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How to Repair Wheel & Fix Puncture on Electric Scooter

The biggest rule when it comes to dealing with a puncture is to focus on the fact that changing a wheel(tire) on electric scooter ain't that hard... In this post, you're going to learn how to fix puncture on electric scooter.

You might think: It shouldn't be brain surgery...

...and you are right; it's not.

And you can solve that problem easily by yourself.


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However, if you are not aware of a few simple yet crucial points...

...life will catch you on the blindside.

And you can end up miserable beside the road not knowing what to do.

Do not let that happens to you and pay close attention to these videos.

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Several Allen wrenches on the table.

Make sure you have the right tool

Once you learn how to replace the wheel (tire) on an electric scooter, it's time to pass your knowledge... to your bosom buddy, friend or a family member.

Here're a few videos that will clear up that matter for you...

And today, you'll learn how to fix puncture on electric scooter!

Several Different Methods


Changing tire

(putting a brand new one)


Changing tire

(solid version)


Changing wheel

(installation of an entire new wheel)


Repairing punctured tire

(step-by-step tutorial) 


Prevent a puncture

(Solution with sealant)

Easily understood and easy to apply.

You can be pretty sure that this is going to cover the situation you've ended up. If you want to learn how to repair tire on an electric scooter like a pro...

...these guys will help you, no doubt in that.

How to Fix Puncture on Electric Scooter Changing Tire 
(putting a brand new one)

Only one thing you have to consider: Using bicycle levers instead of spoons.

You want to minimize the possibility of damaging a rim on your wheel.

Changing Tire
(solid version)

Here's the same story: Watch out your rim. Plastic levers are a better solution. However, plastic is rigid, and if it breaks, you have to have protective glasses.

Changing Wheel
(installation of an entire new wheel)

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to replace a wheel on electric scooter - Dualtron

There are no tire replacement tips. This man is a pro.

How to Fix Puncture on Electric Scooter? Repairing Punctured Tire 
(step-by-step tutorial)

If you have a puncture, but you don't want to throw your tire away, THIS IS THE VIDEO FOR YOU.

This guy has repaired punctured tire easily, and he gave all the details you need to know to do the same if you want to know how to fix puncture on electric scooter in a few minutes.

You may have been struggling to repair tire... but once you see this tutorial, the struggle is over.

Of course, if you have a bag attached to your e scooter, you can bring all the tools and solve the problem whenever that annoying puncture occurs...

And avoid pushing your electric scooter all the way home.

List of the things he used for this action is:

  1. Repair tire kit - (Tool, patches, plastic levers, glue...)
  2. Minipump - (pay attention to what kind of valve you have)
  3. Allen Wrenches  - (make sure you find small, compact version...you can put in your pocket...You don't need bulky ones...)

Decide what is the most practical for you and 

put it all in small bag like this...

Scooter Storage Bag

When all the hell breaks loose, you don't want to be hopeless on the road - Take the tool with you.

So you can act whenever puncture occurs.

Being prepared is crucial.

Prevent a Puncture
(Solution with sealant)

There is one more option.

And in my opinion: The best one.

You can prevent a puncture or at least slow leaks down...until you get home.

This guy will show you how this sealant (Slime Tube Sealant) works. So, take your time and learn from this guy.

Final Thoughts

Having puncture on your electric scooter is unavoidable... There are times when things aren't going to go right...But you have to be bigger than this. When your tire decides to let you down, you have to act.

You don't have to visit your repair man - NOW you have the knowledge to become one. Visit >>> How to Maintain Electric Scooter Easily if you are eager for more.

If you are interested in Razor scooters, check >>> Top 11 Razor electric scooters and just take a look at best models.

Thanks for reading this post, and please share this post with your friends who are struggling with repairing their tires and teach them how to fix puncture on electric scooter.

I'm sure they'll be more than grateful.

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