Child on 3 wheeled electric scooter

Best 3 Wheel Electric Scooters for Adults & Kids

If you’re thinking about getting 3 wheel electric scooter for you or your child, this post will open your eyes.

You’re going to find out in what types of situations is great to have one of these.


Plus, I’ll show you the best options.

Let’s start!

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You Don't Need 3 Wheel Electric Scooter If

It’s important to know when you don’t need a certain product. If you’re not aware of this, you might end up regretting down the road. And that’s something we all want to avoid. At least, that is the case with me.

Three wheel electric scooter is not for people who are scared of trying new things. After riding a regular 2 wheel e-scooter and getting used to it in traffic, I noticed that riding 3 wheel foldable electric scooter might be slightly awkward.

And I needed a short period to get used to this one as well.

Also, for real 2 wheel escooter enthusiasts, it can be hard to switch to 3 wheels…

So, if you’re more than happy with regular scooter feel and want to stick with that. That’s fine.

However, if you’re curious and eager to try new things 3 wheel electric stand up scooter might be the skip the line ticket for having fun and joy.

Why Do You Need 3 Wheel Electric Scooter & Who Is It For?

If you’re asking me, trying this one will take your escooter ride experience to a whole new level. I spent a lot of time on my Xiaomi mijia m365 and became remarkably skilled (confident to say this) after a few months of riding it.

However, I’ve always been thinking about the riding experience that 3 wheels can bring. It’s not about feeling bad-ass or something like that. No. I was just filled with curiosity.

And if you’re feeling the same way, trying this scooter might be the road to take for you as well.

Plus, 3 wheel scooter electric has a few things that are important as well. Thanks to the extra wheel ride will be more stable.

Some people appreciate having that extra stability, especially beginners. So, if you’re keen about extra safety on and stability that might be an extra reason to try one of these. Go through this post about escooter safety if you're concerned about that topic.

For me, curiosity and knowing that out there are pretty cool-looking machines was enough..

Top 3 Picks - 3 Wheel Electric Scooter for Adults

I was blown away with these 3 scooters. These were made for escooter riders that are seeking fun and excitement. On the other hand, if you’re planning to use it for the everyday commute, that’s enough speed and range for most commuters…

Consider one of these.

Cycleboard Rover

As you can see this one has 2 front wheels. Tires are treaded and grip is something you won’t need to worry about. However, the price might be through the roof for some people.

At least it’s for me. But if I would using this one for everyday commute I would consider it for sure.

Commuters are looking at these machines as a way of saving money for fuel, parking, and general maintenance of the car. So investing in a high-quality 3 wheel electric scooter for adults is not that a big deal.

Front suspensions are independent and made to last. Cycleboard Rover is well-engineered and built to put a smile on your face at the same time.

The only cons I can think of is the higher price, but don’t forget to go through all the figures before you jump to conclusions.

And yeah, there are no fenders. That’s bad news, but let’s take a look at good news now.

Here’s some figure you need to know:

  • Max speed 27 mph
  • 40 miles range
  • 1800 W Brushless hub motor

It is water resistant but not fully water proof. Learn more about riding escooter in rain. 

Even more good news when it comes to braking and comfort. There is a double braking system. On the rear end, there is a hydraulic disc brake that will stop you safely.

It also has an electronic brake that will make you feel safe when you experience that stopping power for the first time.

Read more about this astonishing 3 wheel folding electric scooter at cycleboard website.

Future 10 Foldable Three Wheel Electric Scooter

Consider having Future 10 if you prefer 2 rear wheels. The feel is slightly different, but also incredibly stable and precise.

I know that is subjective, but it looks a bit better with dual rear wheels.

Max motor power is 500W and when it comes to range it will take you up to 20 miles. And if you’re not in a hurry, cruising with the speed of 20 mph will be just enough for you.

While this is a bit slower and less powerful three wheel electric scooter for adults, it’s not a deal-breaker.

Don’t worry about the rear suspension. It’s great. But there is no front suspension and the bumpy ride is something you will need to get used to it.

The main pros are sturdiness, reliability, and lightness (34.7 pounds). So, if you’re looking for something like that, Future 10 might be a great option for you.

I bet you haven’t seen folding like this before:

Even though it’s made for those who are looking for having a surpassing time, Future 10 also thought about safety. Stand deck has a great grip and you don’t need to worry about falling off.

It’s perfect for commuting and urban areas. So easy to manage. Just need a kick start and you’re ready to roll.

Interesting video about Future 10:

Swagtron Cali Drift Three Wheel Scooter Electric

This one is something between skate and scooter.

And yes, there is an electric motor as well to make things even more interesting. It’s incredibly lightweight, fun, and cheap. People who want to have fun, don’t want to spend too much and risk a bit, this is the brilliant thing to try out.

Trying this 3 wheel electric scooter street legal can make your ride unforgettable.

Ronnie Sarmiento

“The Cali drift scooter by Swagtron is definitely a unique driving experience that I’ve never felt before…”

If you’ve ridden skate before this will be a piece of cake for you. But if you’ve never stepped on skate, some practice is highly recommended. There is a learning curve you need to handle.

Top tip: Just try to lean it, and not steering it… It’s hard to explain, take a look at this guy and girl who stepped on it for the first time.

