Are Electric Scooters Safe for Children? 7 Crucial Factors

Now is the time to stop looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. Stay with us until the end of this post and you will find out the answer to the question - Are electric scooters safe for children - And, so much more...

The truth is: Everything is dangerous and risky.

As soon as your child leaves your house it means that you don’t have total control. It doesn’t matter whether your child walks or rides a bike, skate, electric scooter…

Before you barricade your child in, do yourself a favor and hold on until you hear what is the second option...


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I doubt you want to take from your child all the joy and adventure that  electric scooter for kids can provide. 

Children ride electric scooters in the park. Instagram: Scooter Hut photo credit

Electric scooters + Children = Enormous fun (Instagram: Scooter Hut photo credit)

They will develop balancing skills, hang out with other kids and spend quality time outside.

Without a computer, without video games, without Fortnite…

If they go outside they will learn how to use all senses (not just eyes). However, some of the stuff will hurt today, but it’s ok.

The Second Option 

Improve Riding Skills

Electric scooter, as a vehicle, is not dangerous: imprudent and reckless driving is.

Infographic about electric scooters and children safety

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Until the end of this post, you will have a bigger picture in your head. And you will find out the answer to the question are electric scooters safe for children (and under what circumstances).

And what’s more important: You are going to see what you can do about it.

Are Electric Scooters Safe for Children - Problem Section

As rational human beings, we’re all concerned about heavy traffic (big trucks, cars), we’re all afraid of falling off (bruises, fractures), and in a cold sweat from all sorts of collisions, we can think of. That’s all normal.

To be fair, these days, the situation in traffic is crazy everywhere. Letting our children out is stressful. Even if they want to ride e scooter outside just for fun, you can be concerned about other children.

What if your kid hit your neighbor’s younger child? Your child is ok, but… get the picture.

All I’m saying is we can’t avoid danger in life, not in a million years. And we don’t want to sabotage our children by forbidding them to ride their favorite little machines.

We want to teach them how to ride safely and confidently. That has to be our main mission.

Solution Strategy Section - Are Electric Scooters Safe for Kids

If you’ve already decided that you’re not ready to let your kid riding an electric scooter, that’s fine.

But you gotta understand that if you are letting them ride a bike this is also applicable. Stay with us and absorb all the information that will be crucial for the development of your child.

Everything is about education and the right judgment when it comes to power and size of an electric scooter.

Even more interesting: Huge role plays a maturity of your child (focus on that, not so much on age).

Also, don’t forget to purchase only certified e scooters. Cheap electric scooters can be dangerous. Choose wisely.

If you can connect all dots, your kid is going to learn how to be aware of the situations (dangerous ones), but it won’t be scared or paralyzed by it. 

Your mission is to teach your kid to be calm and logical in these situations.

You’ll be proud of them when you see the results.

What to Do If You're Worried Are Electric Scooters Safe for Children

Great, we’ve agreed that this world isn’t perfect. So far in your life, you’ve heard that riding electric scooters, bikes, skates is dangerous.

You’ve seen all the danger and horror, but now it’s the time you confront all the hassle and stop being afraid.

Now, we have to do something about it. I’ll help you. Here’s the concept you need to apply.

Nothing on Earth is 100% certain. 


However, if you apply everything, you can be pretty sure that's all you could do. When it comes to this problem - Are Electric Scooters Safe for Children.

Eventually, your kid will be conscious, self-reliant and self-confident in traffic. Electric scooter will become his favorite machine and you will be thrilled and proud.

Your Child


Your child, as a rider, is deciding factor when it comes to safety. First, you have to observe the maturity, skill level, size and personality of the child as well.

If your kid is skilled on a bike, at some sport… you can be pretty sure that it will be piece of cake to learn to ride e scooter. For kids that are too risky and too energetic than you have to choose some less powerful and slower electric scooter.

If you want to reduce risk you need to be honest with yourself. If you're wondering are electric scooters safe for children, you need to focus on your kids first.

A drawing of a girl on electric scooter. Instagram: thaisdamiao photo credit

Safety gear for kids is a must (Instagram: thaisdamiao photo credit)

On the other hand, if your kid is calm and levelheaded, there is no problem. Your child will not push scooter over the limit. It just won’t do anything risky and hazardous in order to impress their friends.

Once you start to carefully observe your child you will exactly know what kind of e scooter is the right one. And, you can be sure, that is a great start.

- Note for any electric scooter rider - 

Use the strength of one leg to push an electric scooter a little bit before you hit the acceleration button. 

Only then you will start your ride smoothly & safely and what’s more, you will save your battery.

If your kid doesn’t apply that advice and hit the acceleration button right away, then it can lose a balance a bit. Just give a little leg push before hitting that button.


Size of the Electric Scooter

Most of the time people spend looking at the features and design when it comes to choosing electric scooter for their child. And they end up with some gigantic beast their child can’t move or steer in the right and safe way.

If your kid is small, find some lighter and smaller version. Go through the manual and read dimensions and make the right choice.

