs 94 pounds
  • Dual shock absorbers
  • 50 mph maximum speed (lighter rider)
  • Double hydraulic brakes
  • 11-inch off-road tires

Dual shock absorbers are there and when you decide to go off-road, don’t worry. However, this scooter’s favorite environment is wilderness and dusty roads. Big 11 inch off-road tires are created and destined for extreme conditions. Tires inflate up to 40psi (max speed lower, comfort higher).

As you can see there are a lot of Allen screws on the side in the folding area. That shows us that they gave their best to strengthen that part which is in the greatest stress point during off-road.

On the slick road, you will feel that noise and vibration as well. But, that is not so bad. Sometimes at the corners, you need some extra grip when it becomes dangerous in some tight turns. And its small price for the feeling when you get off-road. That is moderately suffering because of noise and vibration will pay off, for sure.

Useful Notes about Qiewa Q Power

Push yellow button to set speed limit

Push the red button to activate double motor mode

Qiewa Q power has a waterproof certificate, and you can ride it in the rain. I really appreciate that because it shows that manufacture cares about off-road lovers. And knows that rain will catch us sooner or later, and we wouldn’t want to get back home.

Party never ends with this electric scooter. Plenty of power, comfort, reliability are on disposal that we can be delighted.

The price is for some deal-breaker, and that decision is on us. However, I think that when we decided to get one of these, there are 2 options (or should I say scenarios): we can be satisfied or overjoyed. Disappointment is not an option.

Well, you have seen here two models from Qiewa manufacturer. Further more, you also have one more option if you want one of the fastest electric scooters in the world. And it is from Qiewa manufacturer as well. Just after you finish this list find Qiewa Q1 Hummer 800 Watts on the page The best electric scooters. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

The Fastest Electric Scooters in the World by Speedway - Mini4 Pro

It uses brushless 500 Watts BLBC hub motor. 48V 748 Wh 15.6 Ah battery is great and allows range around 40 miles at best. Batteries require charging time between 6-8 hours. However, with the help of a fast electric scooter charger, that time can reduce to 2 hours.

Maximum speed is around 28 mph. That is more than enough for this kind of scooter. Nevertheless, those 8-inch wheels are not the biggest, and because of that speed is more than acceptable.

What it can do with what it has

  • LCD display
  • LED headlight/taillight are integrated
  • Cruising mode
  • Folding option
  • It can conquer 27% grade (lighter rider)
  • Water resistant
  • Dual suspension
  • 4 display function

It has double suspension in the rear, front inflatable tire, and small absorber also at the front. This is great for riding, and every rider is so grateful for this amount of care when it comes to comfort.

More Specs Mini4 Pro

Whole Speedway Mini4 Pro is all made of aluminum and magnesium. That provides lightness and strength. It is light and foldable as well. What else can everyday commuter get more from the scooter?

Folded dimension (inches)

height  13 

 length   38 

width    21

Some Flows

  • Front air tire
  • The integrated headlight is not enough for a night ride
  • Fast charger and seat are optional

It has rear braking light because of safety. That all shows how dedicated manufacturer was while they were designing this vehicle. Speedway Mini4 Pro is fast electric scooter, safe, foldable and elegant.

Great performance also separates this scooter from others. Because all of that - this is a superb opportunity.

The Fastest Electric Scooters in the World by MotoTech Mad 1600 Watts

If you are a bit scared because of the name and the look, it’s ok. I am too. But, we are here because of the speed and power, right? If we're talking about fat tire electric scooters this is one of the fastest electric scooters in the world.

So first things first.

We have a fast electric scooter here that has 1600 Watts. It has 48V 12Ah battery that needs 4-8 hours to charge fully. Per charge, it rides around 23 miles.

Some mechanic features:

  • Rear/front disc brakes
  • Chain driven
  • Front mono shock suspension
  • Rear twin suspension

It weighs 106 pounds, and it can carry 300 pounds. If you are the lighter rider, you can ride over 20 mph. I think that those vast tires are the problem for achieving higher speed.

However, those tires are great for off-road entertainment. They have the purpose of course.

It has a warranty on parts for 60 days.

Great Features

  • Footboard is wooden
  • 145 mm wide tires
  • Dual headlight
  • Toolkit
  • It can fold
  • Seat included
  • Waterproof bags included
  • Rear light
  • Interesting design

Putting It Together

When this 1600Watts machine arrives at your home, you will have to put some parts together.