Here’s how to ride this cool 3 wheel electric scooter for adults:

Now, if you’re still with us here, let’s see what figures are telling:

  • 250W
  • 15.5 mph max speed
  • Recharge time - 2.5 hours
  • 9.3 miles range

Aside from being extremely fun this foldable three wheel electric scooter has pretty good performances as well. It’s not super-fast or furious, but it will give you decent range and speed.

Chances are that Swagtron Cali drift will attract some attention and put a smile on your face. And, I’m saying this as an enthusiast, that’s exactly what we sometimes need.

Top 3 Picks - 3 Wheel Electric Scooter for Kids

Kid on 3 wheel electric scooter

Kids love 3 wheeled electric scooters

Designed especially for taking stability to the next level, 3 wheeled electric scooters for kids are perfect for beginner kids.

Even if your child loves regular kick or 2 wheel electric scooter, this might be a fun toy for them. Maybe they fall in love with three wheels. Who knows…

There are plenty of scooters out there, so I’ve spent some time making the shortlist of the best options.

Globber 3 Wheel Electric Scooter Toddler - One K E-motion 4

This one is not too fast. It’s not dangerous.

That’s all we need for our little ones.

It has an 80W hub motor that can push your kid up to 6 mph. If you equip them with a helmet it won’t be dangerous if you let them ride it on their own.

Perfect 3 wheel kids electric scooter if you want something cool, reliable, and safe. And it looks good!

Three colors are available:

  1. Pink
  2. Blue
  3. Grey

With these lights on front wheels, you can be sure that Globber designed e-scooter especially for making kids from all over the world happy.

Fortunately, it’s easy for kids to figure out how to ride this scooter. They will learn fast to simply kick the scooter to start the motor. That’s safe and practical as well.

For safety, there are front electric brakes and rear mechanical brakes. Also, grip tape on the standing deck is perfect. Your kid will feel safe on this anti-slip foam that is made to prevent your kid to accidentally slip down.

Huffy Bubble Scooter

Ideal 3 wheel electric scooter for kids (3-5 years old). You don’t need to worry about anything. The maximum speed is only 2 mph! Check it out here.

Maybe even slow and boring for some kids. But you can be sure that they’re going to be safe and happy with all these bubbles that are going to fly all over the place.

When batteries are full, you can count on 40 minutes of buzzing ride. For most kids that is more than enough. And you can let them cruise beside you if you decide to go to the store with them. Your little one is going to feel special – that’s for sure!

Kids are fast learners, just show them the start button and let them enjoy. That is something you won’t need to tell twice. They will learn it instantly where to refill and what to push to start moving.

And the best part is you won’t be scared of the speed. Because, let’s be honest, with a helmet and 2 mph there is a minimal risk…

Fun Kids 3 Wheel Electric Scooter - The Wave Catcher 

This is a ticket for Disneyland for most 8+ years olds.. Looks like a scooter and it feels like a skateboard.

Just take a look at this short video and see what’s the fun looks like: 

Here’re the figures:

  • 10 mph max speed
  • Weight limit - 143 pounds
  • Weight of scooter 17.6 pounds

You can limit the max speed to 6 mph.

Good luck with that!

Kids know more than us, so I bet when you switch that limiter on, they will find a way to turn it off.

Children get used to The Wave Catcher surprisingly fast. They even ride this one using one hand easily. That’s because they can take turns by leaning like they are riding a skateboard.

At first, you might get a heart attack while watching your little one riding one of these. But that was the case when they were learning riding a bike or anything else.

We, as parents, need more time to get used to watching them doing crazy stuff. Be confident that this is one safe 3 wheel electric scooter for kids.

The sure thing is that they will get used to this one in one or two days. And what’s more – they will have fun in the process. Here're more escooters for kids - wider selection of 2 wheel escooters. 


Here're the most common question about 3 wheel escooters.

How much is a three-wheel electric scooter?

When we are talking about the price of electric scooters and the price in general – the sky is the limit! However, if you want to be frugal, you can own a 3 wheel escooter for $300. Or you can buy a high-quality one for $1000-$2000. It’s on you!

Are 3 wheel electric scooters safer?

If you’re a total e-scooter beginner or you want your kid to learn riding these cool machines, the answer is YES. It’s more stable and it’s easier to balance yourself. Because of that, it might be safer than 2 wheel scooters.

Is a 2 wheel escooter better than a 3 wheel scooter electric?

No, and yes!

If you’re an experienced commuter and you’re fighting traffic every day I would say that having 3 wheels is bad. That’s because it’s wider and you won’t be able to squeeze through narrow passes or traffic jams. In that case, having 2 wheels electric scooter is better.

If you’re a complete beginner or you’re buying your kid their first scooter and you want them to learn to ride, having 3 wheels is a better option. Simply because there is more stability.

Is it harder to corner with three wheel electric scooter?

No, it’s not. Engineers made it simple and it’s really easy to get used to it. If you’ve ridden an electric scooter before, you’ll need a few minutes to become comfortable with making turns. And after a day or two, you will simply want to execute some aggressive turns just to see where the limit is. That’s at least what I did. Maybe you won’t test the limits of your scooters. I suggest not to!

Final Thoughts

If you decided to stick with 2 wheel electric scooter, and not to try 3 wheeled electric scooters, that’s fine. And understandable.

I was thinking about it the same way before. 2 wheels are doing the job just fine, it’s practical and there is a ton of cool scooters.

But, chances are that you’re going to have a fabulous time. And trying 3 wheels electric scooter might be the special experience that is just waiting to be discovered.

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