A height of the handlebars, seat, and dimensions of the standing deck… That is something you don’t want to miss.

Huge mistake can be...

...if you take a bigger one and just think: “It’s ok, the child will grow”. Your child can be frightened right at the start because it doesn’t have full control and you can have problems later on with insecurities...

You have to choose just the right size if you want to give your child a chance to be confident and safe on his little electric friend. Having that said, we’re moving on to commands.


Electric Scooter Controls

After you choose the right one for your kid, now is the class-time. You have to teach your kid how to brake, how to accelerate and how to steer properly. The very first step for your child is to learn how to use this electric machine before confronts all the hassle in traffic.

Are electric scooters safe for children if your kid is not able to control it in a way that is comfortable and easy? Well, it's not. If it can't reach for controls easily, that is a huge risk.

The biggest mistake is to let your kid "hit the road" hoping that it will figure all out by himself. Yes, that can be the case, however, that also can be disastrous and your kid can be overwhelmed.

Next thing is fear, quitting or in the worst case scenario: Injury. Neither of which you want to expose your loved one.

Go through the whole process of learning with them. If they are embarrassed on the street, teach them in the backyard. Just come up with something… Use your imagination, help your kid to learn faster.

Also, if you want to bond with your children, teach them to maintain their e scooter. For starters, basics...

Post about Electric scooter maintenance is filled with golden info you can share with your kid.


 E-Scooter Footwear Rules

If you see your kid riding electric scooter barefoot or in slippers... Well... that’s not good. One of the primary rules is that, as a rider, you have to wear shoes or snickers.

Because only that provides a good grip so you can prevent slipping and tumbling down. Otherwise, the probability of falling down is undoubtedly higher.

Even a shoelace can cause problems...

...such as blocking a wheel,  losing the balance or fall. In real life, there are numerous problems that can appear. But if we have control over it, we have to prevent it. Simple as that.

The next point is something we don’t have total control over, and because of that, this one is a tricky one. Stay with us.


Traffic Safety Rules 

I suppose your main goal is to teach your child to be safe in everyday traffic. It doesn’t matter if your kid participates in traffic as a pedestrian, cyclist or electric scooter rider. One thing is certain: It’s on you (as a parent) to show them everything you know, and it’s on them to learn fast. And they will…

You don't need to be fraid all the time are electric scooters safe for children if your kid knows how to behave in everyday traffic.

Teach them...

- The sooner the better - 

Teach your kids how to behave properly in traffic. Nowadays, that is a remarkable skill to have. They are young, they are quick learners and good students.

When it comes to electric scooters they have to behave as they are on a bike. Crossing a street on a pedestrian crossing (by pushing their e scooter), riding on bicycle paths, being careful when there are pedestrians, watching out of cars…

...that is something you want them to apply, just knowing isn’t enough.

So, even if you think that is meaningless, just talk, they will absorb everything they hear from you. Kids have to know that it is in their interest to watch and observe everything (not just a few meters in front of them). Teach them that observation of the traffic is critical.


Electric Scooter Safety Gear for Children

Nowadays, if you take a closer look at electric scooter riders, you can notice that there are people who think they are immortal. There is no other way to describe it. Same those people pass on their children their own ignorance. And that is dangerous.

I don’t have the attention of wasting your time talking about safety gear. The main reason is: We have one more thing to point out (the last one, but also fundamental).

Here's what is essential 

There are countless negative comments when it comes to electric scooters, but they miss out the point. An electric scooter, or a bike, or a car isn’t dangerous as a vehicle. The thing is that only ignorant and hazardous way or riding is what causes accidents and problems.


Please Without Tricks

An electric scooter isn’t built for tricks. Simple as that. Regular kick scooters are built for that, but that is not true for electric ones.

We all know that electric scooter children safety is crucial, and letting them to do tricks with these heavy scooters is dangerous.

Explicitly forbidding things to children is not a brilliant solution (I know), however, if you explain to them the truth they will understand. And what’s more: children will listen to you. 

Tricks can cause a puncture or a wreckage of the wheel. How to repair a wheel on electric scooter? Fix a Puncture is the place if you want to DIY.

Tricks are for kick scooters, not for electric ones...

If your kid is a highly-skilled trick ninja you have to buy him one of these best pro scooters. Those ones are lighter, easier to maneuver, and less expensive. Electric ones are for cruising and enjoying the ride.

Infographics about children safety on electric scooter

Teach your children to be safe on electric scooter

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Final Word

As you can see, all of these points are interconnected. You have to understand how important is to implement all of it - all those factors combined will protect your kid.

Help your child become a better electric scooter rider by teaching him everything you've read here.

Did you like all this? Please use everything you’ve read throughout this post and help your child to become one of the best riders out there.

And what’s more important: the safest one.

We hope that now (after all this) you have a clearer picture... that you won't wondering anymore are electric scooters safe for children or not. Now, you know the answer. Another great post about electric scooter safety is How to be safe on electric scooter?

Feel free to leave a comment and share this with friends or kids that love electric scooters. Doing this you will help a lot. Please do not hesitate.

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