Don’t worry; it isn’t a big deal. I will help you a bit; there are easy steps:

Unfold handlebars

Put a seat post

Connect cables


This is obviously an extreme machine. You can go into a wild without worry that there is something that can stop you and the off-road ride.

On the other hand, when you feel like you just want to commute with this, that would be the most comfortable ride of your life. On the scooter, of course. Maybe you will attract some looks, but that is not so bad at all.


This electric hub motor is exceptional. It has 500 Watts and peak of 750 Watts. That’s more than enough for us to be satisfied with performances. 48V 10Ah battery and that motor are a perfect combination. It delivers 20 mph and a range up to 20 miles.

Controls are natural; you have two brake levers and thumb trigger throttle. Brakes are discs and more than good. From 20 mph to zero in no time. My advice for you that you lean back while braking with both brakes.

Another good advice is that while you are braking use front brake a little more than rear. It helps you to stop faster; also, you are saving your rear tire.

  • Great motor
  • Elegant design (attention to detail, cables, screws)
  • High-quality machine
  • USB charger
  • Bell
  • Ergonomic grips
  • High-quality kickstand
  • No suspension
  • No front headlight
  • Slightly wider handlebars
  • Not so intuitive unfolding*
  • Weight (36pounds)

To start, you need some push, and there you go. After that, you feel quality. Yes, it is a bit heavy, but that is quality in motion and even without suspension deliver a smooth ride.

When a scooter is too light, then you are bouncing around because of that.


This is not downside or some flaw. However, that’s just a thing, and it is important. When you want to fold this IMAX S1, you have practically three steps. Simple as that.

However, the third step is something you want to take a close look.

Because of that, I will split that third step into two substeps.


Lower your handlebars. There is a quick release, that’s it.


Fold your grips using classic mechanism.


    Substep 1   

Now you want to fold entire steering handlebar. You have some handle on the front area of the footboard. That is regular. That’s nothing new, and when you release that handle, you naturally want to fold a scooter.

    Substep 2   

However, what you need to do is that release some tension in that area. You can do it  by making a slight move in the opposite direction of folding and THEN fold it. Crucial movement is that small move you do. The worst thing you can do is to try to fold it by force.

IMAX S1 leaves us with the conclusion that is the most comfortable scooter in this class. IMAX S1 has that high-quality touch, and some small things can’t spoil that extraordinary impression.

Electric Fat Tire Scooter 1500W

The first thing you can notice is those fat tires are 225 mm wide; that should be enough. This scooter also has suspension, which is nice. Your worry about bumps is history. I don’t have that big tires on my car.

This escooter is one of the fastest electric scooters in the world that has fat tires.

A thing to consider before riding is that you should check tires pressure. Max speed is 27 mph, but if you want to go that fast or even faster, put some air in those.

Some bad news:

  • It weighs 100 pounds
  • Better battery and no key (only optional)
  • No rear suspension

An electric hub motor has 1500 Watts, 60V 10 Ah lithium batteries and third speed mode are going to take you far away. That battery is capable of around 25 miles.

However, if you want 80 miles or so there is a solution. Optional upgrade if you pay more. That package considers better 30 Ah battery.

Note: Fat Tire Battery Upgrade

If you are wondering would this upgrade boost your top speed? I am sorry, but I have to take that smile off your face. It wouldn’t.

What else this “electro chopper” has

  • Optional “no key” start
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 3-speed modes

You could fall in love with this scooter easily. It’s not just super fast electric scooter, but it provides some different feeling and comfort.

I recommend choosing a better battery and enjoying longer. This is a chopper, and it is destined for cruising with the wind in a face, and this electric scooter can afford you that.

The Fastest Electric Scooters in the World by Dualtron - Dualtron 2

This is an all-terrain machine which doesn’t let you down in any aspect. There is no just one motor. It has 3600 Watts dual hub motor, and when both unite power you can go around 40 mph on Dualtron 2.

As you will see later, this is a piece of technological art. But the manufacturer took in consideration and the look. And, oh boy, that’s something. That elegant and luxurious look is incredible. If you love the fastest electric scooters in the world, that are also powerful and expensive e scooters check >>>  Most expensive electric scooters!

Dualtron 2 with all specifications in short is one of the fastest electric scooters in the world


Some Mindblowing Specs

3600 Watts dual hub motor

Lithium-Ion battery (4 types on choose list)

It weighs 61 pounds

Can carry 264 pounds rider

Range between 43-74 miles

It can defeat 47% grade

10-inch all-terrain tires

Double braking system (mechanical and electric brake)

Want to conquer 47% grade

Here're conditions for achieving.


A rider has to be lighter, around 160 pounds for this gradient.


Of course, you know if you are heavier ride 30% gradient is something you can easily overcome.

The unique aluminum alloy is used for Dualtron 2 frame, and its light and strong as a rock. High density, high impact suspension system is another unbelievable part of this scooter. 

As a matter of fact, Dualtrol 2 has no ordinary part and solution. Everything is better, stronger, lighter, and faster. That’s just manufacturer philosophy, just do everything perfectly.

Great facts:

  • If you use one motor - maximum speed is 31 mph
  • The range is 74 miles if you have the most powerful battery and Eco mode ON

That aluminum alloy is also used for rear and front swing arms. That’s the part that suffers the most. This scooter has many options, and they are all important as well.

Here is a few:

  • Batteries range options (1,077 Wh, 1202 Wh, 1450 Wh, 1657 Wh)
  • Quicker charger (3 times faster charging than with basic charger)

Ergonomic grips on motocross-style handlebars give us feedback form what is going on below the wheels. Also, the folding option is there. Besides power and strength, practicality is here as well.


We all know that fenders are useful when you go off-road, and every scooter has one, but this is some other story.


Dualtron 2 has a serious one. You can enjoy the ride, and you will be protected as much as possible from dirt, mud, rocks that you ride over.

That is one of the best fenders out there, however, based on what we have seen here so far that’s not so strange.

This is easily one of the best electric scooters for an extreme ride in hostile areas. Also, durability is there because of high-quality materials that give the rider a feeling that he can do anything.

It can suffer a lot, provide a high-speed ride, and can resist a rough one.  Also, the rider feels like he is unstoppable, not just fast.

Dualtron Ultra

Dualtron ultra is some piece of engineering. It deserves its spot in Dualtron as one of the fastest electric scooters in the world. This one is a space rocket. It has 5400 Watts dual hub motor, and it goes as insane. 60V 35Ah battery is enough, and this is my favorite, for 70 miles range. This machine has 330 pounds weight limit.

You might easily become scared after hitting the full trottle on this one, because this is one of the fastest electric scooters in the world that is simply savage. However, exactly that is perfect if you are looking for electric scooter for food delivery. It's fast, powerful and durable.

Speed & Power

Extraordinary Off and on road machine- Dualtron Ultra one of the fastest electric scooters in the world


For charging you can choose how many hours you want to wait for another action ride. If you don’t mind to wait just use standard 2A charger and after 17 hours you are probably ready to go. However, if you are one of those people who can't wait for another stunt ride optional charger is for you. The optional charger is 6.5 A and it can charge your machine in 5 hours.

It weighs 80 pounds so that is not bad at all. Speed is about Watts per pounds and that ratio tells us everything. In this story, there is a lot of Watts and not so many pounds. The maximum speed of this beast is up to 50 mph. That is serious speed and it doesn’t require some perfect conditions. Asphalt, dirt, mud…

The suspension is a dual high density, and it can survive huge impacts. Rear and front arms are made of special aircraft strong but light materials. Special aluminum is served for this occasion.

Also, if there is dark ahead, just turn it on LED lights, and there is a day. This light is not one of those when you wonder if you can see in the dark… Because when you turn on this one - darkness becomes noontime.

Dualtron Ultra Battery Fact

It has a cooling system, and it can survive all bumps and shocks. Of course for that kind of surface Dualtron Ultra needs off-road tires. It has 11-inch tires that are made for extreme circumstances. 

Another unbelievable component is brakes. Those are even scarier that motor, more savage. A lot of high-tech parts and materials are implemented in those dual discs and electronic brakes.

On LCD screen you can check and adjust:

  • Speed
  • Start mode
  • Cruise mode
  • Electronic brake
  • Acceleration as well

There is no wonder why the manufacturer forces all buyers with the fact that they must have protective gears. And on that list, there are not just helmets and gloves.

No, there is a mile list. There is protective gear for every part of riders body. That is necessary I understand.

When something can go that fast first thought came to my mind is: “I want to test that in the most extreme way possible”. If you're thrill-seeker and want to test the fastest electric scooters in the world to the limits you need to be smart.

And, that is why protective gear is the must.

Works Electric Hollyburn P5

Hollyburn P5 can go up to 37 mph. This thing is surely one of the most sophisticated and the fastest electric scooters in the world ever made. It has such modern technical solutions that are unbelievable. On the other hand, it looks like a wild animal who is attacking all the time everybody.

There is no mercy for anyone.

Hollyburn P5 specs

  • 4400 Watts ZM2-R electric motor
  • 37 mpg maximum speed
  • Maximum range 28 miles
  • Reliable kickstand
  • 86 pounds
  • 0-30 mph 3.9 sec
  • Weight limit 280 pounds
  • Front/rear double light
Great designed Works Electric Hollyburn P5 in orange is one of the fastest electric scooters in the world




Power transmission


Chain drive*


Belt drive**

Note*   Durable, off-road friendly, lower top speed, higher torque

Note** Quieter than a chain, require no maintenance, for road

Under armor is the number one thing you should have on these types scooters. And yes, it has that. A motor is fully protected, and I think that this armor will undoubtedly protect the motor.

Batteries are marvelous. Durable, reliable, and has a lifespan of 2000 cycles. Another great thing is that there is a cooling fan if a battery gets overheated.

High-Tech Features

Regenerative braking system

Chassis is lightweight and strong

Construction is made of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel

The braking system is dual hydraulic, and it has 180 mm rotor. There is no worry about stopping. Although it looks like very robust and heavy, it isn’t. The whole scooter is lightweight, just 86 pounds.

Also has a folding option, and it is entirely water-resistant. Another unreal thing is a fact that you spent electricity in total worth of about 12 cents for a full charge. That is honestly ridiculous. There are no words for that.

You can try to conquer any terrain if your skills can keep up with this wild animal. This is stronger than a mountain. Materials are light and strong. However, there is no carbon, but aircraft aluminum gets this job done great.

Dualtron Thunder

This is what Dualtron has produced to show us what they are capable of – when it comes to perfection & improvement.

Thunder is 50 mph electric scooter and can be described as something as a next-in-line monster after Ultra. We can imagine what kind of machinery is right here to inherit well-known Ultra confidently. If you want to ride the fastest electric scooters in the world you need to try this one first.


So, brace yourself. What’s coming up is mind-blowing.

The thing is, though, that lots of electric scooters are fast… but,  Mini motors with Thunder has made perfection. And they haven’t bothered themselves with numbers, such as how much money they had to invest in building those. 


They’ve bothered with something much more important: speed, power, and durability. And, in my opinion, that’s the way how it has to be done.

Dualtron Thunder Was Built to Put a Smile on Your Face

How would you otherwise describe this:

  • 5400 - watt dual hub motor
  • 50 mph
  • ABS
  • 75 - mile range

Beside those jaw-dropping “details,” there is something else. It weighs 95 Lbs, and the weight limit is 265 Lbs. And, you will get 60 Volt (35 Ah) battery.

Next, you get super-comfy 10-inches tubeless tires, ability to conquer grades of 47% (25 degrees), and your suspension setup. Yes, that is something you didn’t use to.

Rubber suspension technology gives you an option to choose from 3 different configurations depending on the weight of the rider. And, of course, depending on the riding style you prefer.

Things you might fall in love with:

  • Fingerprint recognition – optional feature
  • Lights – in standing deck and handlebar
  • Faster charge time – superfast charger (5.3h)

The next most important thing when it comes to performances is how wild this thing slows down. Thunder has hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels.

Oh yes, discs are 160 mm (6.29 inches). There is also assistance from electric brake as well. Stopping power is savage.

Complaining and Fault-finding? 

Well, rubber suspension setup is something you want to consult professional for. A man can listen to your needs and plans on riding style. So, he can make a perfect setup choice for you.

Also, maybe you wouldn’t want to mess around with setups on display because you can shut off ABS and put electronic brake assistance on minimum.

That’s something you don’t want. Only hard-core riders would like to push this machine to the limits without electronic support…

Welcome to what’s called “The - Ultimate - Setup”


If you decide to hop on display settings, you might spend more time than you thought in the first place. Lot more.

Because there is an enormous amount of option, you have on your disposal. You have nine modes to play around. 

There’re some of the selections that might be interesting for you:

  • P5 (you can choose start method: kick or acceleration)
  • P6 (turn on/off cruise control)
  • P7 (choose from a slow start or powerful start)
  • P8 (you can select max power output from 5-100%)
  • PA (not a great idea: turn off the electronic brake)
  • Pd (very undesirable: turn off ABS)

And what’s even more impressive, by doing so you can change entire setup exactly how you want it. And make out of this electric scooter entirely different animal.

Now, it’s on you what kind of ride you want. One thing is sure – Dualtron Thunder is one of a kind.

When you put all that together, you will get an engineering masterpiece, work of art, and something capable of going like hell.

What’s astonishing is that you will quickly get used to it. Everyone can ride it, however, if you are some highly-exhilarated adrenaline junky – you will get what you need. There is no doubt in that.

Nanrobot D4+

If you are interested in a 2000w electric scooter that is also cheap fast electric scooter, this is the one for you. OK, it’s relatively inexpensive in comparison with the most extreme ones. 

It’s fast escooter, light, it looks cool, and it is a blast to ride. Also, if you like an electric scooter with seat, Nanrobot gives you that option as well.


The fact that Nanrobot D4+ has dual disk brakes, quiet brushless electric motor, and a 45-mile range is excellent. That’s something you expect.

But, there’s something you wouldn’t. Such as a front fork made of high-quality carbon steel. Also, there are six shock absorbers. That’s pretty awesome. You’ll have a smooth ride, not just because of shock absorbers…

…you also get 10-inch wheels. So, guess what?

You get one comfy and extreme 40 mph electric scooter that can be dangerous as hell if you cross the line.

So many options, so much potential, and so much power. It’s on you to control all of that…

If you’re still armed with some technical question, take a closer look here:

  • It weighs 70 lbs – Not lightweight, but reasonable
  • It can carry 330 lbs – max load will affect performances
  • It has lithium battery (52V 23Ah) – 8-10 hours charging time

Nanrobot D4+ looks like a jacked-up racer, it feels like a rocket, and it will make you happy if you are eager to ride fast and dangerous. Otherwise, it will make you terrified. If you are someone who loves a slow ride on a regular rented electric scooter.

The Smart Way of Riding Nanrobot D4+

The smartest thing you can do is to go to settings and set up a kick start. It’s a brilliant thing to do because you don’t want to make a rocket start in traffic by accident.

Here’s my big question: If Nanrobot 4+ can be fast and furious, can it still be a regular electric scooter for adults?

Well, to find out we have to do a quick analysis. Let’s suppose your riding style is relaxing. You want to enjoy the ride and pay attention to your surroundings without any desire for extreme moves whatsoever.

Well, it is possible.

There are six shock absorbers, big wheels, a spacious standing deck that will provide you ride from heaven. Don’t forget seated option as well. Comfort is taken to another level… So, this is one of the fastest electric scooters in the world that is at the same time comfortable as a pillow.

Small Problems

However, there is a small problem. It weighs a bit more than regular e scooter, but it is also relatively easy to pick it up and carry some shorter distance.

So, all of this leaves us with the impression that if you choose one of those…

…you’ll have one of the fastest e scooters in the neighbor. And, if you sometimes want to slow down and relax a bit, it’s possible. You can have it all from Nanrobot D4+.

There is one golden rule for the end. Just use it responsibly and get used to it slowly before you put your “foot down“ to the max.

And yes, it can be scary, but if you are extreme electric scooter lover and you buy one of these… you can be sure that you made a great decision.

Final Thoughts

According to the title this has to be a quick  conclusion. At the moment you are in the fast mode and you don’t have time for further delays. However, I think that we all came to a similar conclusion.

We love speed, that is something we carry with us whole life. For some, that is a burden. For others, that is a gift from the sky.

This list covers best options. The main thing is how much am I prepared to invest in my passion and that is a question for reflection.

However, I need to point out that while we are thinking about options for some greater time that easily can convert to overthinking, which can be metaphorically described as a thin ice. And then we are in the problem, we might see the problem in the solution.

Take a close look at the features these options provide and don’t forget what you really need and what is unnecessary for you. Either way, remember that when we are moving across thin ice, we have to move fast.

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